‘All My Children,’ ‘Days of our Lives’ and ‘General Hospital’ Issue Casting Calls With Diversity In Mind


It was on Friday, January 25, when Soap Opera Network first reported that Prospect Park’s “” was looking to recast the role of Cassandra Foster, the adopted daughter of Angela Hubbard (), who the good doctor found abandoned in a dumpster during her run on ABC’s “” back in the mid-1990′s. The character returned as an 18 year-old seeking comfort from mommy dearest in 2008 as played by actress YaYa DaCosta. Since then, the production company has now officially issued a casting call for the role. According to the casting call, the role is for an African-American in her early-mid 20’s, “gorgeous with an air of sophistication.” The character spent the majority of her time in Paris, France, which has helped her become “worldly, independent and a force to be reckoned with.” The role is contract.

Jeff Neira/ABC
Jeff Neira/ABC

Meanwhile, on Thursday, January 31, Soap Opera Network reported that “AMC” was looking to cast the role of “Luke,” who, per the casting breakdown, resembles an aged AJ Chandler. Described as a Caucasian 16-18 year old handome male, “Luke” (aka: AJ) “grew up fast, thankfully he’s had his best friend Charlotte by his side through it all. Luke has a tendency to be a little ruthless at times, but Charlotte is his moral core. He is protective of her. She knows the good in him – and calls him on it when he does any of the bad. When Charlotte uncovers a dark family secret, Luke is the one that stands up for her. He’s her rock. They both feel whole with each other. There is the beginnings of a sexual awareness with them – but neither of them are ready to let themselves think of it.” The role is contract. You can read more about “Charlotte,” by clicking here.

“All My Children” is also reportedly seeking to recast the role of JR Chandler, AJ’s father.

Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

” is looking to cast Will Horton () and Gabi Hernandez’s () baby girl. According to a casting call issued last week, the series is looking for newborn twin infants, either Caucasian or of Hispanic origin, to portray the recurring role of the much fought over baby girl that has yet to be birthed on the series. Filming is set to begin on Tuesday, February 5. Per Jason47.com, the definitive “Days of our Lives” fan archive, the baby is likely to be born during the all important May sweeps period.

According to , “” has issued a casting call for the contract role of a 25 to 30-year-old male of African American descent or mixed race origin. The contract role is described as being “handsome, dynamic and charming with a kind heart.” The role is for a new intern at the hospital.

  • 20’s and Gorgeous, God for bid AMC should have any ugly people. Can’t they just say African American in her 20’s? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    • I must agree with Jewell Margolis. AMC is looking for an actress and not a beauty queen. She suppose remember her line and make her role come alive.

    • Wow! I was reading this comment and I thought, I really agree with this person…looked at the name…..and I feel like Ive just ran into an old friend. Jewel I remember you from the AMC walls. I hope youve been good,nice to see your words again, lol..

      • As I read the word ‘gorgeous’ it stood out so much and it was like someone punching me in the neck “yeah you know that thing you are NOT”…geez, that is a piercing word. The world now-a-days is really screwed up. Can you imagine the girls applying. “Im GORGEOUS, back off ugly or mediocre bitches” ….Well coming from someone thats NOT gorgeous, it was really messed up for AMC to not be just looking for a great actress that can play the role….why must beauty play a role in everything?

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing this. Hispanic and Caucasian are proper nouns and should be capitalized.

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      Thanks for the note. Wrote fast.

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    You forgot to mention OLTL’s casting call for Jeffrey King, whom is described as “black and British”.

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    What about a Flordian from Ft myers Fl myres Fl Brittany Elizabeth Ceballos

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    The baby wil end up being caucasion. DAYS loves their caucasions.

  • I can not wait to see the babies that will play Gabbi and Will’s daughter.