Thom Racina Promises ‘New, Bold, Innovative, Exciting’ Storylines for ‘One Life to Live’ 2.0

Prospect Park

In a short video message on his Facebook page, “One Life’s” new co-head writer vows to fans that he and his fellow scribe will deliver on Prospect Park’s promise to breath “new themes, fresh stars and youthful energy” into the 43-year-old soap,  saying “we’re gonna do it!”

Racina states that “it’s a whole new format, it’s a whole new world” with regards the emerging online soap market, and that “he’s really grateful to be here [living in Llanview].”

His comments are consistent with recent casting calls released by the show which feature risque dialogue and topical issues such as drug overdoses, teenage girls pimping themselves out on the Internet for cash, and deadbeat dads.

You can watch Thom’s video below:

  • becky

    If the writers go with any of the “stuff” that has been posted on here, i wont have to worry if hulu will charge, becasue I will not be watching this CRAP!!!!!!!! I understand wanting to do something “new-bold-innvative-exciting”, but it will destroy all the characters that we all love. Stick to what worked, keep true to the original storylines.

    • Kenny Burgess

      But isn’t that what this show was originally about? Social issues and class struggles? It’s wasn’t until the last 30 or so years that it became about these outlandish stories that we know today.