Steve Burton’s HUGE Announcement: Monday, January 7 on ‘The Talk’

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Monday, January 7, former “” star (ex-Jason Morgan) will appear on CBS’ “” with a huge announcement, according to a promo released Friday by the network. Does that mean he will announce his joining “?” It’s definitely a possibility!

It was back in August when Daytime Confidential first reported that Burton would likely be departing “GH” after opting not to renew his contract with the series. Shortly afterward, Soap Opera Network began hearing rumblings over at CBS that former “GH” executive producer and current EP at “The Young and the Restless,” , was hoping to snag the star over to daytime’s most watched soap. Of course, Burton himself played down those rumors in an exit interview with a few days later. “Jill is one of my dearest friends. [Laughs] I’m never going to say never because, as soon as I do, I’ll be popping up over there!” said Burton at the time. Late last month, Logan reported that he was now hearing Burton was joining “Y&R” in a major role.

If Monday’s announcement is in fact word of his joining “Y&R,” Burton will be the second former “GH” star who has joined the cast since Phelps took reign of the soap last summer. Ignaccio Serricchio, who portrayed Diego Alcazar on “GH,” currently portrays NYPD Detective Alejandro “Alex” Chavez on the CBS drama series.

Also appearing on Monday’s episode of “The Talk” will be actor (“”). “The Talk” airs Weekdays at 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT/CT on CBS.

  • samfan

    Good for Stevie B. and Y & R, but so disappointed as a JaSam fan. Too bad GH couldn’t figure out a way to keep him. GH is the only soap I’ve ever watched, but I’ll now be watching Y & R looking for him. Maybe I could still get my JaSam fix if Jill Farren Phelps needs a sexy female actress, who can dance by the way, about 5’1″, brown hair & big brown eyes who has great chemistry with Steve (wink).

  • velma adams

    If Burton is leaving GH I have know reason too watch, he will be great own Y/R tired of waiting for robin to return etc…

  • GH Fan

    The reason Steve gave his life long fans on why he was leaving GH was to spend time with his family, & moving to Tenn. we all thought it really sucked because we love Jason (&sam) but we understood & accepted it. He spoke about a possible movie with Franco. Great! Its one thing to move “up” in life, its another to “sleep around”. i have never watched any other soap in my life except GH & don’t plan too. I think it’s a shame if he used his family as an excuse just to move to some other soap opera. Beyond that, I would feel betrayed in a weird way as a fan. I grew up with Jason. GH is a part of my life. After being the star of a show for so many years, I think it’s just wrong to let all of your fans down, lie to them, then kick us while we’re down by taking a role with a competing show. I know Jason, but I don’t know Steve. Jason wouldn’t do this. But I guess Steve isn’t anywhere near his characters morals in real life. Depressing.

  • Yay! I appreciate the work Steve Burton did at GH for so long. BRAVO! I am a soap fan which means I watch all the soaps now that there are only four and of course new Dallas at night. Looking forward to wherever role Steve Burton lands. By the way he did move to Tennessee, we have seen him here, quite a little bit actually.

  • Yay! I appreciate the work Steve Burton did at GH for so long. BRAVO! I
    am a soap fan which means I watch all the soaps now that there are only
    four and of course new Dallas at night. Looking forward to wherever and whatever
    role Steve Burton lands. By the way he did move to Tennessee, we have
    seen him here, quite a little bit actually.

  • nolizard

    So glad he left GH he spared us Jiz worst soap pairing EVER

  • Jaclyn

    Steve Burton is an A**HOLE


  • Shame on you, Steve Burton. I and the rest of the GH fans will not forget this. You betrayed us!

  • Wow! My comment keeps getting deleted!

  • I don’t think Steve realizes the impact that this decision will have on him. I, for one, will not go to see Port Chuck the next time they are in New York. As much as I love Brandon, Bradford and Scott, I feel so betrayed by what Steve has done, I cannot support him! What a fool!

    • Get a life really.

      • Have a wonderful one that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, thank you very much.

  • EastCoastFan

    Steve, I really think you gave your fans who have had your back and kept you at the top of fan fave, thus essentially allowing you to provide for your family doing one of the things you love is really not only un professional,but a slap in all of our faces! If you had wanted to change soaps and networks, you should have been honest, Shame on you Steve, I hope you teach your children what the words truth and loyalty really mean and not what your definition is!

  • Gary

    Wow soap fans never cease to amaze how they act. Steve Burton is an actor and have any of you thought how much his work environment might have changed at GH? Maybe he wasn’t enjoying going to work anymore. Maybe the new team was making it miserable for him. If you weren’t happy at a job and wanted to do better wouldn’t you change? Remember GH is just a TV show. It’s a job. It’s not the only part of his life. I gave up GH a long time ago. So haven’t seen his acting in years. I watch Y&R so I will get to see him. Not sure that I will like him on there, but I say more power to him. I hope he finds a job that will inspire him again, because to me the last time I did watch him he just seemed like he was sleep-walking through his scenes.

  • jacqueline

    Steve didn’t lie or slap fans in the face. If you go and read his exit interview he said he was taking few months off to spend time with his family and move them to Tenn. He also said that he want to do other acting jobs and produce also. He wanted to see what else was out there. This man doesn’t owe anyone anything. The only people he would owe is his family. Just like anyone else he made career choice. This is fan who watched him when he started on out of this world, then days, then GH. Will continue to follow him and see what he does next.

  • Nikki

    That’s ok! Just replace him with another star, since he disappeared it is easy to say his face had to be repaired because of his injuries. I want the storyline to continue with Jason and Sam.

  • Some of these comments are just so silly. I loved Jason on GH. I will also watch Steve Burton on any other Soap that he chooses, as an actor, to work on! He is an excellent actor and loyalty does go both ways. No one betrayed anyone, He is an actor, he chooses the roles he wants to play. This is his work, his life. Some of the comments here are so over the top and insulting to Steve Burton it is disheatening to see such shameful remarks.. What kind of an attitude is that? Somene does not do things your way so you insult them? That is so very childish. Actors grow, shows get cancelled, shows regroup, things change- that is a part of life! I am verry happy that Prospect Park is picking up AMC and OLTL. I am also very happy to know I will be seeing Steve Burton act again on another soap, it will be interesting to see how he creates another character other than Jason. Best of luck to you Mr. Burton!

  • Ok so let me get this straight…from alot of articles I’ve read about Steve Burton going to Y&R is because he and this Jill Phillips lady are personal friends. Is that right? So she had to cut the budget on Y&R so she boots Tucker’s character out just to get Steve Burton on as Dylan McAvoy cause they are friends, when in soap reality he’s like way overrated for the character. Or am I the only one who misunderstood the description they relayed about the character. He’s supposed to be like what in his mid-30’s, military, rugged somewhat dude. Is Steve Burton anything like that? I think not, I was actually getting pretty riled about the guy who played Chance coming back in this role of Dylan or maybe someone else….but no good grief lets get my bff Steve Burton to do it since he’s gonna cost me an arm and 2 legs and not even look right for the part anyway. But who cares right as long as my bff gets to come on Y&R. Give me a break *rolling the eyes*!!!!

  • disqus_vkLh6ZQ92v

    what cable chanel will the soaps be on and when swill they be on from j novak