SOAPnet: It’s 2013, Why Are You Still Here?

The Walt Disney Company

A few days ago a comment was posted on our website regarding why was still on the air, particularly on the posters cable system, despite the network widely expected to have left the airwaves in 2012. As we reported in April 2011, SOAPnet will transition into Disney Jr. at some point, but not until new deals are forged with cable operators.

April 25, 2011

Your first thought would be that a new network taking over from another will result in the old networks subscribers immediately becoming the new channels subscribers, but that is not the case for Disney Jr. and SOAPnet. Cable and Satellite operators signed long-term contracts with the Walt Disney Company to carry SOAPnet along with its plethora of cable channels. With the launch of Disney Jr. in place of SOAPnet, operators and Disney are now required to sign a new deal that would allow Disney to launch Disney Jr. The only problem is any new deal would put discussions of carriage on the table for powerhouses , Disney Channel, , ABC Family and even the ABC Television Network now that it too receives re-transmission fees from cable and satellite operators (courtesy of its Owned & Operated stations). Since new deals have not been signed with providers, SOAPnet will remain on air until agreements have been met.

Now that it is 2013, we wondered if there was any progress being made in the transition. At last count (summer 2012), SOAPnet was still available to more than 60 million cable homes. Therefore, we recently reached out to representatives from The Walt Disney Company and they stated, “we have always viewed the launch of as a transition, not a ‘flip of a switch,’ and as such SOAPnet will remain available for an undetermined period of time as deals are finalized with distributors. During the ongoing negotiation process, we will continue to support SOAPnet, and are selling advertising.”

On Monday, December 31, 2012, The Walt Disney Company announced a new multi-year distribution agreement with that covered more than 70 services including ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN 3D, ESPN GamePlan, ESPN Full Court, ESPN3, The Longhorn Network, and retransmission consent for WABC-TV, KABC-TV, WLS-TV, KGO-TV, KTRK-TV, WTVD-TV and KFSN-TV, as well as more than 10 high-definition networks. Also included was the introduction of several new services to Charter’s subscribers including authenticated WATCH products, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Buzzer Beater, as well as the upcoming ABC News/Univision Joint Venture, a 24/7 news, information and lifestyle multi-platform network for English-dominant and bilingual Hispanics. A similar deal was announced by Disney on December 7, 2012 with . Excluded of course was SOAPnet.

signed a new 10-year carriage agreement with Disney back in January 2012. The deal included dropping SOAPnet, which was removed in February 2012.

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  • I hope we don’t lose the soap channel!!!! I wish instead of gilmore girls & other shows they would show the old soaps-like maybe the start of Y&R or ATWT

  • It is “Soap Net”, show all the soaps from the beginning, even the old ones. That would be so cool.

    • The styling “SOAPnet” has been used by the network for quite some time. Do a google search and you will see for yourself.

  • I don’t want to lose it please. i have started recoridng the old GH &O LTL and enjoying them again

  • These are all scare tactics-Soapnet’s not going anywhere

    • Gary

      I am so glad we have the all knowing Troy Lee Turner around. Let’s see if you post thoughts that a show might be or could be cancelled, you have an anti-soap agenda. If you are excited about Prospect park or hopeful then the great Troy Lee Turner knows it is isn’t going to happen. And then of course the great Troy Lee Turner knows that SoapNet isn’t going anywhere.

      Well it did here. We have it no more. And a lot of others don’t either.

      • Quit complaining and subscribe to DIRECTV-it has both DISJR and Soapnet-so I know for a fact that SoapNet’s not going anywhere

        • Gary

          Oh yes I am going to completely rearrange my life and change subscribers that I have had for years just to get a washed up network that I wouldn’t even watch if it was still on. I have no need for it. Didn’t watch it for several years before I lost it so I don’t miss it. The lineup on it is sickening. The only show I would even watch on it is Y&R. I don’t watch Days or GH and the classic episodes they show of AMC were during one of its worst periods ever. I’ll keep DVRing Y&R and keep the deal I have.

          • Then you have no right to complain about it being gone-or to call me out, do you…

          • SOAPnet will go off the air when all cable companies are no longer in a contract with Disney that includes SOAPnet. So far the biggies have rid themselves of the network. DirecTV, Dish Net and Verizon, among others have yet to official get rid of the thing. It is not a scare tactic and I don’t know why you are seeing it as such. Disney is signing new deals so they can replace SOAPnet with Disney Jr. on much of these carriers.

          • I’ve already documented why this is a scare tactic, I don’t feel like repeating myself. I realize that you have the right to your opinion-especially for those that don’t know any better-but don’t insult the intelligence of those of us that DO know better

          • Gary

            I have just as much right to call you out on anything, the same way you assume to have the right to cry foul at Prospect Park or accuse this of being a scare tactic or constantly accusing people of having an anti-soap agenda. Of course I guess you are one of those that has a different set of rules for you. Sorry but I have just as much of a right to an opinion or to act like a jerk as you do. Just playing the same games as you.

  • I am glad that both Disney Junior and Soapnets is still on the air. I hope when the deal is finally sign that soapnets won’t disappear. The adult need an channel where they can watch.

  • There is more soapnet fans that ABC didn’t know about. Fan who love their soap and need it. Disney Junior was able to get a differ channel. I hope that both channel will still be air. I can’t wait to learn will return on the air. Good luck to the future.

  • 2forEnglish

    SoapNet is essential to my life! I had Comcast and Optimum cable companies and they both dropped SoapNet…………so I had to drop them. I have severe PTSD and while I DO change channels sometimes to watch a movie on a cable station, or some true crime on ID discovery………….my husband and I have SoapNet running 24 hours a day – EVERY DAY……….because it actually helps my anxiety to have it running in the background and it is one of the only networks I can tolerate on a regular basis. The daily programming is really great and I watch all the late night reruns of AMC, OLTL, and GH every night. All day I am usually busy (I’m a jewelry designer) and I am working and not concentrating on watching – but it is on and the shows and characters are there in the background, and it really comforts me. My husband loves it too and it helps him with his stress and anxiety also. We hate reality TV and we are fans of old fashioned drama that seems to only exist in soaps nowadays – SoapNet gives us the entertainment that we need to escape and the mellow drama that we avoid in real life…………..and this is what TV used to mean to people: A way to be entertained and taken away from one’s own life and issues through watching artists (actors) portraying “over the top” characters navigating their way through their outlandish lives and being faced with fantastical conflicts that they must resolve. This is what ACTING actually IS………and there are some pretty talented stage actors on the soaps, doing it the way that TV viewers used to EXPECT and LOVE – for them to do it! We switched to UVerse specifically so we could get SoapNet again and it is nice just to have my TV friends on the other side of the room – doin’ their thing while I work.

  • Eric Goode

    I Hate Disney for getting rid of Soap Net, I will never buy anything that has to do with Disney ever again. The people at Disney are Morons and don’t care one little bit for there costumers, I will never forgive Disney for getting rid of Soap Net.

  • Crystal

    Seriously! I don’t even bother to call SoapNet a soap channel anymore. After all they don’t even bother to show any soaps but DOOL and GH. When we first got SoapNet they were showing Dallas, Ryan’s Hope, Another World and a whole lot of others. Now all you see is 90210, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, and other crap like that. If Disney is so desperate to show reruns of teen shows why don’t they create a channel for that instead of taking away real soaps to place that on the channel. They had the opportunity to place AMC, OLL, Passions, Guiding Light, and ASWT on there and to keep new episodes going so that the show were never cancelled but no they just had to have the teen shows on there. And now they’ve taken Y&R off, this is just ridiculous.

  • sunny

    I think Disney is making a bad mistake.There are far to many children stations,I like the soap opera channel,I work and can not watch soaps in the day. It is the only station that I watch at night,I can see a.m.c, one life to live,.general hospital,days of our lives.The whole reason I upgraded my cable…… upset

  • joni morlin

    You are making a huge mistake here we all the fans need are soap net I don’t agree with this at all all the people a round the world and the Washington area are not agreeing with you if you agree with US to leave soap net on the air for good you don’t have a right to do this in the first place this is to fast and to major way can’t you provide with are company they all ready have a new channel all ready 289 and 292 and301 on direct tv all the people have a right to have soap net is a very strong company that provided this with US I don’t appreciate want you do and direct tv is very very strong and they will provide every thing for kids and all of big people will watch their soap net to as well we need are soaps to catch up with them so dont mess with are channel if you try to mess with are soap net and I will make sure you get off the air for good your you agree with US to leave sonnet on in march to that’s is my birthday month and if tour try to mess with it I will try to let all the fans want you Make sure you are off the air for good

  • joni morlin

    And I ‘ll make sure of that soap net is here to stay for a very very long time Disney Jr has a very long channels they all ready on direct tv like 289 292303 and 301 they got 4 times a limit they all ready have all ready now is are turn to have ares soap net is ares and you can’t take them a way from US this is the only way to get in side you head we need are soap net so we can enjoy them and watch them every day and night with out interrupted and if you can show US a little respect we love are soap don’t say any thing that qe need are soap operas

  • joni morlin

    All my children oltl needs to back where we left them and we all so need Ryan’s hope and passions loving sun set beach and dynasty and Dallas all their ratings are up upIn the air and we need to fight for are soap net and soap operas to and we will net era for get them we need them along with knotslanding and the old port Charles and night shift as part of gh if you agree with me and are fans would like it much better along withdrew other shows like days of our lives and new gh and yrwe have to fight for them to stay on tv for a long long time to come in the near future for are kids sake they all ready gathers all ready 4 times all ready and now it is our turn

  • joni morlin

    You donthave the right to take some thing a way from US soap net stays right here on 262 you the other hand you need to wise uo and we need all of are shows on immediately and I mean now soap net swans so much to me and to are views to ax are fans do you Disney Jr you are disgusting is want you really of US needs soap net right now we will might work to gather if you will lets be a huge part of thisbecause you need US to support US please do this for US just help US to stay where we belong

  • joni morlin

    And no online especially either and no paper view we need are soap net and don’t put them on line every they be l8nguyen on tv on soap net

  • Debra Phillips

    One of the reasons I chose to get Dish was because of the Soap channel.
    I never thought in my wildest dreams that some ***** would take it off the air
    I love the fact that I could use my Dish recorder and tape the show anytime I wanted. Really! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Another Disney channel!!! I don’t even have kids at home anymore why in the HELL! would I want to watch another Disney channel.
    Viewers will find other options, who want to sit at their computer to watch a TV shows, I want the comforts of my recliner to watch my favs

  • joni morlin

    We need are soap net and all of the past soap operas we need them in our life right now and we all so need the present soap operas to be on with them to please let US have are shows back on the air on tnx direct tv so we can watch them we don’t want Disney Jr to be taking over if they will comprimis and be a part a loNg side of US in soap net you need to stop Disney Jr for making a huge entire mistake if you promise US to bring g back are shows and then we will be happy and then we will be so amazing for you to work side by sidewith each other and are viewers will appreciate all of this if you are willing g to help US out here