New Characters, Recasts or Ignoring History? Who Do You Want to Write, Direct or Act On ‘All My Children?’

Edward Herrera/ABC
Edward Herrera/ABC

With now signing agreements with key unions SAG-AFTRA (actors), the DGA (directors),  and the WGA (writers), with an expectation to begin filming episodes of “” as soon as next month, we wondered who you wanted to see act on the soap when it moves to the web. Your choices can include past actors as well as wishful casting (recast and new characters are welcomed). We also wondered who you want to join the writing team now that thousands of writers are at Prospect Park’s disposal courtesy of their agreement with the WGA, as well as who you want to direct episodes of the series. Keep in mind that , who created both “AMC” and “,” is currently working as a consultant for Prospect Park, according to , head of production for (Prospect Park’s The Online Network). Also note that actors (Dr. Griffin Castillo), (Jesse Hubbard), (Dr. Angela Hubbard), (Dr. David Hayward) and (Dr. Cara Castillo) are all confirmed as signing on to return to “AMC” when it moves to the web. (ex-Kendall Hart) has reported that she’s been approached, while (ex-Ryan Lavery) hope’s he can be involved. There’s no word yet on the status of (ex-Erica Kane), who was the only original cast member from the first season of “AMC” that had remained with the show without interruption from its debut on January 5, 1970 through its final ABC broadcast on September 23, 2011.

Point of Reference: Recent Head Writers of “AMC” include (who also penned for both “” and “Guiding Light” in their final years), Donna Swajeski (who also penned for “,” “Guiding Light,” “,” “,” and more recently “”),  Jr. (who also penned for “,” “,” “” and a variety of primetime soaps),  (who also penned for “General Hospital,” Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live”),  (who also penned for “Another World,” “As The World Turns,” and “One Life to Live”), and  (who also penned for “As The World Turns,” “General Hospital” and “One Life to Live”). (who also penned for “,” “Guiding Light,” “,” “One Life to Live,” “Port Charles,” and “” and a variety of primetime soaps) recently lost long-time writing partner , who together head wrote “AMC” from July 2007 through August 2008. , who served as Head Writer during the soaps final months on television, is currently a breakdown writer at “Days of our Lives.” In addition to “AMC” and “DAYS,” Broderick’s writing credits include “Another World,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “One Life to Live” and “Port Charles.”

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  • Lorraine Broderick is truly the ownly writer other than Agnes that can do AMC justice at this point, The others are a hot mess.

  • since we know a lot of the most recent actors will not sign because they have found other work, I think Prospect Park should look at some of the actors of the past that were written off and offer to bring them back. I loved the charactor Gloria. Maybe Timmy? Just don’t bring back reverend Ricky.

    • Jewell

      We don’t know that,some actors are doing other things, but not other shows. I think Prospect will work around a lot of the actors schedules, which can be done since it is online.. They would be shooting long days..

  • Gail

    AMC was so dreadful at the end. It literally scares me that a couple of those characters are coming back. And I am sorry but Zendull swallowed the show, so if they are back, even worse. Yes, it is nice Angie and Jesse signed, but is that enough? I would like to see Brooke, Jack, and of course Adam and Stuart. And Nina needs to return.

  • Jewell

    I would like to see Lorraine write again but she is over at Days.. AMC lost so many wonderful actors, they need someone older generations.. One thing I loved about OLTL they had a great age range of characters..I want to see Krystal, Opal, Erica, Kendall, Zach, Dixie Tad.. They could bring back Simone from the dead. Would also love to see Adam, Brooke, Stuart, Marian, Daisy, Nina,Dimitri,Skye,Janet From Another Planet,Chuck and Donna.

  • CBRVA83

    What about an article on a wish list list of who wants to act, write, and direct OLTL?

  • tess

    There is a rumor online that Pamela Long, legendary writer of GUIDING LIGHT may write the ALL MY CHILDREN reboot. In the 80’s. Pam did the Four Musketeers with Mindy, Rick, Beth, Philp.
    Bradley Raines molested Beth. Back then, GUIDING LIGHT was similar in style to ALL MY CHILDREN. Heck, even Gil Rogers was on playing Reva’s daddy, Hawk. Rogers played Ray Gardner on ALL MY.

    I think Pam Long and ALL MY CHILDREN would be a terrific fit. Another possibility would be Sally Sussman, who created and wrote GENERATIONS and wrote for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, penning some compelling original stories on both shows. It was clear from her writing that Sally appreciated soap operas and I think she could make ALL MY CHILDREN pop.

    I hope these reboots are successful and that viewers are given compelling, heartfelt, believable stories that the audience can relate to. If they will be anything like they were before they left the air, I say, why bother resurrecting them? For my money, most soaps became unwatchable and I hoped and prayed that the networks would go back to using the formula that worked, but alas, that never happened. I’m praying that Prospect Park will rejuvenate the soap opera and make effective use of new technology.

  • sylvester98

    bring aidan devane back! if you cant bring the original actor then please recast him

  • sylvester98

    how about transporting claudia zacchara to pine valley? that would be a good way to bring her back from the dead. another patient of david’s orpheous project. since gh is having problems bringing the character back.

  • AMC NEEDS Lorraine Broderick. I Hope They Can Get Her Away from DOOL. As Far as Recasts, I Don’t Think Either Soap Sure Go There Just Yet. It’s Hard For a Recast to Be Accepted. Wait Till the Shows Are Fully Re-established First. I’d Love for AMC to Recast Liza Colby with Someone Like Cat Hickland or Crystal Chappell.

  • marc

    Start fresh as much as possible. Leave all that 40+ year baggage behind. You don’t have the capital to keep all of that in tact. The shows have got to be lean and on point. The shows need to look good, please. No cheesy production like GL and ATWT (to a lesser extent) had when they collapsed and went away. Also, can the shows take more risk and be more salacious like the telenovelas on Spanish TV? It won’t be on basic networks so hopefully on Cable and Internet they can really, REALLY push the envelope with the sexual tension, language, grit, etc.

    Looking forward to it.

  • marc

    I thought Pam Hammer was dead. Is she still amongst the living?

    I agree with others that Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon should take AMC. And for One Life, Kay Alden would be fresh to the show. She’s had a great legacy with Bill Bell.

  • I think any of the actors on at the time of the ABC ending who want to come back should be given the chance, they were part of the cast that would have continued had ABC not made that decision, and there are some such as Stephanie (one of my favorites in growing up watching the show) Walt, and I believe Jennifer as well, who have expressed interest in coming back if asked. I think if Jill signs on they should bring Daniel back as Petey, she needs her son back in town.

    As for writing, just none of the ones in recent years (minus Lorraine), they just drove ratings down, we need someone with knowledge of the show or at least a good reputation in writing for the soaps.

    • check out my choices are they good??? and I agree I say keep the actors who played them last on ABC

  • My choices for HW of #AMC and #OLTL are

    Pamela K. Long, Addie Walsh, Sheri Anderson, Stephen Demorest, Nancy Curlee, Karen Harris, Sally Sussman Morina for #AMC, if they can’t get Lorraine Broderick.

    For #OLTL I wanted so bad for Michael Malone to be HW but since he’s now a Professor at Duke, my other choices are Leah Laiman, Craig Carlson, Lloyd Gold, Michelle Poteet Listani, Sheri Anderson, Victor Gialanella

  • Hunter

    Cameron Mathison, you haven’t been approached because TPTB are listening to fans this time and hearing us loud and clear: “We don’t want Ryan Lavery anymore!!!”

  • Kendra

    I have been watching both shows for years and I think it needs new life! Yes, I love some favorites but I would like to see faster pace story’s and not dragging out boring story lines! Involved the audience ! Believable storys ! good luck because I will be watching!!! a life long viewer !

  • It should be a mixer of new/old character plus recast if you can’t get the original actor to play the role. The history shouldn’t be forgotten. I can’t wait to see when the website will finally debut. Good luck to the future and in 2013

  • ABC Afternoon with Mom

    I am just happy they will be back 🙂

  • Pamela

    we could really do without Susan Lucci acting 30 to 35 years younger than she is. Also, we do not really need Cameron Mathison chewing scenery. I have watched All My Children from day one. I really miss characters like Brook, Jackson,