GH Casting News: ‘Port Charles’ Invades Port Charles

Debra Young
Debra Young

With returning last month as the ever spectacular Lucy Coe, now head of CoeCoe Cosmetics, many were left wondering if her return would solely be for the purpose of resurrecting the Nurse’s Ball on ABC’s “.” Thanks to the creative writing of head writer and his team, that doesn’t appear to be the case. In a welcome twist of fate it looks as though Lucy’s return has actually helped open up a string of storylines tied to ABC’s canceled “General Hospital” spin-off “.”

Maritza Cerrilla
Maritza Cerrilla

Beginning Wednesday, January 30, reprises his role as Lucy’s estranged husband Kevin Collins. On this day Kevin will come face to face with “Caleb” and “Livvie,” the vampirish characters from the final years of “PC” as Lucy believes them to be. In actuality, Kevin will meet John McBain () and Sam McCall (). To complicate matters even further, actor has joined the cast in the role of Rafe, who is believed to be the son of Alison Barrington (Erin Hershey Presley) and Caleb Morley (Easton) as a result of their sexual encounter occurring toward the end of “Port Charles.” Deshler debuts on the same day as Lindstrom.


is returning to “GH” beginning Tuesday, February 19. The character appeared on “PC” from June 1997 through September 2000. Shriner recently told TV Guide‘s Michael Logan, “I knew if I saw Lucy Coe’s duck show up and I still wasn’t invited that I should start to get concerned. Something’s not right here! I really wanted to go back and be part of all that fun.” His return comes just one week after reprises her role as Laura Spencer on the drama series. The two characters left town together in 2008 as viewers were left gasping after seeing Scott gazing at Laura from behind while Laura’s plane was getting ready to take off for France. Francis’ first airdate is scheduled for Monday, February 11.

  • James

    Love this!

  • Princess

    estranged? they divorced on pc!

    • The show refers to the two as being “estranged.”

    • Vicki

      But when They arrived for Lila’s funeral together a year or two after PC, we were led to believe that they had reconciled.

  • Sunnee

    Whatever! GH would have been served better of FV/RC had returneed to OLTL, because we watch GH for GH, not a lot of bull, thats we are getting from these 2 canceled show. I rather see Guza at GH, and thats really digging in the barrel.

  • Ellen

    Now I get this whole vampire thing. They want to appeal to a younger crowd who are into the Twilight series/vampire thing. Personally I think it is stupid, but my 24 year old daughter explained the reasoning behind the new storyline.