Erika Slezak Officially Signs On to Join ‘One Life to Live’ Reboot

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

Although her name was among fifteen “One Life” cast members listed in a press release last week from as joining the online version of “OLTL,” (Viki) confirmed the news today with a statement on her official website. Telling fans that she is “pleased” to join the upcoming online version of the show when production begins “near the middle of March,” the six-time Daytime Emmy winner says the new show will be “an exciting and groundbreaking adventure” and that she hopes fans will tune in.

You may remember that Slezak was one of 13 “OLTL” stars who signed on with Prospect Park’s previous attempt to revive “” just over a year ago saying in September 2011 that she was “very happy to be going on with ‘OLTL’ and looking forward to working with our new production company, Prospect Park. It’s very exciting to be moving into a new medium and I sincerely hope that our wonderful viewers will follow us there.” However, just two months later, after Prospect Park announced the suspension of their plans to take “One Life to Live” and sister soap “” to the Internet, Slezak stated in her online newsletter that “I feel that they were overly ambitious, because they really had no sense of what it takes to produce a daytime drama, 5 days a week, fifty two weeks a year.”

“One Life’s” longest-running cast member, Slezak plays the show’s only remaining original character, joining the show on March 17, 1971.  She won for her portrayal of Victoria Lord in 1984, 1986, 1992, 1995, 1996, and 2005.  In 200, she also earned a Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Couple, which she shares with former co-star and on-screen husband Mark Derwin (ex-Ben Davidson).  Slezak has also earned a number of other awards and honors during her time on “OLTL,” including the CDC’s “Sentinel for Health Award” in 2000 for Viki’s breast cancer storyline.  The show commemorated her 40th anniversary with a surprise party and special episode in 2011.

Here is Erika’s full statement from her website:

I am pleased to officially announce that, pending the final contract, I am joining the revival of One Life to Live which will be produced by Prospect Park and aired on Hulu and iTunes on the internet. We expect to begin production near the middle of March and the air dates are yet to be announced. This will be an exciting and groundbreaking adventure and we hope that you will all join us as we bring back all the characters you loved and possibly some new ones. I will let you all know when a firm air date is announced.

  • Cindy Bolton

    So happy that Erika Slezak is coming back to OLTL it wouldn’t be the same without her 🙂

  • mike

    I thought production would begin in February. I guess it is taking a long time to round out the casts and maybe the writers need more time. I only want two more for OLTL Bree Williamson (Deception is not a starring role for her and is tanking in ratings) and of course the male star of Llanview Trevor St. John.

    • I hope that Bree Williamson and Trevor St. John will be back on the show. I can’t wait to see how Todd will act when his long lost dead brother is still alive and a prisoner. Bree Williamson did a great job as Jessica. It will be hard to replace her in the role. Good luck in April when both show started.

      • I would love to see Tina return as well !!

  • Mike

    Deception does not mean Bree is unavailable. She is dead on the show and only seen in flashbacks. There is no way she would sign up for such a limited role that prohibited her from other jobs. Melissa Archer is back and I swear I thought she moved to LA when OLTL ended. Anything is possible. #1 thing fans want is a Victor resolution so he can reunite with Tea and get her pregnant again! Victor and Tea forever!

  • Joan

    So happy to have almost everyone back…need to get everybody…miss show soooo much …been watching for many many years…all like family…need something other than general hospital to watch,,had to resort to watching that show…not so great……hope this all takes place soon….

  • I will be there! Have been a fan for over 30 years. Hopefully we can figure out how to get HULU in Canada.

  • Dee Dee Lindamood

    I’m so there! I miss OLTL so much! Will it pick up where the show left off in Jan 2012? Please keep us posted!

  • I watched for 38 years and I’ve missed it like a family member. I’m glad it’s coming back and wondering if we have to pay a monthly fee on line ( besides our internet bill)?

  • This would have been great news had it not come as a detriment to OLTL characters that went to GH. Now viewers of both shows are screwed because of the mess that PP made of the entire thing. Let Todd, Starr and John remain as characters on GH instead of punishing fans because of lack of preparation on PP’s part and I will gladly watch OLTL online version. Otherwise, I am ticked enough to say the hell with OLTL.

  • awesome! It wouldn’t be the same without her!

  • ihatenazis

    once they have victoria (ms. slezak), they have oltl. thank jeebus she’s up for something new and innovative like internet broadcasting. this won’t be the first time the soaps have been pioneers in new media. those involved in all aspects of this production actors inclusive, as well as the viewers, should expect hiccups. everything will work out fine in the end. just like the switch from radio to tv, people will one day wonder how it could ever have been otherwise.
    this is fantastic and exciting new territory…enjoy!