Darnell Williams Heading Back to ‘All My Children’

Steve Fenn/ABC
Steve Fenn/ABC

, who on Saturday, January 5 announced she was returning to “” when it moves to the web later this year via , may have let the cat of the bag for one of her co-stars after responding to numerous tweets from excited fans. In response to Tweeter @irishbangers, Morgan said, “It’s just terrific news, isn’t it?! Darnell is definitely on board, and I think Mike as well, but not quite sure yet…” For those wondering, Morgan is referring to , who portrayed onscreen love interest Jesse Hubbard and , who portrayed Hubbard family friend Tad Martin on the soap.

While Knight doesn’t seem to have been confirmed just yet, Morgan did follow up her tweet regarding Williams when she said, “Well Darnell is definitely on board as well, sure you’ll hear about many others as soon as next week!” in response to tweeter @cindy_t56. She also said, “LMAO!!! That’s what Darnell and me were doing this afternoon!” in response to @deltagirl98 who said, “SCREAMING ova here!” after learning Morgan had announced her return to Pine Valley.

Based on Morgan’s tweet it looks like we’ll be hearing from many former “AMC’ers” in the upcoming week as we learn who plans to re-join the drama series as it transitions itself to the web and who has opted not to. Stay tuned!

  • Katy

    Wow! Looks like pp is making the actors some good offers.

  • well if amc is going to be shown on the web then I hope us canadians will be able to watch it for free or without any restrictions, I don’t understand why other tv networks wouldnt air amc

    • Jewell

      The don’t air it because they don’t want them.. If it does well online their goal is to get it on cable.. So people that have internet must watch.

      • Betty Bay

        Unfortunately, we in Canada are ALWAYS excluded from having access to the web version or we would be watching it on the web.

  • KJ

    I sure hope this goes through this time. Have really missed the cast of AMC. Thanks to the cast for pleasing us out here who love you dearly for making our dreams come true. I can not wait to see the real thing happen. And please no downer remarks. let us enjoy this triumph while we can. Looking forward to see Dr Hayward, Tad the Cad and all the rest!!!!! Think my heart has been healed Dr. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

  • MJ

    I am SO happy! I wish my partner were still here….
    She would be as thrilled as I am!!!! I can’t believe this is happening! Woo-hoo!

  • Jaye Lynne McMahan

    Fingers crossed! Not sure how it all works with salaries, etc…, but I just hope it works! Sounds like my faves are returning!

  • CTwildheart


  • partyval01

    I Can’t Wait to see AMC again!!!!

  • Jewell

    I don’t think the cat was let out of the bag, Darnell and Debbi are good friends, and he doesn’t have Twitter, she tweeted me she will let us know if Michael signs on since he doesn’t have a twitter. I’m just glad Prospect is letting the actors tell the fans..:-)

  • Marion

    Will we Canadians be able to watch AMC when it comes on line?

  • Toni Lind

    I wish that they would bring the shows back on ABC tv. I wont be able to watch them on the web, because, I work during the day.

  • janpwa

    YEAH!!!!Jessie, Angie & Tad. What a great day that will be for all us AMC fans. Can’t wait.

  • Betty Bay

    Is this going to be returning to Television as well because we adicts in Canada do not have access to the web version. It would be nice to include us for a change. Just asking.

  • Sandee

    Please let Michael Knight return! Please, please, please!!

  • why not go back to abc instead of the web ? some people don’t have enternet or it is always crashing on them.

  • VW

    I was an avid and loyal fan of AMC for about 36 years. Will be so glad to have it back again! Can’t wait!

  • I sure hope this is true and Michael Knight will be signing on with PP for AMC on the Web TOLN!!!!! Can’t wait!!!! Great that Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams and Vincent Irizarry are on board also. So have missed these terrific AMC actors and hope more like Cameron Mathison will be joining!!!!!!!