Already Nasty ‘Passions’ Divorce Brings About Lawsuit


is reporting that former “” star (ex-Whitney Russell) and husband Christopher Warren, Sr., who are currently involved in a bitter divorce after 22 years of marriage, are being sued by their son Christopher Warren, Jr., who claims his parents stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from funds earned during his childhood acting career. The actor, best known for his role as basketball player Zeke Baylor in the “High School Musical” films, says his parents admitted to blowing through the money for “their own personal expenses.” TMZ reports that the total amount stolen remains unknown. “Chris is now suing his parents for all the money back … even though he’s still not sure exactly how much they took,” said TMZ.

The child stars lawsuit comes as a surprise as it was back in December 2012 that TMZ first reported that Kerr had filed a temporary restraining order against her husband, which required him to stay at least 100 yards away from her and the “HSM” star. “The temporary restraining order was issued after Brook claimed her ex had been harassing her for months. Specifically Brook claims Warren broke into her house in November … moved his stuff in without her permission … and then got into a physical altercation with their son,” said the website at the time.

The lawsuit is based on the child stars claim that when wanting to make a bank withdrawal in 2011, after just turning 21-years of age, his parents refused him access. It’s unclear as to when his parents are alleged to have admitted to taking some of the money for “personal expenses.”

Kerr starred on “Passions” throughout its entire run on NBC and DirecTV (1999-2008). The actress turns 40-years-old in November.

  • Jenny

    Sadly, Kerr hasn’t had a steady job in many years since before Passions was cancelled by DirectTV. So, it makes sense that she might have, as is alleged, borrowed money from her son without his permission.

  • Jen

    Stealing from her child is low especially since her Passions money was probably more than his money from High School Musical

    • I must agree with Jen about Brook Kerr and what she did to her own son. It sound like something that appear on Passion. I can’t wait to see what happened next. I got a feeling that she will goes to jail. I wish her all the luck in the world.

  • gene

    This poor family. Obviously there are issues but clearly not the way the media puts it out there. For one, you CAN’T steal a child actors money due to the Coogan law. The money their son made had to ‘by law’ go into a BLOCKED trust account. It’s bad enough there’s obvious drama and a divorce but to add all this in is just sick. Hopefully her son isn’t making a big mistake with what he’s doing. Instead of them going down in history as performers and making a mark in Hollywood for their achievements and the odds they overcame, people will only tell this part of their story. It’s sad and no way completely true. My heart goes out. But Chris Jr, WAKE UP!!! You parent’s gave up their lives for you! You didn’t go to the bank at age 21 with your I.D. and the bank not let you get your money! Your parents can’t STOP you from going to the bank. Stop embarrassing yourself and your mother and father. It’s terrible.