‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Moving Forward: Prospect Park Hires EPs, Signs on Actors

Prospect Park

The big news of December 2012 was word that Prospect Park was taking another stab at moving ABC’s “” and “” to the web in 2013. The news was first reported by ‘s . In her initial reporting, Andreeva revealed that Prospect Park had made agreements with the unions (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)  and the (Directors Guild of America). Previously, while the company had planned on debuting the shows on the web in early 2012, no deals had been signed with either union or the (Writers Guild of America). This hindered the company’s plan to move forward with the shows and resulted in a postponement that was announced in November 2011. In a statement at the time, AFTRA (prior to its merger with SAG) said that they were “deeply disappointed to read that the executives at Prospect Park have decided to suspend their efforts to produce the long-running and popular daytime serials.” Additionally, the union had said that they “remain hopeful that an opportunity to revive these two popular series will emerge in the future, and remain ready to resume discussions should that opportunity arise.” The future took more than a year, but it appears to have finally emerged. However, although a representative from SAG-AFTRA confirmed that an agreement with Prospect Park had been made when pressed for comment from Soap Opera Network early last week, it remains unclear if said agreement had actually been signed. “Not absolutely certain it had been signed but can check that for you,” said the rep. Due to the holidays, we don’t expect a response on that little detail until at least tomorrow, January 2.

Yolanda Perez/ABC
Yolanda Perez/ABC

While Prospect Park itself is once again keeping all things mum (mostly), as it did during the first go around, discussions with the WGA remain unclear while a possible location for the filming of both shows appears to be heading to Stamford, CT in a television facility that also houses daytime talk show “Maury.” According to  , a former coordinating producer at “One Life to Live,” and director at both “OLTL” and “,” has been tapped as the shows new executive producer. Per ‘s Jamey Giddens, has been made the EP  of “All My Children.” So far only and have signed on to return to “AMC” for the shows re-reboot. An actor has yet to sign on for “OLTL’s” re-reboot. Ironically, during the first go around Prospect Park had as many as 13 stars signed on to “One Life” along with as EP and as Head Writer. “AMC” had only signed Hartley and , while was said to have signed on as well according to a Prospect Park rep to Soap Opera Network. There was no word on who would have been “AMC’s” EP or HW.

  • Guest

    I’ll believe it when I see it

    • that would be great but went through this before its not a sure thing dont want to get too happy about it. will the actors agree after they were made fools out of before. I want my One Life to Live

    • Rick

      Know what you mean. The deal fell through in 2012 and left us all high and dry. Hope 2013 is different, Knew the Revolution and Chew was going to fail. LOL that what you get for trying to replace OLTL with trash and save ABC money Frons. Burn in hell you loser LOL.

  • Kathy Neeld

    Please please please let this happen… this would make my year….

  • Dixiemartin

    I sure hope it does happen but we need Tad, Opal, Kendal and her husband, Greenlee and pops. Just to name a few

  • jon swanger

    Make things easier by dumping AMC plans and just going with OLTL.

    • Gary

      It works for me better the other way around. Don’t care about OLTL and won’t watch it. But unless AMC comes to TV too I doubt I will watch them. They need some kind of deal that will at least allow u to stream them to TV. I hate watching anything on the computer.

  • Peggy Hegner

    Come on Prospect Park! Please sign on more of our favorite actors! The success of both shows will depend on getting some of the longtime characters to come back! There’s probably some still waiting to be contacted!

  • Debbie

    OMG! Best news ever! Get the OLTL actors back! Viewers will watch!!! How long did The Revolution last? Just saying!

  • indysue2

    I sure hope it happens. Will watch even if key stars are missing!!!

  • yeh bring it on i miss everyone

  • rgriff

    I am hopeful that these shows will be perhaps shown on SoapNet! That in and of itself would be a real blessing for 2013!

    • That would be great…Too bad SoapNet is no longer available in Maryland. )-:

      • CTwildheart

        SoapNet is not going to stay…unless ABC/D rethinks their plan, they will all be DisneyJR eventually.

  • Rosie

    This is the BEST news ever!!! With all the horrid things happening in this world, we NEED our AMC and OLTL to escape to, even if it’s just for a little while!!

  • I have missed my soaps so much. I will definitely be watching. Hope you get most of the regulars back! Or, one soap combined with as many as possible would be awesome too. General Hospital has been merging in OLTL folks and they have fit right in!

  • Great news and I hope it does happen. Would Love to have OLTL back but also have enjoyed the OLTL folks now on GH. Since I love both shows, i’d also be open to having a combined show that would work great! It would be exciting to see most of the other OLTL folks again in action and I hope most come back!

  • Guest

    I’ve always loved all three of ABC’s original line up. (All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital) It would be very exciting to see AMC / OLTL return. Either via the Net or Television. I do watch most telvised programs on the net. So, I am praying hard that this does work out.

  • I’ve always loved all three of ABC’s original line up. (All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital) It would be very exciting to see AMC / OLTL return. Either via the Net or Television. I do watch most televised programs on the net. So, I am praying hard that this does work out.

  • Maybe they can do the same for ‘Another World’ & ‘As the World Turns’!

  • CTwildheart

    I am cautiously hopeful. If this works, it bodes well for any other cancelled soap that still has vocal fans…


    Thank you soooooooooo much! Now just tell me how I can sign up to get these shows on my computer, tv, or what ever pls.

  • Helen

    I hope this is true… I miss my soaps……..

  • Darlene

    I sure hope this all works out. I don’t have soapnet (can’t afford it), but I would be able to watch them online, even though back on regular tv would be best. I miss my shows, and have refused to watch ABC day or night ever since they took them away (with the exception of GH- I still watch them).

  • Rick

    Glad the Revolution and the Chew fell flat on their faces and all my friends and I had a party when it happened, Good riddence to these evil soap killers. Now ABC realizes it was a major mistake to cancel OLTL. Wish ABC would bring OLTL back to Tv but bringing it to the web is pretty awesome,

  • JVD from OLTL signed woot woo waiting on others to sign