Nic Robuck’s ‘Dark Desire’


On Friday, November 23, which just happens to be the day after Thanksgiving, former “” star takes on his dark side as the star of Lifetime Movie Network’s world premiere movie “.”

The film, which we first reported on back in August while under the title “A Dark Plan,” follows Robuck in the role of Shane, who comforts the unhappily married mother of his recently deceased roommate while she mourns the loss of her son. (“Magic City”) portrays the mother, who soon realizes that Shane may have been the one responsible for the death of her son.


“Dark Desire” has its world premiere on Friday, November 23 at 8:00 PM ET/PT on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).

The film also stars (“,” “”),  (“”) and  (“”).

  • savvy

    What is the song that is playing in the video ? It goes “no one will touch you, no one will touch you I’d rip there face off if they tried” something along those lines I searched and searched nothing has came up 🙁

    • hugh batonymous

      Touch by Lights Fade Low (I Shazamed the trailer)

  • xero

    I’m wondering the same thing, I like that song

  • HighTaxes1

    The Shane character has no money and no job (no financial support from any family) and was going to school on a scholarship for poor people, yet he’s driving around in a Land Rover LR3 in perfect condition. Very unlikely! He should’ve been driving a Jeep from the 1990s. I’m guessing one of the producers got the car in the movie as a write-off and gave it to one of his/her kids when filming was finished.

  • Donna

    Savvy-their meaning ownership is spelled their. U used there- a place. I assume you are a grown up writing this.