This Week on GH: There Will Be Death!

Photo Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group

for the Week of August 20, 2012.


Monday, August 20: Lulu and Dante meet with her doctor. Jason wants Spinelli to get information on Ewen. Trey gets an unexpected visitor.

Tuesday, August 21: Todd offers Carly his support. Kate and Sunny share some romance. Starr is troubled by Trey’s confession.

Wednesday, August 22: Kristina makes a major decision. Kate has a flash of memory of Connie. Luke meets Todd.

Thursday, August 23: Josslyn gets a surprise visitor. Will Ewen be able to protect Elizabeth? Joe Jr. charms Tracy.

Friday, August 24: Is Anna close to locating Robin? Johnny is surprised to learn of someones return to Port Charles.

  • mom and phyllis

    My mom and I dearly love our soaps, and have been watching them for many years, but please stop all of this horror. It’s suppose to be a soap opera NOT A STEVEN KING MOVIE. if this continues you will more than likely lose a lot of avid viewers including us.

  • LindaB in NJ

    Well I love all the Apocalypse story lines on GH and they usually do well with the ratings which is why they usually do them during sweeps.

  • I’ve been watching GH on and off since 1977. Mostly on once they invented VCRs. And I enjoy these dramatic Apocalypse story lines. It is great to have Jerry Jacks back. He plays a terrific villain. He played one on “Fringe” as well. He is very talented as an actor.