Shocker! Maria Arena Bell Appears at ‘Y&R’ Paley Center LA Event

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

During tonight’s Paley Center LA event in Beverly Hills, CA, celebrating 10,000 episodes of “,” former head writer and executive producer, , joined cast members  (Jack Abbott),  (Victor Abbott),  (Katherine Chancellor),  (Paul Williams),  (Michael Baldwin),  (Nicholas Newman),  (Nikki Newman),  (Neil Winters), and  (Phyllis Newman) to talk about the shows legacy.

What’s significant about Bell’s appearance was that up until after her ouster made headlines on Thursday, July 26, the former EP/HW was said to no longer be attending, at least according to sources Soap Opera Network spoke with on Friday, July 27. also removed her name from their website for the event.

During tonight’s event, which was “live tweeted” by @PaleyCenter on Twitter, Bell was quoted as saying the following:

  • “You have to be careful when introducing new characters. Fans want to see the people on this stage [referring to present company of actors tonight]. But it provides insight.”
  • “The key is that these characters have stayed true to themselves. Both of Bill Bell’s shows have and dominated the .”
  • “Like every great soap story, I did get killed off. These people have been extraordinary and I thank them for this experience.”

“The Young and the Restless” celebrates its 10,000th episode on Thursday, September 27. The series held a cake cutting party at its CBS Television City studio yesterday in honor of its milestone.

  • Liz

    So MAB crashed the event? Unbelievable! Is she the reason Jess Walton and Sharon Case were not invited? I can’t understand why Maria is so cruel to these women and their characters.

    • J.Linnae C

      I follow Jess Walton on Facebook and she took six months off from Y&R this summer. She is in Oregon enjoying her first grandchild, who was born not too long ago, and the new home she and her husband purchased. I hope she will be back but that grandchild may be too hard to leave.

      • Reina

        SC tweeted last night she was not invited, and MM tweeted the only ones that were invited were the ones that attended. If Maria didn’t invite SC I’ll bet she passed over JW as well. Pretty nasty! So happy Maria was fired.

        I look forward to Jill’s (JW) return to Y&R, I heard TPTB were talking to her about a return in October and she wanted to come back. I sure hope that’s true, i need some classic Y&R with the core characters I know and love if I’m going to watch. I’ve had enough craziness with MAB’s Y&R and I’m not up for another round of that nonsense.

  • Nikki

    MAB is crazy! How can she say she kept the characters true to themselves when she has Phyllis lying to Nick over and over again to his face and he still stays with her, Jack turning a blind eye to Nikki leaving him the day after their wedding to go search for Victor and lastly Victor hooking up with Sharon.
    I also disagree with her that these are the characters I want to see and I’ve watched the show 25 years. What I want to see is good story telling and I have no problem with it being focused on a new character or a veteran character’s child. Been there done that with the characters on the stage!