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UPDATE: Sean Kanan Heading Back to ‘B&B’

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

UPDATE, 2:54 PM ET: Sources tell Soap Opera Network that Kanan is currently only scheduled to appear for a couple of episodes.

PREVIOUS, 1:55 PM ET: Soap Opera Network can confirm that CBS’ “” is about to get a little more Sharpe, Deacon Sharpe that is.

While a first airdate has not been revealed, a “B&B” rep tells Soap Opera Network that fans can expect to see , who portrays Deacon, back onscreen sometime in September.

In July, Kanan married long time girlfriend  in Italy in front of what we’re told included family and a few close friends. “They were married in Monte di Procida, Naples, Italy.  The ceremony and reception dinner took place at the hotel where they stayed called Al Chiar di Luna which is owned by good friends of Sean and Michele, The Mazzella Family,” Kanan’s rep told Soap Opera Network earlier this month.

Kanan returned to “B&B” earlier this year for the first time in seven years. The character had previously been seen on “” off-and-on since 2009.

  • momduxx

    What the he** is wrong with BRAD BELL?? Bring Sean back for good!!! Nobody gives 2 craps about KKL anymore. That old whore Brhooker’s days have passed. We need Sean to play Deacon and help his daughter, The ratings would go up and we the fans would love it so whats the problem?

  • Julie

    Bell, you need to hire Sean full time to bring some needed trouble to B&B. It has gotten so boring with the love triangle between Hope/Liam/Steffy. Hope needs a dad and BL needs a pie thrown in her face. Brooke has “tried” to protect Hope from her “bad man daddy Deacon” that he needs to show Brooke that she can’t run him out of his daughter life now that she is old enough to decide on her own if she wants him in her life or not.

  • Jeanette

    I can’t believe he’s only coming back for a few episodes again!!! The character Deacon offers so much to the writers of B&B, and they choose to do this? CRAZY!!!!

  • Brett

    I’d be glad to have him back if it weren’t to involve him in the current crap storyline. Why not let him come back having discovered his wife Macy is still alive and he and Thorne fight over her!!!!

  • Sean Kanan posted on twitter last night that he is NOT returning to B&B and who ever reported this to Soap Opera Network is starting a rumor.