UPDATE RUMOR: Steve Burton Departing ‘GH?’

Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

UPDATE, 9:43 PM ET: Should Burton ultimately depart “GH,” as rumored… Soap Opera Network is hearing rumblings of the actor heading to “” now that Jill Farren Phelps is EP’ing the CBS soap. Phelps had been the executive producer of “GH” from 2001-2011.

PREVIOUS, 8:48 PM ET:  is reporting that ABC’s “” and  (Jason Morgan) may part ways as the show has been unable to broker a new deal with the actor.

“Steve and ABC have been negotiating for quite some time and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stay,” said a source to DC.

Should Burton depart “GH,” it would mark the end of a nearly two-decade long career at the drama series. First joining the cast in 1991, Burton left the series in 2000. He returned in 2002, and has remained at the show ever since. He also appeared on the “GH” spinoff, “,” during the SOAPnet original series’ first season.

A representative for “General Hospital” was unavailable for comment at press time.

  • Gram10

    I hope so Not that I don’t like him but I think the way this show is being written now is such an improvement and we need new people to keep the show on the right track and by new I am hoping some of the old cast is brought back and more OLTL people brought over

  • just more proof that the 2 idiots that they hired from OLTL(head writer and exec prod) should not be employeed. Everything they touch turns to sh–.

    • Thank you Donna! I am so tired of the actors and the fans worshipping at Cartini’s altar! I have been watch GH for 42 yrs and i seem many writing and producing regimes come and go.
      None of them even Gloria Monty herself were perfect, but Cartini has made so many lame choices and they have really turned me off as a long time viewer. They are much more concerned with continuing One Life to Live than restoring the history of General Hospital. I absolutely hate them and I barely watch the show because it doesnt interest me. This isnt the same Gh that I know and once loved. SMH.

      • I disagree David. I was a GH fan before the “mob” came to PC back in the day. I haven’t watched GH in years. I came back to GH to support the show in the wake of the cancelations of AMC and OLTL and still had a hard time watching. I am not sure where all the hate for the OLTL characters come from as GH is still continuing to introduce new characters. I think that in an effort to gain viewership, “Cartini” has brought over a handful of characters from the now defunct OLTL. It’s no different than new characters coming into the picture. This GH is closer to the GH that I watched as a teen and I am very pleased with the changes. I’m sorry that you aren’t enjoying it.

        • Didja Noit

          I also had watched for over 42 years, but I’ve never stopped watching daily until February of this year. The best words I can come up with to describe the first mistake Frank and Ron made is part of the hypocratic oath….First, do no harm. Rather than take the GH they were given, along with the viewers they had at that point, and building on that, they came in with the stated objective of merging OLTL characters and storylines. It has been downhill from there, yet this new regime won’t even consider that the merger might even possibly been a mistake! The falling ratings should have been an indication of the failure of this project months ago. It doesn’t matter how many people love what they’ve done to GH, if the ratings continue to fall the show will be cancelled. It’s time for “the best in the business” to prove they can get their egos out of the way, let go of the cancelled show, and get to work trying to save GH. Just my opinion of course…

          • ITA this show SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!Every since the new WRITER took over it’s been going down hill. RC have ruined this show by trying to use the same OLD S/L from OLTL. I don’t look at it anymore because when RC did the baby switch that was it for me I only read update or look at youtube. and I’m sure GH will be CANCEL just like his favorite OLTL the man don’t understand this is GENERAL HOSPITAL. And I’m a Jason @ Sam fan so if Steve leave maybe he and Kelly can leave together after they are reunited with their baby.

    • nancy

      Please learn how to spell if you want to be heard. Frank and Ron are the best in the business and this show is freaking great.

  • Didja Noit

    Yeah, that’s the way to make sure the show gets cancelled Frank, listen to the people telling you how wonderful General Hospital is and bring on more strangers to the show! You think the ratings are bad now, just let more of the GH vets go and see what happens. Maybe all the people wanting more OLTL on should think about how they are going to get the last ABC soap cancelled by doing just that. Where will you watch your pets then? Oh, that’s right, the same place GH fans will have to watch their show…..

    • Wow I love you guys! Finally some GH fans that agree with me! All over the web viewers kiss Cartini’s ass left and right and dont get me started on the rabid One Life fans that need grief counseling to accept the cancellation of their beloved show!
      I think Cartini ( Frank V and Ron C) are one of the worst , if not the worst regime to hit GH.
      Gloria Monty, John Beridino ( Steve Hardy) and Emily McLaughlin ( Jessie Brewer) are turning over in their graves at the sad state of GH!

    • Gmab

      Yeah, because Steve burton is really pulling in those ratings for the last decade that the show has revolved around him. Not! If anything the ratings will rise when he’s gone.

  • omg

    There’s not much left they can do with his character. It’s been mostly a one-note performance anyway. JFP can have him back. But what will he do if he actually has a character that requires something besides pointing a gun, groaning or giving cold, blank stares?

    • Good points OMG, but in the past Steve has shown that when given the opportunity he can give multi-layered performances with great emotion.
      But as the one note Jason, he hardly gets the chance.
      Im glad to finally find fans that like me are sick of the character. I think Steve rocks and is a good actor. But the character has left me cold for over ten yrs now. I would like so see Steve finally move on.
      Id much rather Maurice Bernard ( Sonny) peace out, but it looks like he’s gonna stay until he keels over like John Beridino ( Steve Hardy) and Emily McLaughlin ( Jessie Brewer) God rest their wonderful souls, lol.

  • Omg yes!! Let him go! I’m sorry but the show has handled Luke and Sonny leaving before they can handle Jason leaving as well.

    • Hey left for 2 yrs and the show went on and Im tired of the character frankly. I love the actor but the character I can do without.

  • kf

    It would be a stupid move to let him go. I’m so ticked about this. How are you bringing new characters over with no history on GH but letting key characters go? I like some of OLTL characters but this is GH and if your trying to make it into OLTL but with ghs name your screwing up. Steve Burton has so much history and with every other character. I’m so pissed…. I love GH because it was so different from every other soap and now your just trying to make it into every other soap on the air. The reason GH has lasted and other soaps haven’t is because it was different and now your just trying to charge GH character and who they really are….

    • dg

      Im so glad that someone understands the way i feel about GH KF.. Ive watched it since I was just a tyke in 1969.
      I understand Cartini’s desire to try to gain viewers with the One Life cross over. But this isnt really a cross over. Cartini wants to continue one life stories and to eventually create a hybrid show with One Life and possibly AMC.
      I dont like that because I cherish the history of GH and I think each show has its own specific history and appeal. And Cartini havent done enough to mine the rich history of GH. I hardly recognize the show today and I dont like the younger generation today as I have in the past. And so many vets are gone or marginalized.
      I barely watch the show because it’s no longer my general hospital.
      And despite how the former One Life fans are raving, the ratings arent that great.-barely over 2 million. I feel that if Cartini ( Frank Valentini ( exec producer) and Ron Carlavati ( Head writer)) would concentrate on GH characters and GH history the show would do better in the ratings. From reading your comments I see that you understand my point of view. And boy I appreciate that. Today viewers are so desperate to keep Gh on the air they will settle for anything. And I just cant do that.

    • Didja Noit

      Don’t you mean it would be another stupid move, lol? What hasn’t been a stupid move since this new regime took over? Starting with Robin’s death being swept aside for Starr, then the repeated stories from OLTL, rerun stories from GH’s own not so distant past, focusing on the OLTL characters, bringing back vets as stunt casting instead of adding them back to the cast permanently, trying to resurrect a soap couple from a long dead show, etc., etc., etc.. And that’s not even mentioning firing the award winning music director, all the GH writers, the GH editing department folks, and other crew. I can’t see one thing they have done right!!

  • unknown

    if steve leaves them it will get cancelled for sure way to go stupid writtes just give him what he wants and be done with it

  • dg

    GH is doomed if he goes, but Id be glad to see him peace out. Ive been tired of the Jason character since 1999. The Jason/Sonny bromance is stale by now and I despise him with Kelly Monaco.
    Steve needs a new role so he can stretch his wings as an actor and take off all the black clothes, lol. The whole hitman/hero thing is worn out.
    Id love to see him in a new role on YR. He’d make a great match for Sharon Case ( Sharon). And boy would it be great for him to mix it up with Joshua Morrow ( Nick) or Eric Braeden! ( Victor).
    I think Valentini and ABC will try their best to give him his demands, but honestly Disney is very tight with GH’s budget these days. Steve is an outstanding actor and I support him if he moves on.
    But I am a bit surprised because all the actors have been raving about Cartini.

    • nancy

      GH will not go away and if you knew how to spell Carlivati, maybe someone would listen to you.

      • I think that she’s referring to the “smash” name of Cartini which is a mash of Carlivati and Valentini that OLTL fans have oft used to refer to the dynamic duo.

  • Bay

    It’s past time for his character to go, so this would make me happy! Jason dominated the show for way too many years, and other characters and stories suffered big time because of him! GH survived without him before and can do it again.

    I wish the best for him and his family if it is true!

    • they should have him go back to being a Quartermaine it was so much better for him and would be again he is not Sonny’s patsy and he needs to move on

  • Ceilidh

    If Steve Burton leaves, I would love if if Kelly Monaco would depart as well. It is high time that Jason and Sam fans get a payoff. It is way overdue! Off into the sunset I say!…..

  • Carson

    No!!!! I Hope the rumours aren’t true!

  • I want Steve to stay on GH? My mom and I really like him on the show.

  • Yola

    GH needs strong leads and IMO, Steve Burton is one of them. I would be disappointed by his departure. When such an actor leaves, it can only hurt the ratings. I still remember how Santa Barbara suffered when Lane Davies left his role as Mason Capwell. The show went slowly downhill after that.

    I do hope that Steve decides to stay.

  • lisa

    If Steve burton that it no more GH for me I watch the show for Sam and jason dam people can’t keep the good ones on the show

  • Miggy Smalls

    This is a tough one. I’d be extremely disappointed without Jason (and don’t even think about re-casting this one), but I think GH can certainly survive. I prefer it if he stays, but it’s not the worst thing that could happen. I think his character can use a little something different, but I do like him with Sam- regardless of what he’s doing. Maybe they should both shed the emotionally torturing stories and do something different. I *do not* want new characters though. It takes me a long time to get interested in newbies.

  • Gmab

    Are people that delusional to think the show will get canned because he’s leaving ? Yeah, because the ratings are so great when the show revolves around his character. not! The ratings will skyrocket if he leaves. The Jason Morgan show is over! Bye bye don’t let the door hit ur butt on the way out.

    • Lana

      I would co-sign this if you include Sam McCall. If these two left the show could only get better.

  • theralph

    Any of you people ever think that the reason the ratings are down year-to-date is because of the sh*tty lead in GH has had all year…first with The Revolution, and now with “GMA in the Afternoon”. Both of those shows also have no base to speak of. It’s not the Cartini regime’s fault….Also, it’s genius to bring back more OLTL vets now, especially since THEY ARE MOVING TO THEIR OLD TIME SLOT. Is it that hard to figure out lol?…Look for Trevor St. John to be in the mix soon. He has shown he can move the needle, and there aren’t many of those types left.

  • CapeEllieMay

    I’d hate to see Steve leave GH, however I’d love to see Steve expand his horizons and capture a new character in the way only Steve can do. He belongs on Prime Time !