Ronn Moss: ‘We Need You More Than Ever,’ Actor Speaks Out on Twitter

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

After word broke on Saturday, August 11, that would be departing CBS’ “” after 25 short years portraying Ridge Forrester, the actor has broken his silence on .

When @MarciaHarris7 tweeted Moss and said, “u will regret your decision to leave the show..u can’t just throw away 25 years like that. .and what about us? We don’t matter?” the actor responded to the tweet with much appreciation, but also added a cryptic message. Moss’ tweet read, “You matter so much. More than you know. Will explain soon. Please be with us. We need you more than ever. All of you. Love.” The actor gave almost the exact same response to twitter follower @katka1979, who tweeted (Brooke Forrester) and asked her to “please ask @Ronn_Moss or @devindevasquez [Moss’ wife] if Ronn really leaves B&B. I dont want him to leave. I cry, am sad.” Moss replied to the tweet and said, “Try not to be sad. Will explain in a couple days. Hang in there with us. We love you guys.”

What Moss (@Ronn_Moss) may be alluding to by saying he’ll explain in a couple of days is that on Tuesday, August 14, he will tape his final episodes as a contracted cast member of the drama series. He may not be able to speak openly about his reasons for leaving until his contract cycle has expired. Additionally, when CBS renewed “The Bold and the Beautiful” in November 2010, it was only a two-year deal that carried the series on the network through the upcoming 2012-2013 television season. With budget cuts expected in order to ensure the show continues beyond this coming season, it’s only logical that some drastic measures have to be made – including the loss of a major star like Moss, who reportedly refused a cut in his salary, which is the primary reason for his departure according to .

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In a bit of irony, “The Bold and the Beautiful” is the only soap to increase its audience season to date (September 19, 2011 through August 5, 2012) in both households (2.4 vs 2.2) and Women 18-49 rating (1.1 vs 0.9) compared to the 2010-2011 television season (September 20, 2010 through September 18, 2011). Additionally, “B&B” went from a tie for fifth place (out of six soaps) in the key sales demo from the 2010-2011 season to a tie for second (out of four soaps) in the demo this season.

  • nate

    i always prefer Brooke to Ridge and their pairing is getting old but to see this soap without Ridge…weird, he was the leading man of this show since the beginning..

  • Alessandra

    I doubt B&B is increasing its share, since a lot of fans aren’t watching anymore. And clearly CBS is manipulating the ratings. Nielsen is sued for Billions for manipulating viewership data in favor of channels that are willing to provide bribes to its officials…maybe soon we will learn who these channels are. By the way, B&B isn’t doing great ratings in USA…I’m Italian and B&B in Italy has an audience of 3.5 millions for episode, in USA is lucky to arrive in 3 million for episode…and we’re talking about 2 countries with such a big difference in population number. Bell Jr. with his recycling stories mania and his bad writing is giving the last knock out to his soap. Viewers are complaining since 1 year that the soap is only evolving about the horrible, boring kids triangle and isn’t developing any other story.
    Bell is still in time to change it, to drop the kids triangle and hire a real head writer to give his soap the help it needs before the ship sinks!!

    • Alessandra: 100% right words! Bell lost viewers and he StILL is not willing to end this awful kindergarten-triangle and gave fans what they want: STILL! (Bill and Steffy as SuperCouple!) Maybe Ronn is aware of the fact, that bell destroys BB himself with bad writing. As for KKL and Hunter Tylo: they will look beauti and hot with ANY actor, cause i hope the BB will recast the role of Ridge Forrester and use this to give us DRAMA again and not this wishi washi LOganbimbo he is giving us again and again!!!

  • Melina

    I don’t think the ratings are what the B&B says it is because everywhere fans/viewers are complaining about the horrible writing and how it’s pushed them to quit watching the show! They write one storyline for younger set and nothing for anyone else-until they were forced to and then they gave us Dayzee and Marcus sloppy story and expected the fans to be satisfied with that. Well.. no it doesn’t work like that. These writers need to be OUT they are doing a craptastic job of ruining the show and alienating long-time fans, writing like they don’t care! So how are WE supposed to care????

  • Penny

    Ridge’s departure is practically the end for B&B… I really think so!!