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UPDATE REPORT: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Getting Divorced

Photo Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

UPDATE, 11:42 PM ET: E! Online has posted Marcil’s divorce papers, which were filed on Friday, August 17 in L.A. County. According to the documents, Marcil married Giovinazzo on July 11, 2010, and now the actress wishes to dissolve their marriage as of Saturday, August 4, citing irreconcilable differences. The actress also wishes to remove the last name Giovinazzo from her legal name.

PREVIOUS, 12:58 PM ET: After famously denying any marriage following word of her legally changing her name from Vanessa Marcil to , just before officially returning to ABC’s “” back in 2010, Marcil Giovinazzo (ex-Brenda Barrett) is now divorcing her husband (“”), according to a report by TMZ.

According to , Marcil is asking for Giovinazzo to pay her attorney’s fees and the court to award her spousal support.

For more on the matter, visit TMZ‘s website.

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  • rosebud

    She must get bored easy, she doesn’t stay with one man for very long.

  • Rozanne

    People don’t understand the huge amount of pain she has been threw the 2 awful Mis carriages shs’s had the slander of her repetion by Brian Austin green now this divorce people judge her but fail to see that she has one of the biggest and kindest hearts for a superstar not to mention beautiful inside and out . It pisses me off that people fail to see all the charity work she does for others she put her own Heath in jeopardy just to help others i pray. This crap but these cruel haters don’t effect her emotionally it’s rare to find a celebrity that truly cares for others instead of lining Thier own pockets. Venessa is blessed with a great acting talent that should be always seen on screen. While most of these celebrities only care about Thier own selfish egos and being paid to to appearances with no co tact to the fans that helped make them famous. More people should be kind llike Vanessa maybe the world wouldn’t be so screwed up .i support Vanessa 100% .

    • Sweetie, do you have spell check on your computer?