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UPDATE: ‘Live with Kelly’ Hits Lowest Ratings in More Than 20 Years!

UPDATE, THURSDAY, AUGUST 16 5:30 PM ET: A previous version of this article incorrectly included the line “Big Trouble at ‘Live! with Kelly?'” in its heading.

We apologize for the sensationalized heading, and have corrected it to include the core information. While “Live! with Kelly” did hit 20 year lows, which made that tidbit of information more noteworthy, it is one of the few daytime shows (talk or otherwise) to have been on the air as long.

Additionally, despite its lows, “Live!” was the third most watched talk show for the week. This in spite of the show losing 39 affiliated stations, representing 10% of the U.S.

PREVIOUS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15 6:16 AM ET: A number of syndicated programs hit their season lows during the week of July 30, 2012 thanks to the Olympics on NBC, while others were so heavily preempted that Nielsen Media Research excluded them from the weekly averages, which was the case for ’s (WBDTD)’ “,” “” and “,” and ’s (CTD) “” and “.” In the case of daytime talker “Live! with Kelly,” however, the show hit its lowest ratings in more than 20 years.

Distributed by , “Live!” managed just a 1.7 in households, down 26% from the prior week (week of July 23, 2012). It was the talk shows lowest ratings in more than 20 years, according to Nielsen Media Research data (Live+Same Day). “Live!” is hosted by (ex-Hayley Vaughan Santos, “”). Former co-host, left the program (when it was titled “Live! with Regis and Kelly”) in November 2011. According to , Ripa is paid $20 million a year for hosting “Live!”

CTD’s “” was syndicated televisions most watched first-run program with a 5.7 household rating, although the program shed 10% of its audience against the Olympics. WBDTD’s “” was the most watched syndicated program with a 5.9 household rating. The program lost a mere 6% of its audience from the prior week.

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  • szima

    The show was also re-runs, so that could have contributed.

    • We’ve been able to verify that the show was actually not in re-runs for the entire week this story covers.

  • Rome

    Judge Judy, too, is in re-runs until September.

  • roger

    She looks like a freak. Too skinny.

  • marilyn

    If it were left up to me ?Ripa would have been fired a long time ago. The only person she is really interested in is herself.

  • Flo

    Ever since Regis left, the show has been so boring. They need to get a new Hostess. Kelly just isn’t good for the show.

  • Drew

    Regis made the show somewhat palatable. Can’t stand Ripa, she’s too full of herself. NBC needs to see the handwriting on the wall and get a new show in that time slot, but for some reason they keep hanging on to her. She’s no where worth 20 million, what a waste of money.

  • barb

    They should have shut the show down when Regis left. Kelly is not a good host (she’s too self centered) and doesn’t even come close to being funny.

  • rocky8383

    Ripa, wayyyyy overrated !!!

  • She was nothing with Regis and is still nothing. Such an overrated jerk.

  • cassie

    “Full of herself” is an understatement. Without Regis (or another top “name”) she is NOTHING – so fake, and so not daytime talk show host material. She’s a scatter-brained interviewer that always manages to throw the attention onto herself – every time. There’s nothing about “Live with Kelly” that makes me want to tune in. So lame. Time to pull the plug on that show. Too much money for too little content (Kelly, that is).

  • Gabby

    Kelly Ripa isn’t worth the kind of money she gets from this show. Even when Regis was still there, she did everything in her power to make it all about her. She’s boring as hell and at times, rude and very condescending. I hope the ratings keep going down so that she’ll finally be shown the door. Long overdue.

  • Holly

    They need to hurry and get a male co-host that really good looking and funny-like Nick Lachey. . The show has taken way too long-its almost a year. Get with it!!

  • Holly

    The show could also hire Sam Champion from GMA. Watch woman would not like to look at him in the morning. I bet that would boost the ratings.

  • stopped watching after Regis left… i only watched for regis … she is such a bad host for the show.. i don’t even know how she was hired.. not funny at all.. stupid if you ask me… network was crazy to get rid of regis… they should have canned kelly instead… the faster this show tanks the faster they will replace it with something better … anything is better that this fiasco of a show….

  • Carol

    Why are they running reruns? Kelly has already had a vacation. For $20 million, she should be there and not doing reruns. She had nothing to say about the olympics. I saw olympic stars on GMA and other shows. Why couldn’t Live with Kelly get some of those people. The show is definetly going down hill. And why haven’t they gotten a permanent co-host? Maybe Gellman is to blame.

  • regis didn’t even want to go but ABC saved all that money canning him. Same with our soaps, No one is watching these new replacement program’s but they saved some money. Guess they haven’t heard you have to spend money to make money.I tried to watch Good Afternoon America twice just to see what they thought was better than our soap’s. So boring. No doubt those two unknown host’s are cheap to pay but you get what you pay for. The show is BORING. CBS let Katie Couric go because no one was watching her new’s but ABC think’s we can’t wait to see a hour of her. She is boring. If it wasn’t for General Hospital and The View I wouldn’t need a tv during the day. I don’t watch View rerun’s. Been there seen that. I won’t watch GH labor day when they do a rerun either.

  • Regis was always interesting and charming, with great stories to tell. Kelly’s sarcastic and fun but you really can’t replace a legend, the show probably should have ended when Regis left.


    Who cares, Regis was the reason everyone watched, Anyway abc owns this show, stop watching. And Kelly should eat a few hamburgers and wash it down with several milkshakes and a order of fries, she is way to skinny, not a good look.

  • wynne

    You mean people don’t want to spend their free time watching a blond skeletor screw up every light-weight celebrity interview she can get her hands on?! People are tired of listening to her detail the only things she carries an interest in: The Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives, and the many workouts she and Mark spend their almost-entirely-free schedules doing daily?! At this point she should just stop time and her aging process entirely and just spend what she “earns” in a few weeks on casting herself in solid gold. The Ripa version of the Oscars, or her own Olympian “Best Talk Show Host, like, ever!” medal. Enough already with this sham of a show, really, enough…

  • Jennifer

    I got bored waiting for her to pick a new co-host, others must have too. That is why i stopped watching.

  • ci geno

    Michael Strahan isn’t going to help this show, what does he bring to the show? The show is just not the same without the REG…at least if they picked Groban or another singer the ladies would enjoy the music now and then….a comedian to add some humor to the show would’ve been nice also

  • JD a Northerner in the ATL

    Reviewing all these comments are Priceless. Show hits lowest ratings in 20 years and when did this happen all year long or just special times when we had other things going on making all shows have lower ratings! Was this the only show which hit low ratings? Regis was a unique and amazing host for his time, Kelly was brought in as his co-host and it worked…so now we have Kelly (which everyone knew was going to happen its called evolution) and a new co-host Michael. I watch the show even more now than ever and I have a feeling others are doing as well! Believe it or not, Kelly brought a younger audience originally when she first came to the show and it continues since we are all growing with her. I feel the producers made the right decision to bring on Michael as the co-host the chemistry between these two makes it amazing! Also there were Olympic athletes on the show if you were all watching you would have realized that! She has a special way to get with actors and actresses along with singers on her interviews, its fresh than the norm all these years. She asks questions people want to know for sure not just generalizing all so you get to see a side of your favorite ones for sure! We all have opinions but Live w/Kelly and Michael does the trick for me! DVR the Show and Watch It and lets be a bit nicer and give the new wave a chance!

  • octavia

    show is boring…full f herself…dated…and the dancing, so goofy,and the drunk act and british and modeling. unbelievable…so nerdy. hope the show is taken off…tomorrow

  • Regis & Kelly superfan

    Michael Strahan is the problem with this show! No one can replace Regis, but please at least try to get someone closer to Regis. I have not watched the show since Strahan became co-host. When you have people like Tony Danza, Jeff Prost & Chris Harrison, being past over for someone that Kelly obviously wanted (it was disgusting watching her fawn and paw him), instead of who the audience wanted, what do they expect. Hey “Live”, the audience rule the ratings not Kelly Ripa!

  • caribe

    I can not stand it when she does the madonna dance.