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UPDATE: Kevin Schmidt OUT! ‘Y&R’ Recasting Noah Newman Again!

Photo Credit: John Paschal/JPI Studios

UPDATE, 7:31 PM ET: Schmidt’s rep tells Soap Opera Network that the actor completed filming a few weeks ago, but was unable to confirm whether his final scenes have already aired. Soap Opera Network has reached out to a “Y&R” representative, but we’ve been informed that the individual is on vacation until next Monday.

PREVIOUS, 5:41 PM ET: announced via Twitter early this evening that he’s been let go as Noah Newman on CBS’ “.”

“Hey @Official_YandR! How many times you gonna try and bring in a “New Noah”? There’s only one! Sorry to those who watch for me. #Peace @CBS,” read Schmidt’s tweet.

A representative for the actor confirmed his exit to Soap Opera Network.

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  • I cannot believe they are doing this again. I’m getting sick of them recasting Noah. He’s right there is only one Noah Newman and it’s him.

  • Chad

    His acting was not exactly stellar since he returned.. he is more of a teeny bopper actor for younger generation who doesn’t really pay attention to the “acting aspects” as much as they do his cuteness. I like Noah too but honestly I can understand why they are making the move, and yes they made a horrid mistake with the last recast and he was a horrible actor who ever he was. Go team!

  • Didja Noit

    Any recast is basically a newbie, and I hate having to watch all the newbies on Y&R! The only one that has been semi successful for me lately is Jennifer L. as Heather. The recast Kyle and Eden are horrid, in my opinion.

  • Chad your comments are generally true as they relate to the casting of younger actors on soaps. But Kevin Schmidt was a big exception. He was a focused, outstanding performer. He had excellent characterization and he more than held his own in scenes with all the vets like Eric Braeden.
    He was very talented. He was marginalized and neglected by the YR brass. And now he’s being sacrificed because Jill Phelps wants to hire her cronies from her lame teeny bopper soap. Kevin deserves better.