Katie: An $80 Million Investment or ‘Bad Deal?’

Andrew Eccles/Disney-ABC

In an interview with , president, , revealed that is spending roughly $80 million just to get its hosted talker, aptly named “,” off the ground in the next couple of weeks.

“I think [Disney/ABC] cut a bad deal,” said Nogawski. “They did get very large license fees, but the majority of those license fees are attributed to ABC’s owned-and-operated stations. [‘Katie’] is going to have to do a very large number for them to make money.” By comparison, CTD is spending roughly $30 million to launch “The Show” ($24 million on production, $6 million on promotion).

The large licensing fee is said to be one of the reasons CTD decided against signing a deal last year with Couric and “Katie” executive producer , following the end of her five-year run as anchor of the “.” Disney/ABC Domestic Television swooped in and signed Couric to a deal that displaces” from its long-time 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT/CT timeslot.

The Couric and Jeff Probst hosted talk shows launch Monday, September 10 in national syndication, while that same day “GH” moves time periods to 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT/CT on ABC.

  • missy

    That is way too much money for Katie. She is not that interesting at all!! There already way too many talk show on the air. The network could take all that money and offer jobs to the everyday middle class people or feed and house the homeless and then take a big tax writeoff on charity.

  • missy

    I am so glad GH is moving to 2pm so now I can watch Ellen at 3pm.


    Katie Couric is a big waste of money ask all the other networks she use to work for like cbs.

  • sherry

    thet cancelled two soaps for this Katie is not worth a prnny of this and i for one will not be watcing. I did not watch the revolution or i don’t watch chew and gaa is horrible
    I will watch gh until it goes off the air unless abc has the sense to keep it . If gh is cancelled i am done with abc televiosn for good.

  • aspengler1

    While I think it’s vital for Katie’s show to fail, I feel the same way about Probst’s show. The show will be airing here in NY on the NBC affiliate at 2PM. I’m hoping Days viewers here will switch over to ABC at 2PM for GH.