Bob D'Amico/ABC

As previously reported and are back as brothers Jacks (Jerry and Jasper “Jax,” respectively) on ABC’s “.” While the on-screen duo have yet to share scenes together, the actors did share a collage of photos of them off-screen lounging around to their followers (@sebroche / @IngoRademacher) on Wednesday, August 8. Rademacher’s tweet said, “Me and me bro. Aka. The jacks brothers,” while Roché’s read, “The irreplaceable Jacks brothers take Mammoth !”

Photo Credit: Twitter

Roché marked his return on Friday, August 3. Rademacher is expected to return to the screen during the week of August 20.

  • Sartoga Donna

    Love this return


    Jerrys bad, but I like him that way.

  • Finewhitesugar

    Jerry gives a creepy character tons of sex appeal! Yum!