Former ‘Y&R’ Star Brenda Dickson Promises ‘Tell All Book’

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television

While it is unknown when the message was first posted on her official copy written website, (ex-Jill Foster, “”) is apparently promising to release a “Tell All Book” in the next couple of months that will begin with highlights of her experience at the “canceled” CBS daytime drama series (say what?) and ends with her time in Hawaii. The site says that if you want to know what happened in the tropical state with Dickson and other assorted matters, “read the book, my friends. You will learn a lot about what you think goes on, and what really goes on. Who really runs the country!”

The message in its entirety can be viewed at

Note: Dickson alleges some serious matters including sexual harassment from the deceased William J. Bell (creator of “The Young and the Restless” and “”), something about the “Mafia,” and claims that she’s telling all now that “Y&R” has been canceled (the show has not been canceled).

  • Menudoboy

    Should make for some entertaining reading. I’ll buy it.

    But I’d hope it would have some good things in it like what her relationship with Jeanne Cooper (Kaye Chancellor) on the set was like as well as some of her co-stars. Not just bad “feel sorry for me” kinda things. I don’t think things like that are what people care to read.

  • So sorry to see that Y & R has been officially cancelled.