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BREAKING NEWS: Brad Bell, Executive Producer and Head Writer of ‘B&B,’ Breaks Silence on Ronn Moss Exit and Plans to Recast Ridge!

In an exclusive interview with TV Guide‘s , , Executive Producer and Head Writer of “,” has revealed that he plans on recasting the role of Ridge Forrester now that is departing the series after filming his final scenes later today.

Bell, who only found out that Moss opted not to renew his contract on Thursday, August 9, tells Logan that losing Moss is a “huge” deal. Ultimately he’s “very sad but also very grateful for the 25 years we did have with him. Ronn is a wonderful man and a great actor and he’ll be sorely missed.”

For those wondering how Bell plans to write the character off the canvas, albeit temporarily, Bell says, “I went ahead and wrote a wedding for Ridge and Brooke [] — a real retrospective sort of wedding that honors the characters’ 25-year relationship — and then I have them take off on a honeymoon. I’ve been in this business long enough to know I have to protect my show. The worst thing happened but at least I was prepared.” Images of what looked to be a supposed wedding popped up on Facebook on Saturday, August 11, just moments before news broke of Moss’s departure from “B&B.”

“Ridge will not be dead or presumed dead. He will just not be in the picture. I don’t want to do a presumed death because I don’t want the story that follows to be all about Ridge. This will be a Brooke story,” says Bell. “Ridge is a pivotal part of the show and he will be back in a matter of time…and probably not all that much time. I will continue writing for the character. I’m looking at this in two phases, really. There will be a period of time without Ridge, which is where some new, interesting avenues for Brooke will come into play. But at some point it will be necessary for Ridge to return to the show. Who will be playing the role at that point remains to be seen.”

According to Bell, Moss’ last airdate is scheduled for Friday, September 14.

For the full Bell interview, head on over to TV Guide‘s website.

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  • willy garza(partywill)

    I dont know If I like the idea of Ridge being recasted .. Leave the characters exit open ..feels too rushed to me 🙁

  • ?

    I never understood the appeal of Ridge anyway. Moss’s acting was laughable, and Ridge was a jerk who wishwashed between women. I can’t understand why Brooke or Taylor ever wanted him. Guess that’s why I was never much of a B&B fan.

  • Dana STILL

    anyway, i’m not watching the show till the teens triangle story ends,… that’s so full of crap, boring and so old.. when Bell will start another story line and if he is smart enough to follow B&B fans and give them Bill and Steffy again (STILL ), then i would watch the show… and i’m not the only one, just go make a tour in the soap FB pages.. it says a lot about why B&B lost so much audience…

  • Dana STILL

    Also, i’m not big fan of Bridge, (but i appreciate Ronn though..), its so so boring story.. nothing new, Ridge was and still wrapped up by logans.. his character is deadly boring with absolutely no attitude.. so yes Ronn, you made the best decision.. hope we’ll see you often with your band.. forget about B&B, its simply the beginning of the soap end, especially if Bell keeps his childish story… B&B is good enough for 14y old fans.. but hey.. even teens don’t like it… hmmmm.. hope you guys read this.. GIVE YOUR FANS THEIR STORY THEY VOTED FOR: STILL ( Bill and Steffy..) we made you win a GOLD.. for GOD SAKE.. wake up and save your show…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phyllis

    I don’t care one way or the other about Ridge, what I really want to do is let the writer of this show to know is that they are pissing faithful viewers. I and many others I know are fed up with Steffy, she isin’t woman enough to get her wn man, she has to take Hope’s man, she has done this before. I think it’s sickening to watch, you are about to lose more viewers b/cause of it.

  • Shirls429

    Please folks,be kind,I love the new Steffy attitude she puts a spark in the show.