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ABC News: Telenovelas Soar as American Soaps Struggle

Donna Svennevik/ABC

“Yesterday, I found out I was pregnant…actually, in the same day they told me I had cancer and then I didn’t, I was pregnant,” says , a Telenovela star of her character Camila Nájera de Negrete on “” (aka: The Talisman). If that plot twist sounds familiar to you, it’s because that’s generally the storyline twists and turns we’ve come to expect on American daytime soap operas. The only difference is more viewers are tuning into Telenovelas on networks such as and than they are on ABC, CBS, or NBC, who are consistently losing viewers in record numbers. In a new report by , “” reporter explores how telenovelas are thriving while American soaps are struggling to survive.

Note: “El Talismán” already completed its 98-episode run on Univision earlier this year. It is not mentioned when this piece was first filmed. ABC News published the report on Thursday, August 16 on, which preluded its video counterpart during that nights airing of “Nightline.”

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  • Well maybe if the networks weren’t cancelling them ,and promoting them more, they wouldn’t be struggling at all.

  • As a person who live’s in a area of about 30.000 spanish I can safely say the reason the Spanish are watching tv is they are home. Most Spanish people prefer to speak Spanish so they will watch Spanish tv. Most of the younger white people are working and do watch their soaps but after taping them and that doesn’t count with the rating’s. I know many older people and they rarely turn on the tv to any channel. If they turn it on at all it is to CNN to catch up on new’s.
    5 year’s Spanish people used to line up with maybe a 100 worker’s waiting for construction job’s to go to but now construction has just halted and now maybe you will see 10-15 guy’s waiting to see if their is any work.
    It is to bad working women that watch the show’s are Soapnet or on a tape can’t be counted. I haven’t missed hardly any GH show’s since it debuted but I have never been a neilson person.