GH DVR Alerts: Week of July 30 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “” DVR for the Week of July 30, 2012.


  • Monday: Will Todd rat out Johnny? Will Sam be able to break into Todd’s safe? Joe Jr. has major plans for Trey.
  • Tuesday: How much will Carly learn about the secrets Todd and Johnny are keeping? Jason offers to help Sam. Alexis offers a daring challenge to Shawn.
  • Wednesday: Liz catches Ewen receiving a mysterious call. Lulu and Dante have a difficult conversation about their marriage. Sonny wants answers from Joe Jr.
  • Thursday: Can Sonny and Alexis help Jason and Sam reconcile? Is Elizabeth in danger? Trey tries to get closer to Kristina.
  • Friday: John McBain makes a horrifying discovery. Will Starr continue to support Johnny? Sam confronts Todd.

  • l m cee

    I don’t even watch GH anymore. Which is so sad since I have been watching for over 30 years. The soap is just not the same anymore. Ron came on and has destroyed it for me. Jasam were the only reason I continued to watch and he has broken them up for what? Jiz have been paired how many times before Sam Morgan came to town. They didn’t work then and they don’t now. McBain is just creepy. Nothing sexy at all about him. I think Ron is lazy and untalented. He continues to duplicate the same stories that were on OLTL. He doesn’t know how to write for a happy couple. Married couples ARE NOT BORING. If the writers are talented which Ron is not.