DAYS Stars Chat Live with Fans During NBC’s Olympics Coverage

    on Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 1:53 PM


    Fans of NBC’s “” may begin missing their favorites from Salem for the next two weeks due to the networks extensive coverage of the Olympic Games, but the network plans to keep them tuned in using the internet.

    Beginning Monday, July 30 and lasting through Friday, August 10, fans can head on over to to chat live with some of the shows biggest stars (list pending) starting at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT on

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    • Dolly

      Wow, I am glad the network is giving us something to hold on to during the Olympics.

    • Diane

      Wow 2 weeks with out Days, that is going to be hard. I am so glad that we can chat with them on the net, that will help. The show will be missed

    • Ejoleiswhereitat

      Just want to hear Ejole are getting back together before the baby is born so EJ can be there for his child and Nicole

      • Realitycheck

        heres hope NOT !
        The Ejole borefest was AWFUL, let’s hope it NEVER happen again if you want some ratings Dool, Nicole’s baby daddy should be BRADY certainly not Ej who is already busy with his OWN children and loves really only one person (aprt his children of course) : Sami Brady

      • lucyinthesky

        Majority doesn’t want to hear that actually : Ej with Nicole is a big fat joke, don’t write that again Sony, NBC and Dool tptb NEVER EVER AGAIN if you want for us to watch….

    • lisa

      This time get it right Dool and write a real romance for Ej and Sami, many many many many fans are waiting for that since more than six years : IT IS TIME