GH DVR Alerts: Week of May 7 Edition


( — “” DVR Alerts for the Week of May 7, 2012.


  • Monday: McBain and Dante race to save the women they care about. Jason gets an unexpected surprise. Will Michael be able to get through to Starr in time? Anthony is convinced someone in particular has it out for him.
  • Tuesday: Jason wants to know what John is after concerning Sam. Kate makes a heartfelt plea to Sonny. Starr and Michael’s relationship hits a snag. Luke and Anna’s bond continues to grow.
  • Wednesday: Tea Delgado arrives in Port Charles. Is she there to help or hurt Todd’s daughter? Olivia is torn. Will Mac be moved by Felicia’s heartfelt plea? Spinelli makes an interesting discovery.
  • Thursday: Todd and Tea’s relationship remains as volatile as ever. Mac and Felicia find themselves in an awkward position. Matt’s concerns about Patrick increase. Olivia makes a discovery concerning Steve.
  • Friday: Tea struggles to get through to Starr. Carly welcomes a new guest to the Metro Court. Todd makes an interesting discovery. Olivia reaches out to Steve.

  • Eveie49

    GH Is Hott Right Now All The Stories Are Awsome I For One Is very Happy 🙂

  • Meorlck

    GH has never been better cant miss a minute of it and now todd and tea are coming on .We need blair there it doesnt make sense not to have blair there!!

  • Momtwotwins

    They need to make things right between Jason and Sam. Let her have some happiness! Why does Jason always have to run off and pout to Liz?!?!! Not to mention he is at Carly, Sonny and Michaels becking call – he needs to get his head out of his butt and not whine about Sam finding a friend to confide in. Hello, she was raped yet Jason is playing victim!

  • [email protected]

    they need to take the chew off and bring back oltl