Multiple Actors Fired in First Wave of Ousters Hitting ‘Days of our Lives’

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — In an interview posted earlier today by TV Guide‘s , it looked like “” Co-Executive Producer was alluding to the possible ouster of actress when he stated “we also brought in the wonderful Sarah Brown [Madison James] and threw her into a lot of material very quickly. Maybe too much too quickly.” Sadly, it looks like he was indeed commenting on Brown’s character on the show in past tense.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that (Carrie Brady), (Austin Reed), (Jack Devereaux) and Brown are all being let go in what is being now being called phase one of the mass firings expected at NBC’s “Days of our Lives.”

In the case of Clarke, Muldoon and Ashford, the trio returned to “DAYS” in September as part of the soaps big reboot. Brown joined the cast in early October as the first new character introduced by recently ousted head writers and , Jr.

Last airdates are unknown at this time as a representative was unavailable for comment at press time, however, considering “Days of our Lives” currently films three months ahead of airdate and the new writing teams material is scheduled to hit the air in mid-August, per Meng, look for the quad to last air in August.

Stay tuned to Soap Opera Network as this breaking story continues to develop.

  • donna

    Nooooo!  Not Matt Ashford!  What’s Jennifer gonna do?!  Don’t tell me she’s going back to Dr. Perve!

  • Dlcsmorrison

    Leave Madison for Brady! He needs someone and not Nicole!

  • Kristen

    This is ridiculous.. Why is is We get used to actors/actresses and they take them off the show? This really makes Me mad! And Donna … they aren’t getting rid of their character all together. Just the person that plays them. Their character will still be there, it just will be played by someone else.

  • ECox

    As long as they dont touch Bryan Dattilo, I will still watch.

  • Akamai2

    I’m sorry to see Matt go AGAIN!  I wish they’d leave him alone. I have always liked the character of Jack and was very happy to see him return.

  • dewthirty

    let carrie and austin go but Keep Matt and Sarah
    .I Love Matt and Sarah is great too with Brady

  • Kristen1214

    Im not gonna lie. I hated when they first brought Jack back. But now I think hes awesome. Took some time but I like him now. I hope they dont take these characters away. As for right now, their just getting rid of those people and keeping their characters.

  • Jen

    I love Madison with Brady.  This makes me so sad. 
    Carrie and Austin can go…or at least Austin.  

  • Arabellasbows

    Austin and Kerri are boring. I like Madison and would like to see the storyline with her, Ian, Kate and Stephano develop. I don’t really care about Jack. I liked Jennifer and daniel.

  • Cspitz70

    Does anyone else want to punch out Maggie? (The character, not the actress.) She always thinks everyone is good, case in point, Ian. I think if not for her, Victor may not have made him CEO of Titan. I thought Victor was smart enough not to take business advice from Maggie.

  • jcm

    i think that rafe and carrie pairing did them in the have no spark at all now she so in love with rafe please give me a break

    • I dnt think Rafe & Carrie need 2 be together!!!!! Both of them suppose to be good people, so why put them together when Rafe is still married to Sami & Carrie is still married to Austin! I know this is just a show but it really make Carrie look bad as a woman messing with her sister husband!!! I’m glad she is getting boot’d off the show! I think Sami & Rafe should be together.