Mass ‘DAYS’ Firing’s Premature or Jumping the Gun?

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

( — Although  has since “confirmed” their story on the ouster of several “” stars with a show representative, according to its website, one actress appears to not have been told as the magazine stated. In fact, it looks like if the firings do hold, actress (Madison James) has not been told by her bossess of any change to her status with the NBC daytime soap.

“Don’t know if it’s true, but, who ever leaked that story should consider that no one wants to find out they have lost their job via Twitter,” said the actress in a Twitter posting of her own. She followed the tweet with the following, which puts some confusion and mystery to the story:

A “Days of our Lives” representative has not responded to repeated requests for comment by Soap Opera Network.

Brown joined the cast in October 2011 in the contract role of Madison James, “ a powerful and seductive CEO who looks to take on, one way or another, Sami [Brady, ], Kate [Roberts, ], Brady [Black, ], and Victor [Kiriakis, ].” Her character was paired with Martsolf’s Brady Black and the duo shared some steamy scenes over the time they were on screen together, and that didn’t necessarily include shedding any clothing.

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    Days Of Lives needs to get rid of Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Kate Mansi, Galen Gering, Bryan Dattilo, Alison Sweeney, Shawn Christian, Jennifer Reeves, Lisa Rinna and Eric Martsolf. If they are getting rid of Christie Clark, Patrick Muldoon, Matthew Ashford, and Sarah Brown then the above needs to go with them in some fashion or the other.

    • Guest

      There is no actress on the show named Jennifer Reeves.  Her name is Melissa Reeves and she plays Jennifer!

  • Jay

    @ Timmy Lee Roberts – yes – please get your facts straight.

  • Scribbles

    Firing MA is definitely jumping the gun, he was under utilized.

    I thought Rafe and Carrie had a nice thing developing, even though it was clunkily started.

    I can’t believe they’d get rid of Jack and not Jennifer, or is Jack gonna disappear on Jennifer for another walkabout?

    I can think of a couple of character’s I’d rather see disappear and keep Jack and bring back Tony.

  • Tammy Grzenia


  • I dont think anyone should be fired or let go! I hate that Lexie and Stephano are out! Whatever will the Salemites do for fun without Stephano lurking in the dark shadows of their lives? And although it was Lexie’s choice to leave, which I commend her for that decision, will truly be missed!