Inside The Writers Room: April Edition

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( – The “One Life To Live” invasion continues at “” as the show makes more changes to its writing staff.

Christopher Van Etten and Jean Passanante are joining “GH” as breakdown writers and Katherine Schock is joining as a script writer.   All of them were part of current “GH” head writer Ron Carlivati‘s writing staff at “OLTL”.

Exiting “GH” are scripts writers David Kreizman, Joanna Cohen, and .  Fissell is the latest long time ‘GH’ employee who was given the axe under the new regime.   He started as an intern in 1993 and has done various jobs over the years before finally being promoted to full time script writer last year.   Breakdown writer David Rupel, who joined a couple of months ago, is also leaving.

Over at “,” newly installed head writer Gary Tomlin has added Lorraine Broderick to his writing staff.

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  • Sadly, no one in the soap opera world gets it. David Kreizman?? Really? Isn’t he responisble for the ending of TWO iconic soaps? But yet he was hired on a third? And the others? All we hear is crying and howling from everyone about the loss of their beloved genre. Yet, remarkably, we see the same failed “writers” again and again and again continuing to fail and destroy the genre further along towards its extinction. I really think the soap opera media should call a spade a spade and stop enabling.

  • Barbara

    I totally agree.  I can’t believe another soap would hire Jean Passanante.  She was a lousy writer for As the World Turns.  She has written for 3 different soaps when they were cancelled:  Another World, ATWT, and One Life to Live.  From what I saw of her alleged writing talent on ATWT, the woman appears to be in the wrong line of work.

    IMO, a HUGE problem for the soaps over the past decade has been the constant rehiring of the same people to write and produce them.  I can’t think of any other industry in which a writer such as Passanante has been part of a failed venture yet continually is rehired to perform the same tasks on another one.

    The ONLY writing that Passanante should be allowed to do these days:  write the lunch specials on the diner’s chalkboard before she begins her waitressing shift.