‘General Hospital’ Recasts Kristina Davis


 is reporting that ABC’s “” has recast the role of Kristina Davis with daytime newcomer . She replaces , who exited the soap in October as the character was sent to Yale University. According to a show representative, upon Kristina’s return to the canvas, the daytime drama plans to take the character into a different direction.

Morgan, whose television career began only in 2011, has appeared in episodes of such series as “,” “,” and Nickelodean’s “.” She debuts on “GH” beginning the week of May 21.

  • From the photo, she looks right to be the daughter of Sonny and Alexis.  I hope she’s a good actress as well.

    • My2Cents2

      why though? Why not bring back original Kristina?

  • soundsgood!

    I’ve seen videos of this actress acting. Though she’s a newbie she’s quickly booking roles and she reads lines so naturally. I think she’s a big improvement from the last actress.

  • ghfan34

    This chick looks like Sonny’s daughter. Never cared for Lexi Ainsworth’s acting and Kristina was an annoying harpy with her in the role. Maybe now the character will be less bratty

  • Tigger974981

    im wondering if its a coincidence that this one looks a lot closer to Johnny’s age. GH did have trouble pairing Kristina with Lexi in the role because she looked so young