Disney/ABC Television Group Now Measuring iPad Usage via Nielsen Media Research

Apple, Inc.

On Wednesday, March 28, the and announced they would begin measuring behavior in consumers using proprietary metering technology.

The two companies stated the measure would be a “new and significant initiative that will substantially improve understanding of how people use iPads for video consumption and other activities.” According to data released by Apple, Inc., makers of the popular product, there have been more than 55 million iPads sold to date and another 3 million sold since March 16, 2012 (launch date of “the new ” aka: 3).

The study was commissioned by the Disney/ABC Television Group’s ABC Research department, in which they asked Nielsen to create a proprietary, opt-in metered iPad panel that would “aggregate and measure video consumption, app usage and other activity over the course of a year.” Nielsen will seek approximately 200 individuals/households to download their new metering application on their iPad in order for the companies to measure the reach, duration, frequency and page views of their overall iPad apps and web browsing.

“We have been actively studying consumer tablet usage through our own data for two years, and believe Nielsen’s proprietary technology has the potential to deliver unprecedented additional details about consumer viewing patterns,” said , Executive Vice President of Strategy and Research for Disney Media Networks. “This study will help us — and ultimately the entire industry — to better understand our consumers, the complete tablet environment and the role our content plays on this fast growing and popular device.”

“With our unique metering capabilities, this work with ABC represents a significant step forward in understanding how consumers are using and bringing the iPad into their day-to-day [lives],” said , Executive Vice President, Nielsen Media Research. “The insight gleaned from this study, using these metering capabilities, is an example of how we meet our commitment to deliver cross platform understanding to the industry and provide broader understanding of consumers.”

Preliminary results of the study was provided by , ABC’s Senior Vice President, Research, at the Advertising Research Foundations re:Think conference held at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York City.

According to sources, as indicated by Seymour above, ABC has been actively following the usage of its viewers who watch their ABC programming on their iPad’s via the popular application. Soap Opera Network has also learned that viewing of ABC programs on the iPad, and in particular  on ABC.com, will play more of a role in the networks decision making when it comes to the renewal chances of its programming. For instance, “,” a popular comedy series airing after “” on Wednesday nights, recently ended its second season with low viewership levels in total audience and key sales demographics. Although not confirmed by ABC at this time, TVLine.com reported that “Endings” is likely to be renewed for a third season. This would solely be based on its performance in online viewership as the series plays relatively strong on Hulu.com, and the ABC Player on the iPad.

  • I have no interest in ABC channels..since they terminated OLTL. I have set my TV timer on General Hospital only.. I am Determined, Dedicated as I contribute to the failed rating of ABC 2 new talk shows. CHEW/ Revolution.. These new Nielsen meters may not determine the true identienty to loyal Day time viewers.  For those that have I pad meters these comparison are based on internet activity.. I’ve worked with comparisons and to compare a report is to fudge results.. Comparing internet viewers to real stay home viewers will not have accurate reports. NOT EVERYONE in the USA can hook up to WIFI, satalite or cable internet.  Telephone Companies still do not provide internet boxes in my neighborhood.

  • So does this mean they are taking hulu ratings into account now? When it was announced pp would take over AMc & OLTL I bought a laptop and started watching all 3 abc soaps on hulu so I could cancel my cable. Regardless I will NOT watch anything disney/abc except GH on any medium until they release the rights back to Agnes Nixon

  • Abrooks06

    Why is ABC even bothering? They obviously don’t care what viewers want to see. After all, they thought we could be trained like dogs to watch what THEY wanted us to watch.