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‘Days of our Lives’ Issues Statement on New Writing Regime

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( — Editor’s Note: The information is clearly outdated at this point, but “” issued the following statement to Soap Opera Network just a short time ago announcing (what we’ve already previously reported) that and are now heading up the shows writing team effective immediately with in as a breakdown writer.

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‘Days of our Lives’ announces new head writers Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell, both of whom are Daytime Emmy award winners!

The two writers join forces immediately, working together as a team to continue to pay tribute to the show’s roots both in storytelling and character development. Tomlin and Whitesell will be joined by Daytime Emmy award winning Lorraine Broderick as a member of the breakdown writing team.

Co-Executive Producer comments, “ We are excited and look forward to the stories of romance, suspense and intrigue this new dream team plans to tell.”

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  • Gormandm

    More garabge and useless promises from these past writers bring nothing new to the table!

  • juniorz1

    Gary Tomlin improves nearly every show he joins.  And Christopher Whitesell wrote pretty much everything that went right with days from 2009-2010, which also caused the last ratings surge this show had.  They write LONG-TERM stories that are well paced and have actual surprising plot twists that aren’t revealed in spoilers.  This is GOOD NEWS.

    I’d understand the bitching if we were getting Higley back.  But WE’RE NOT!

  • Willie

    I don’t believe a word that TPTB at Days sqys anymore.