BREAKING NEWS: ‘DAYS’ Gets New Head Writing Team

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( — Exclusive! Soap Opera Network has learned that “Days Of our Lives” has fired and , Jr. as its co-head writers and replaced them with and .

McPherson and Thomas were hired in May 2011, replacing , to help shepherd the “DAYS” reboot (the returns of fan favorites , , , and ).  Unfortunately, the did not improve and the show recently hit a new low in Women 18-49 Viewers with just 496,000 total tuning in from that category for the week March 19-23, 2012.

Tomlin returns to “DAYS” after being the Co-Executive Producer from September 17, 2008 – September 2, 2011 (on air episode dates) . This will be Tomlin’s first head writing gig in about 27 years – he was Head Writer of “” in the mid-80’s.  Though he was an interim Head Writer for “One Life To Live” (on air episodes dates: February 1, 2008 – May 1, 2008) during the 2007-2008 Writers Strike.

Whitesell also returns to the show after being Co-Head Writer from October 13, 2008 – June 13, 2011 (on air episode dates).  This will be Whitesell’s 6th Co-Head Writing stint: he co-head wrote for “” (1997), “” (1998 – 1999), “One Life To Live” (2001-2003), “” (2005-2007).   Whitesell was writing breakdowns for “The Young and The Restless” for the past year.

  • Yay! They should be fired for the whole Abigail/Austin story line not to mention the Princess Gina/John story. Hopefully better Days ahead!

  • atsvan

    Not happy that they brought these two back, I thought Days was suppose to get better. They better not mess with Ejole. They are the best couple on there and they better be brought together before the baby is born

  •  HAHA! The whole reason the show isn’t making good ratings is because Crystal
    Chappell and Peter Reckell together had the ratings up, then they seperated the
    two and everything dropped. Then they fire her and try to bring back the old
    characters and old couples and guess what? didn’t work! Not many people want to
    see recycled storylines and mix match couples. I mean Abby and Austin? Rafe and
    Nicole? Gina and the Pawn?! REALLY?!  i mean come on… their “reboot” didn’t
    generate a good amount of ratings and i know a lot of fans left when CC left but
    im sure more left cause the show is just losing sight on what people really
    wanted to see… or the majority at least..

    • Helen

      You can like you who like but let’s not tell lies.  The ratings dropped for DOOL whilst Carbo were still together.  In fact they started dropping several weeks after CC appeared on the show which is probably because fans of CC tuned in but then tuned out rather quickly.  I don’t blame any pairing or actor for the failure of DOOL, it’s purely writing.  The ratings are public record, so no need to spin.  In fact when Bo & Hope reunited in the cabin storyline, the ratings went up.  And the majority of CC fans admitted on twitter that they turned off Days long before CC was fired, so they didn’t leave afterwards.  The fact is that Days needs good writers and Tomlin and Whitesell aren’t it.  It’s laughable that anyone thinks they are.

  • I hated the Tomlin/Whitesell era. I’m terrified they will write out my favourites: Carrie/Austin and John/Marlena. I wanted McPherson/Thomas gone, but why replace them with these losers?

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  • Margo Lloyd

    Stop making Abby and Gabi so devious, really dated /old fashioned stuff! Let’s stop making Sami so selfish, another backwards step!

    • Yes Why you felt the need to bring Carrie in & fall in Love with Rafe is Utterly Ridiculous!! Are you going to try & pull a Dream? like Dallas did when Bobby Died?? Sami & Rafe where Great Together! I’m so unhappy with the show & I’ve been watching this show since I was 14 & am now 44 & getting ready to stop watching it! I mean really Carrie & Rafe? please Rafe just got done telling Sami that he loved her and had no feelings for her sister & then this? Stupid

  • atsvan

    MAN WOULD YOU GET RID OF LOSER RAFE AND HO SAMI! I use to love this soap but there are NO rootable couples anymore. EJ and Nicole were looking so good and happy but no we have to have Ali’s fat face in that SL too. EJ and Nicole DON’T NEED A TRIANGLE to make their SL work. I wish these writers would learn to write. Why can’t u make EJ and Nicole husband and wife working together against people, why in the heck does SAMI AND RAFE have to be in there. Wonder why Days is losing everyone there is no love in the afternoon there is HO Sami and the pretend I’m the man Rafe in the afternoon DAYS SUCKS! I have been watching this show for 33 years and since u have put Sami front and center the show had bit the dust. Ali is not that good of an actress to put as a leading lady and the guys who plays Rafe isn’t good enough to put as a leading man.

  • I have tried and tried to like DOOL but it is so repeatious.. The blonde girl Sami is always sleeping with EJ  The same cop lady (? forgot the name) fights with that evil man (EJ Dad) everyone in town should have put the sorry bastard to rest years ago. That line never goes away!  This month, next month same character same fight..

  • Veiwers in their 50’s who have watched the show all of their lives hated the “Cheating” that was being written in and we’re also hating the lack of Christianity lately… Please don’t turn DOOL into PASSIONS!!!!!

  • To Jessica Griffith, you have to be kidding right?  Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell did not bring in ratings.  Yes CC brought ratings when she first started on the show, but they continued to fall shortly after & never regained.  They were in a free fall, the statistics are there.  Crystal Chappell is not Days of Our Lives, Carly is not a beloved character and Carbo isn’t one of the favorite supercouples.  Sure fans don’t want to see stories from the past, which is why Carbo didn’t work.  It’s not the 1990s anymore.  The only way Crystal Chappell would have made Carly work on DOOL would be to have Carly be a lesbian so her fans would hang around to watch, something NBC execs would never go for. The fans left DOOL long before CC even got fired.  Days continued to do well in ratings before CC aired on the show, I mean it’s been on for 45 years and CC was on for a small portion of those years.  We don’t need her and long time fans don’t want her.  No one associates Crystal Chappell with Days of Our Lives, she is Otalia and always will be.

  • atsvan

    Well Days your weekly video just lost u another long time view. I have been watching this show for 33 years and will not sit around and get crumbs. You are PLAYING every Fans base that is not the way to KEEP viewers. You start with a couple and make people want them to be together and you make SL’s that pull them apart one way or another but u are suppose to see the love they still have for one another and how they fight to get back to one another. Not make 10 triangles and never make any of them work. DAYS SUCKS and I’m not staying around for this trian reck.

  • everyones complaining about the story lines, fact 1 its a soap, thats been on like 50 years~ at some point story lines are going to get recycled…fact 2 if all you people complaining can do better~ WHY DONT YOU TELL US HOW YOU WOULD DO IT! 

    I have no recent complaints other than i think i would have liked to see the twist of carrie and rafe together!  and i want to see the devious sami come back! the devious sami and ej would be a POWER couple to say the LEAST! 

    what happened to the letter stefano had? i would love to see that it said that EJ is John and Hopes kid! hahaha what a friggin twist!!!

    there needs to be a new devious b*tch a young nicole type! i dont have any complaints except for i want to see brady with someone! i dont care if its maddie or a new character or a old one! i just want him to get a good story line! love him!

    i love days and i will never turn my back on them! unlike you people! i grew up on days, my grandmother aunts my mom and i all watch it and ill will continue to for as long as i can!

    • atsvan

      Well since I can’t stand Sami and EJ and think they should be no where near each other. Plus I really don’t think Ali is that great of an actress and she is in almost EVERY SL. I decided NOT TO SUPPORT A SHOW THAT SUCKS! If u want to support a sucky show BOSStonChic, u go right a head. Plus if I could write for Days I would be right there writing for them but all they seem to get is the sucky writers so they wouldn’t want me. Like I said I have been faithful to this show for 33 years, started when I was 17 and didn’t miss a day of Days, but when they put EJ and Sami, Sami and Lucas, and EJ and Nicole together all in the same week. That is called playing with Fan Bases and giving each of them crumbs sorry I don’t like crumbs. When I can clearly see that they are not playing all the fan bases at one time then I will be back to watching Days until then, I will not support the show.

  • atsvan

    Everyone has their opinion but to me an actress has to make me feel what their character is going through and Ali can not do that. Ari is a great actress and she can make u feel everything her character is going through. James Scott is also one of those great actors that can make u feel what his character is going through.  Plus, I don’t care to watch a victim with her rapest no matter how much they try to sugar coat it. I also don’t like to see someone hate someone so much that they shoot them and leave them for dead and go home and make love to someone else and then turn around and have sex with that person that they shot. Just call me stupid if u want I don’t see that worth watching. I do love how they wrote EJ and Nicole this last time to bad some people were too stupid to watch two people in love in very good scene with very good actors working together against everyone else. They had some VERY cute scene that were VERY good. Instead they want to watch an abusive relationships with a bad actres. Hey all I can say is to each his or her own. Sorry the guy who plays Rafe is NO WHERE near as good as Ari. What is funny is you are calling Nicole and EJ Awful and Disgusting with No chemistry but yet u like the abusive relationship of Ejami, sorry I call that AWFUL AND DISGUSTING with no TASTE.