B&B Promo: Week of April 2, 2012

” Weekly Promo for the Week of April 2, 2012.

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  • April

    I am a huge fan of Bold and the Beautiful, but here lately I have been deleting my recording before even watching it.  I am so sick and tired of hearing how Hope is hurting Steffy.  How Hope should respect Liam and Steffy’s marriage.  How Hope is committing adultry.  Please, remember when Steffy was sleeping with Bill, her now father-in-law, when he was married to Katie.  How Steffy was pursuing Liam on the night of his bachelor’s party.  How she trapped Hope while she married Liam.  Please, I am so sick of hearing pour STEFFY.  I can’t stand the fact that Liam shares his love life with his father, who never stops talking about Steffy.  The only reason Bill wants her around is because he can’t have her for himself.  Powers that be need to let Liam stand up and be a man and tell his dad and everyone else to kiss off.  Let him stand up and be a man and either stay with the lying, backstabbing, adultress wife or stay with Hope.  I am so sick of Bold and the Beautiful I am not watching any longer.

    • Whitegloria89

      If liam goes back to Steffy I will quite watching as well. It’s kind of sick to me because even though he’s still married to her by her force and not his coice, he is sill with and sleeping with anther woan whom e let you for and say’s he loves..I THINK STEFFY IS A SICK CHARACTER…

      • B&Bfan2012

        I agree…they seem to gloss over all the bad that Steffy has done to sabotage Hope and Liam from the start…Steffy was the original adultress and hipocrite…but no one seems to be bringing all that stuff up…why? Hope and Liam should be together….If Steffy and Liam get back together, I will stop watching also….

  • liam dady is behind it

  • Cassandra

    Im with all of you on The Liam Hope Steffy saga. If they reunite Steffy and Liam im done with that show. Why is there never no one thats married or lovers never stay together. Thank God the world is not quite that bad. And when i say God i dont mean Bill Spencer.

  • bye to all you I think liam sure stay with steffy because hope is a big cry baby you all…