ABC Cancels ‘The Revolution,’ Provides ‘General Hospital’ With Possible 50th Anniversary Celebration

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As Soap Opera Network first reported on March 16, ‘s is reporting that ABC has officially canceled “” and plans to slide “” into the 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT timeslot beginning Monday, September 10, the same day the network hands over the 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT time period to affiliates. The news was later reported by .

It was last week Wednesday (April 4, 2012) when Soap Opera Network Tweeted, via a very reliable source, that within ten days a decision on the future of “General Hospital” would be made by the network. Tomorrow, April 12 (or Saturday, April 14, depending on how you look at it), marks the one year anniversary of Black Thursday (April 14, 2011), which is best known to many as the day that ABC announced the cancellations of both “” and “” and the launches of “” and “The Revolution.” It was also the day announced a licensing deal with over  and newly defunct .

The RevolutionGeneral Hospital

According to Deadline, “Revolution” will finish its run in early July. Beginning on Monday, July 9, and until “GH” slides up an hour, an afternoon edition of grower “Good Morning America” will take over the time period. Tentatively titled “,” the new program “is expected to be generally broader and lighter than the regular GMA unless there is a breaking story, which the afternoon show will jump on,” said Deadline.

While there has been talk that “General Hospital” has been “renewed” based on this revelation, this does not take away from the fact that the soap has continuously hit or tied record low ratings in the key sales demographics. For the most recent ratings data that Soap Opera Network has obtained (week of March 26-30, 2012), “GH” is down by as much as 67% in Women 18-24 rating, 50% in Women 18-34 rating, and 25% in Women 18-49 rating. Depending on how you look at it, despite the drop in the youth demographics, “GH” did remain daytime’s youngest skewing program with a median age of 55. The shows median age was an increase of 4% compared to the year-ago (week of March 28 – April 1, 2011) when the soaps median age was 53.1. In total viewers “General Hospital” is down 17% with just 2,255,000 compared to 2,720,000 just one year earlier. The only demographics the soap increased year-to-year was in Girls 12-17 and Teens 12-17 (up 192% in Girls and 61% in Teens).

With ABC reportedly giving “General Hospital,” and its fans, some renewed hope today, the soaps newly installed head writer, , and executive producer, , can now concentrate on reversing the downward spiral the soap is currently in. Should they fail, “GMA In the Afternoon,” could become permanent.

“General Hospital” is the longest running daytime soap opera currently on air and the longest running scripted series still in production and produced on the West Coast. The soap debuted on April 1, 1963 and was created by Frank and .

  • Dfprez


  • Usafsam

    Silly idiots at the networks!!!  IF they move GH up in time slot then the tweens and teens will not be watching it after school but will be forced to watch via internet making the ratings drop even further.  As for older viewers the ratings drop was because AMC and OLTL is gone so why bother tuning into the 3pm time slot and tuning it out again at 4pm when it is easier to TVO or DSR and watch when we want.

    • Bridgetduv

      you have it wrong. ratings DO count online. it’s actually better to watch online if you can’t watch it live because dvr’ing is what not counts. online ratings do.

  • I called this three months ago…. I knew that The Revolution would be cancelled and they would move GH to 2pm… Now I believe Katie Couric will get the 3pm slot

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  • Muppet Freak

    Wonderful news – but while we’re celebrating, let’s not forget that while we can “relax” a little on one battle (keeping gh on the air), the battle to bring oltl and amc back continues.

    Soap fans should NOT support Katie – what everything boils down to is (juggled hours aside), this basically makes Katie the Revolution’s replacement and is still occupying the space that should rightfully be oltl’s.

    Lots of gh fans don’t like having their show diluted by oltl characters and oltl fans don’t want this crossover to go from a temporary “placeholder” to a permenant hybrid.  Even though FV seems to be wanting to develop a hybrid show, the fact is each show is very different in tone, setting, atmosphere, style etc and this is why a full hybrid would not work. 

    Take time to pop open the champagne bottles and have a celebratory dinner but the next step should be to fight to get the lost shows back…***as their own entities***.

    • You are so right. It’s crucial for all soap fans not to watch Katie and just as important not to watch the GMA offshoot. It could become a permanent fixture if it’s not a bomb. We must continue to do whatever we can to strike down every attempt at anti-soap programming. Even if the goal of reinstating OLTL and AMC isn’t accomplished, at least it will have a negative effect on the network’s bottom line. Every ratings point lost is a small victory.

    • luvmysoaps

      Each show WAS different – but OLTL doesn’t exist anymore except in the memories of all it’s loyal fans.  I can’t believe that GH fans would rather see the soap dropped than to bring more fans to the show by adding some OLTL actors.  There is absolutely no reason in the world why the show couldn’t be a “hybrid” as you term it.  I term it a smart move on behalf of those who “know” that unless viewership raises, soaps as dead.

  • my2cents2

    I just want to say how thrilled I am that they are continuing with GH for another year. Instead of worrying about next year, sit back and enjoy the ride this year. Obvisously abc has enough confidence with GH to make this decision.
    STOP complaining and enjoy!!
    Congrats to Ron & Frank and all the viewers who FOUGHT HARD to save this show.

  • Tammy Grzenia


    • My2cents2

      Sorry ‘No brainer’ it doesn’t work like that. OLTL is not coming back. Nor is AMC. This is the best that we can get. A combination of the 2 favs. Like it, accept it or move on

      • trutomyheart

         what makes you think you have all the answers?  Nothing is written in stone, I am with Tammy!  Like it accept it or move on ms rude, that was way more than your 2 cents worth.

        • My2Cents2

          i have alot of brains, sorry, I do know more than you. You are “CLUELESS”.
          Go outside and breathe. Everyone here is laughing at you!!

          • My3cents

            Acutally, YOU are the person who everyone is laughing at. Anyone who comes off thinking they know everything, has a way over inflated ego (” i have a lot of brains”….by the way to the person with alot of brains… alot is acutally two words ‘a lot’) and is a rude ass to everyone….just looks like an ass.

          • H~

            And everyone is shaking their head in pity at you.

      • Reeni2

        don’t watch ABC between 1-3

    • Reeni2


  • Uncgrad

    I am so grateful GH is renewed for now!  I love it, and the fans have to make sure it stays on!  Boycott Katie! 

    • My2Cents2

      why boycott her? She helped save GH.

  • Takeshi Kaga

    I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I’m picking up GH to fill the void left by AMC. I always liked OLTL, too, but I was an AMC girl since I started high school, way back when (Jenny and Greg and Jessie and Angie and Liza FTW!).

    • Reeni2

      me too takeshi i think only bcause the stars from oltl were going to be meshed into the story line. Althiugh I didn’t like that Hope & Cole died. They betterhurry up and bring Robin back

  • Thewhiting

    Revolution failed.. surprise.. was it worth losing All My Children over?? Then you take off One Life to Live. so more fans are leaving your network. Now you talking about moving up General Hospital but in the meantime put on another stupid talk/news show? Isn;t there enough of these types of shows out there? You are gonna loose the rest of your loyal veiwers of the soap operas, when you keep playing around with the schedule.  What happened to the stars of the two cancelled  shows? more people out of work to raise our unemployment rates.. Good for you ABC. NOT. As long as your execs get their fat paychecks, you don;t care about the stars that made the shows or the people that watch them….So annoyed at your Network. I have limited my time on your network.

  • give us back are soups PLEASE!111111111

  • E

    I love gh bring back Sam and Jason together and let her get her baby!

  • GH will get it’s ratings back when the new writers put Jason and Sam together with their baby and stop pushing all the new characters at us while ruining our long running favorites.

  • H~

    GH will get its ratings back when they quit running repetitive story lines from One Life To live

  • Shirls429

    If the network is smart they will keep our beloved Soap on air!!

  • I think you guys F U C K UP taking all my children and one life to live of the air I know a lot of people don’t watch abc the hours of 12p-3p or don’t watch abc at all because there soaps are gone. I watch abe at 2pm and that it .

  • kf

    I love GH but a little ticked that Steve Burton maybe leaving. I think you should stop bringing new characters on and letting old ones go. You should pay him whatever it takes to keep him. There bringing on newbies with no history of GH and letting key characters go. Bad move. I will watch no matter what and I’m glad GH is still on but I think there making some poor choices.

  • Cassi Howe

    I LOVE GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!!! I never watched it till One life to live was cancelled and now I am addicted. I wish you could bring back One life to live, that was heartbreaking to see that go. Why do you not offer box sets of the soaps so we can catch up on the earlier years?