‘The Revolution’ Pulled? ‘General Hospital’ Moving to 2:00 PM?

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Prior to our posting the press release from the Disney/ABC Television Stations Group which revealed the premiere date of “,” Soap Opera Network learned via its sources that ABC had quietly been informing their affiliates of the pending cancellation of “,” which has greatly underperformed in key demographics and viewership compared to the series it replaced (“”) back in January.

While this in no way guarantees “’s” placement on the Fall 2012-2013 ABC Daytime schedule once the network cedes the soaps timeslot to affiliates beginning Monday, September 10, the fact that “GH” continuously increases its audience over the performance of “Revolution” in all categories including an uptick of over 900,000 viewers (2.34 million for “GH” vs 1.40 million for “Revolution”), a 100% gain in Women 18-49 rating (1.0 demo for “GH” vs 0.5 for “Revolution”), and a 66% gain in Women 18-34 rating (0.5 for “GH” vs 0.3 for “Revolution”) during the week of March 5-9, 2012 places “GH” in a better position of continuing beyond this summer.

As previously reported, a decision on the future of “General Hospital” is expected to be made in mid-April. Should the soap continue beyond the launch of “Katie,” it is expected to move to 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT/CT timeslot on the ABC Television Network.

  • It should just get rid of it now, along with AMC’s replacement and put AMC and OLTL back on. 

  • I agree, please put OLTL back in that slot

  • Sorry but they should have given Revolution more time. GH is dying a slow death and the OLTL people on it make it worse. Just check this weeks ratings. Chew is got very good with time

    • If they give it more time it will keep failing. These two shows should never have come to light anyway, and neither should that other talk show they are trying to put on. People want escape from reality for a few hours, not to be kept in it.

      • Sorry but they are comparing ratings to when OLTL and AMC were cancelled and ratings always high then. Before that both AMC & OLTL did bad. When cancelled people who dont watch come back to see ending of soaps. Also soaps cost much more.  Also last week GH went down again. The show doesn’t work with OLTL people and needs to end with respect to GH not die on screen.GH hasn’t been an escape for years and steadily going down. The Chew and Revolution were enjoyable and not stressful and  not your reality TV shows like most think.  Informative and intelligent unlike what has happened to GH.

        • And they are not what people wanting. ABC thinks people want informative shows, they are sorley mistaken. People want stories. IF you want to learn how to cook something look it up on the internet, in a cookbook, or go to the Food Network. AlsoSame thing for living ahealthy lifestyle. And if you saw the ratings the last couple of weeks you wold see that it did go up. People want excitment, not to be bored. ABC would do better to get rid of their talk shows that they are wanting to put on Daytime, and put the soaps back on, because not only did they also kep us entertained, they also dealt withissues that everyone deals with in real life, like teen pregnancy or bullying. 

        •  How much are you paid for your troll posts?

          • your the troll because you cant accept knowledge over ignorance.

          • You couldn’t be more obvious Cathy, go back to your desk at abc and let them know no one fell for your comments.  Maybe the ratings were down for GH this week, but they were for all the soaps.  The last few weeks since the Mannings arrived they’ve been up.  We’re not the stupid little puppets you seem to want us to be.  We have been following all this for months now, and through several outlets. 

          •  Exactly Conni… :)))))

          • My2Cents2

            She has no desk at abc

          • Casey Costello

            With all due respect, you might not want to go around accusing people of
            ignorance when not only are your facts incorrect but your grammar is as

            Last time I checked, “Before that both AMC & OLTL did bad” is also not grammatically correct; it should say they did ‘badly’. Similarly, your sentence “When cancelled people who dont watch come back to see ending of soaps.” is a sentence fragment–also grammatically incorrect. And, finally, in your reply, “your” should be “you’re”, as in “you are”.

            And, for the record, “General Hospital” may have seen a decrease in its ratings last week, but the bottom line remains that it has an average of more than 2.3 million viewers, whereas “The Revolution” has an average of just 1.4 million. In the key demographic of Women 18-49, “General Hospital” averages a 1.0, whereas “The Revolution” has been getting a mere 0.5–a 50% loss. Therefore, even if “The Revolution” costs 30-40% less to produce than “General Hospital” does, or “One Life to Live” did, there is no way that they could possibly be making more money on “The Revolution” than they did with “One Life to Live,” nor do they stand to gain more than they are currently making off of “General Hospital”. Those are the facts, and if that makes me “ignorant” in your book, then so be it.

    • Cathy,  You are a transparent sock-puppet for The Revolution (which has continued to slide in its ratings since its dismal premiere) and The Chew. Give it up. People want General Hospital.

      • Your the sock puppet with no knowledge.  I’ll simplify soaps cost money and ABC wants out of soaps. ALL soaps are down even Y&R. What is GH excuse for not airing during lunch and people still dont watch. I watch GH but it is nothing like its former self  & I rather see it end than take over with OLTL which isn’t working since last weeks ratings went down.NO way will ABC bring back AMC or OLTL

        •  Your reply was as incoherent as your train of thought.

          • My2Cents2

            who you referring to with that ignorant comment? Someone who doesn’t agree with you?
            Too bad.

          • It’s NOT people not agreeing, it’s that the fact GH is UP in the ratings!!!!!

          • My2Cents2

            No Deb, not this week they aren’t. Go check the stats. We are still in last place as well as we lost viewers.

        •  Prime time shows are down….what about that Cathy???  And GH’s ratings are UP!!!!!

    •  I agree you must work for ABC/Disney Cathy….the ratings are UP!!!!!

  • Pull the Revulsion, and put One Life to Live back on.  Leave General Hospital in its’ current timeslot and let Katie replace Judge Judy.  Please replace Judge Judy.

    • My2Cents2

      OLTL is never coming back. NEVER, unless it is thru GH

  • The Chew is still underperforming when compared to All My Children.  And it still has no organization or production values.

    • the Chew is already ahead of AMC. Need to check last weeks ratings. Cost less and performs.

      • Cathy, you’re on the payroll of ABC?

        • My2Cents2

          No she isn’t. She is just one of those people who always think they are right.

      • Do you really watch the gross Chew?  If you don’t like the soaps then keep out of our business.

  • ditch both shows, the spew & the revulsion!  do the WISE thing and bring our soaps back…put damn Couric on at 4pm where doprah used to be

  • I don’t watch ABCs morning or afternoon line up. I record General Hospital  to watch later in the day.I am sick and tired of the talk shows.  I can not believe ABC is not listening to their viewers. From everthing I am reading the day time drama viewers want their stories back; When their stories come back –they will come back to ABC — it seems pretty simple to me

  • Both the Chew and Revolution need to go GH will always prevail, love this soap and I will continue to watch

  • GH has not steadily increased but declined again this past week. Get the facts before comparing. Look at last weeks ratings where GH went down

    •  GH went UP, not down.

      • GH went down last week. see ratings for yourself.

      • My2Cents2

        GH ratings went down again. Lost viewership and still in last place. At this rate, they aren’t replacing anyone.

    •  You are wrong Cathy….way wrong!!!

      • My2Cents2

        No Deborah she isn’t wrong. Go check out the ratings that were released yesterday and come back here and we won’t bother the egg on your face. GH lost viewers last week and am still in last place.

    • My2Cents2

      Total Viewers
      1. Y&R 4,275,000 (-78,000/-550,000)
      2. B&B 3,063,000 (-36,000/+252,000)
      3. DAYS 2,429,000 (-119,000/-59,000)4.
      4. GH 2,344,000 (-59,000/-343,000)

      Households1. Y&R 3.1/10 (-.1/-.4) <—– ties low
      2. B&B 2.3/8 (same/+.3)
      3. DAYS 1.8/6 (-.1/same
      3. GH 1.8/5 (same/-.2)

  • Sissy02468

    ABC do the right thing and cancel these stupid reality shows! The never had longevity whatsoever! bring back what has worked for over 40 years! Katie’s show should replace Oprah’s timeslot! So what the ratings for the soaps were dropping off but they were never this low! and you based your decision on an outdated system that never took into consideration people who worked during the day watched at night or over the weekend when they had the time to watch but they were still watching and just were not counted! It makes perfect sense to bring back AMC & OLTL and keep GH!!

  • I will not watch Katie Koric show unless She’s in the 4 Pm time slot, I want my Soaps back, I’m not the only Soap fan still boycotting ABC, The only way to get my viewership back except for GH, is to bring AMC and OLTL back!

  • Cathy U must work for ABC..If GH goes so do I….Maybe these crap shows are cheap to
    make but eventually it will bite ABC.PERIOD!!!!

  •   I can honestly sat that the 1992 Billy Douglas storyline on One Life To Live saved my life. We were both gay teens dealing with homophobia. Had it not been for that I wouldn’t be posting this comment. These cheap reality shows could NEVER hold a candle to our soaps. I have been a mess since OLTL was cancelled. While I sit here mourning the loss of my family in Llanview, I get more disgusted with ABC / Disney by the day. While I’m not a fan of GH, I am forcing myself to watch it because I want to see the soap operas survive. It’s a given that the once loyal viewers want OLTL back yesterday! I wouldn’t buy a Mickey Mouse sippy cup from Disney now. With the exception of GH, ABC is boycott as are the sponsors. Atleast this Katie Courtney knows she won’t stand a chance if she gets a soap opera time slot. What she doesn’t realize is that she doesn’t stand a chance no matter what slot you put her in … because she’s ABC. Soap fans are LOYAL. If you’re reading this ABC, please know this … You will NEVER have shows that will last 40+ years. You will NEVER be respected by your millions of soap fans again. Your sponsors are being noted and boycott. Your offer to add new night time soaps only adds insult to injury! Do right by Agnes Nixon. Do right by the wonderful cast and crew that you so harshly fired. Do right by your once LOYAL fans! Although you have messed up royally, you CAN fix this if you act now!   

    • Alex, as a GH fan, I appreciate your support of GH in the wake of ABC’s terrible decision to cancel OLTL and AMC. You have my promise that I am working hard to restore both OLTL and AMC and will certainly support you by watching OLTL should it be returned. It is an excellent show which should have never been canceled! SAVE OUR SOAPS!

  • The katie show should atfer GH

  • No One Life To Live, no ABC. That is the only reality you have! Katie C. better find a different channel as she is destined to fail. 

  • I hope this is true!  GH has been getting better & better, and is the only way to give Katie a strong lead in.

  • I want my soaps back AMC and OLTL no Katie and leave GH and Dr.oz where they are. You have done enough screwing up our daytime with these two stupid shows. I was a loyal watcher for 40 years and now we the viewers have spoken, so put our programming back the way it was..Any new shows will not be successful. I think that ABC has mush for brains! return our soaps!   

  • ABC needs to listen to their long time views, the soap fans with over 40 years of viewership.  It’s crazy that the loved soaps have been replaced with these shows.   No show will be there long in any soap spot!  We want our soaps back.  Our home will not be watching anything in their time slots – would rather change viewership to another station.  Also,  not at all interested in the Katie show. It will fail too.  If GH goes many will go, so I hope it’s true and if it has too GH moves to the 1pm PT slot in our area. Do the right thing ABC; show appreciation to the viewers that have been so loyal.  

  • Sounds like The Revolution is getting cancelled for sure which is going to open up this timeslot for GH at 2pm. Better listen to Katie ABC if you know what’s good for ya.

    • My2Cents2

      NOT if you read Bob Igler statement on Thursday. He is confident the revolution will pick up in time. btw..he is the prez of abc/disney.

      • And if he thinks OLTL’s replacement is going to pick up, he can think again, because no wants it nor the other two talk shows.

        • My2Cents2

          I want OLTL over there. NOT Starr, but I am very happy with Blair & Todd.

  • I am so sick of the games that ABC is playing!   I hope they make the right decision!  It’s been along time since they have!  GH deserves to continue on and OLTL deserves to be brought back but that is logical!  ABC has lied so much in the past almost year that unless I see something official I am not getting my hopes up!  ABC SUCKS!  I wanted to take my little adopted one to Disney – she will be 4 tomorrow – at the age of 5 wanted to take her to do the works at the Princess Castle – how can I?  It is no longer the happiest place on earth!  Why would I want to introduce her to so much greed?  ABC/Disney are FAKES!   They do not care about anything but the $$$ in their own pathetic pockets!  These reality shows SUCK and I don’t expect Katie to do any better.  If ABC/Disney wants the ratings and all the joy that goes along with it, give us back our SOAPS!

  • My2Cents2

    GH has a long way to go before they would be considered to be renewed. I have no hope that abc will continue with it. I did until recently. I saw an article written by Pres of abc, and he feels that the Revolution will pick up in time. Only change we have of keeping GH on, is if ratings shoot up and some other network wants them. And we saw how badly that went last time.
    Ratings dropped this week!

    • I totally agree with you, though I have ask a question. Isn’t it obvious that as times have changed through DVD’s, you tube, you name it …. the rating system needs to get with the times. It’s like they’re still counting music by how many cassettes played. Sure, most people turn on the tube at night after work. Mothers are not at home watching OLTL now as they’re at work. They set that dvd player though. I wouldn’t trust these ratings with a fine tuning fork, would you?

      • My2Cents2

        Honestly, I don’t understand how they come to the ratings they do. With any show it has me baffled.

  • ABC needs to listen to the viewers.  If you don’t want our soaps then return the rights to their creators.  I am only watching GH on ABC.  I will not watch anything else day or nights on ABC/D networks including any soap stars debuting on disney owned networks.  I will not play into your hands ABC.  You could do the right thing and pull the plug on the stupid talkshows and give us our soaps. 

  • ABC would be smart to keep GH and get rid of the revolution.. I will never watch cheap daytime shows ..I want my soaps..ABC just has not been so smart lately and this is all very stressful for long ime loyal daytime viewers.. I cant believe they ever thought we would forget and move on.. ABC was always the favorite and then you knocked us down and fed us dirt.. We are not so trusting now so do something to gain back your respect..

  • barbt00

    I sure hope they keep GH.  If not I will be watching another channel.  I have watch all the soaps on ABC for over 40 years.  Now all I have left is GH.  If it’s gone why watch ABC in the daytime?

  • ABC — You can add and cancel shows every year, fine. WHY mess with what you will always be known for? You didn’t cancel some show that already should have been tossed. You cancelled two soaps that YOUR viewers came to LOVE and cherish. Is Brian Frons still in witness protection? Yes, google it friends. Anywho, gotta get going. I printed up 12 more boycott ABC stickers and need places to put them … such as intersection crossings! This weekend will be spent writing your sponsors and letting them know they’re boycott. I can honestly say that there is nothing ABC related in this house aside from my OLTL hangings.

  • Bring back OLTL, leave GH where it is and put Katie in Oprah’s time slot!!!!!

  •  I don’t care what show they put in the old OLTL timeslot. If it’s NOT OLTL then I’m not watching.

  • Pulling The Revolution would be the best decision ABC has made recently in a long line of horrible decisions it has made to alienate the viewers of daytime drama. ABC should leave General Hospital in its present time slot, but short of that, I would gladly accept seeing GH at 2:00 PM Eastern in order to keep it on the air. I would think Katie Couric would want a strong show such as GH as a lead in for her new show. GH is the only show I now watch on ACB, but If General Hospital is canceled, I will no longer watch ANY show on ABC.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

    • I agree Steve about The Revolution!  Though Katie Couric Show will be definitely taking General Hospitals current time slot, ABC needs to “replace” the ptiful “replacement”(The Revolution) with GH.  And then GH would be the “lead-in” for KC show, and still continue its’ story lines uninterrupted!  

  • No ABC soaps, NO ABC in my house! Pretty simple!

  • You better pack your bags and run like hell Katie  .We plan to boycott you as well as ABC , there are millions of us.Don’t forget!

  • nicollette1989


  • chrishntr

      The worst decision they made was to cancel OLTL in the first place
    especially when the ratings were BETTER than anything The Revolution
    could have gotten and in fact better than GH’s ratings. That being said,
    I stopped watching ABC Daytime on January 13th and haven’t looked back.
    I want OLTL and only OLTL. I don’t watch GH. I don’t care to watch GH
    and I won’t be watching just because they bring some OLTL’s people on,
    apparently it didn’t work to well, did it since GH’s ratings are down. 
    ABC/Disney and choke on their asinine decisions, and I’m glad to see it
    coming back to bite them in the ass.  Never been a fan of Katie’s and I
    won’t be watching her show either.

  • chrishntr

     The worst decision they made was to cancel OLTL in the first place
    especially when the ratings were BETTER than anything The Revolution
    could have gotten and in fact better than GH’s ratings. That being said,
    I stopped watching ABC Daytime on January 13th and haven’t looked back.
    I want OLTL and only OLTL. I don’t watch GH. I don’t care to watch GH
    and I won’t be watching just because they bring some OLTL’s people on,
    apparently it didn’t work to well, did it since GH’s ratings are down. 
    ABC/Disney and choke on their asinine decisions, and I’m glad to see it
    coming back to bite them in the ass.  Never been a fan of Katie’s and I
    won’t be watching her show either.

  • Bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE !!! in it’s original time slot.
    Keep GENERAL HOSPITAL in it’s original time slot and then the ratings will continue .
    The Katie show will also be cancelled with no or little ratings if it is given the slot of GENERAL HOSPITAL.Those that make decisions have underestimated the dedication and willingness of fans to stand up for the years of excellent wonderful actors that have given us our Soaps.
    You would think that we the fans would be rewarded for the many many years of ongoing ratings through the years.What rating base has lasted and stayed as long as the Soap fans?I DO NOT KNOW OF ANY SHOW THAT HAS LASTED AS LONG AS THE SOAPS!!!

    • My2Cents2

      STOP already. OLTL is not coming back. Its over. The best we can get is who they bring to GH. OLTL is GONE.

      • Wow !!! A very dramatic response.

        • My2Cents2

          Not at all. OLTL & AMC are gone. We are trying to hang onto GH. What are the chances abc is bringing back the other 2? I wish people would quit posting that!

          • chrishntr

             And if it were your GH that was cancelled like OLTL, I’d bet two cents to a doughnut you’d be saying, “Bring back General Hospital.”

          • My2Cents2

            There is no point to saying bring back GH and whine about it.
            If they cut the show, NODODY will do anything about it. We saw it with OLTL & AMC. OLTL is not coming back. So why are we discussing it?

          • My2Cents2

            Alot of people want GH to stay. ABC/Disney saw what happened when they ended AMC/OLTL. They are scared to have that happen again, so stop complaining what we don’t have and be happy what we do still have.

          • Then if Iger is finished with the soaps of AMC and OLTL then let them be sold. Let them go back to Agnes Nixon or someone else to buy them and let them deal with how the soap operas will fair on another network. Iger needs to stop acting this way and let them be bought. It was bad business to end them i the first place. He is contradicting himself with saying no market then also admitting that he fears others would do well with the soaps. If he is really finished with them. Then common sense, sell them. 

          • My2Cents2

            that I agree with. let them get sold.
            however do you see Vicki coming back after all the years she has put in at OLTL???
            She is the heart & soul of OLTL. Ron & Frank are writing for GH. All I can see is they give guest shots on GH if GH is to continue.
            OLTL as a show will not be back. But I do agree, why couldn’t abc be descent and sell the rights?

          • Oh there are people that are trying to make that happen and that are the soap fans that want their stories. 

          • My2Cents2

            Who at abc is trying to make it happen?
            Did you read the article yesterday from Bob Alger? He wants to be done with soaps. He feels the revolution isn’t being given enough a chance. Maybe another network is looking to pick it up? That is the only scenerio I see.
            And who would write for them with Frank & Ron gone?

          • Well that’s because no one wanted that on. And I’m not talking about the people at ABC, I’m talking bout the fans who working to keep GH on and also get back AMC and OLTL> And just because Frank and Ron are gone, doesn’t mean that we can’t find another great writer to write for it. And if Iger wants to bedone with Soaps, then why doesn’t he just give them to  anetwork that can air them. 

          • ishallbelieve

             very true, NBC wanted OLTL, they e en made a bid for it but ABC wouldn’t sell it to them & instead went w/PP who seems like it was just a stall tactic to quiet the soap movement, OLTL has a very good shot at coming back if ABC & PP will release it to another network that wants it! the only problem is TPTB at ABC/Disney don’t want anyone else to succeed w/a product they don’t want cause their greedy & want to stick it to soapfans who won’t give up.

          • It’s not even particularly that ABC would bring them back, but that another network or entity might be convinced to do so. The possibilities are there and open ended. Nothing in the history of American TV can compare to what has happened, and in terms of fan reaction.

      • OLTL is never gone. I know we can get it back.

        • My2Cents2

          Good Luck!

          • Hey, if we fans can get this show off the air, we cal also get OLTL and AMC back on. and hopefully also get AMC’s replacement off the air as well.

          • OLTL will be back.  That is why they did not let all the characters go.  It will be back, but we fans have work to do.

          • OLTL was the best of the 3 soaps! They are only using GH to get ratings for Couric’s show just like Doprah used the soaps for ratings! Look at OWN. Without the soaps, these shows are nothing!

          • we just need to keep NOT watching anything abc puts out there except our soaps!!!

          • Luck, in this case, is only as strong, willing, and determined as the collective number of fans continuing to fight for their soaps.

      •  TPTB know they cancelled the wrong soap which was OLTL.

      • I highly disagree. 1) Yes, OLTL is gone at this time 2) However, OLTL is setup to continue, and the fact that Ron and Frank didn’t wreck the OLTL cliffhanger means OLTL could still come back in the near future, and they believe there is this possiblity. Though I don’t believe Prospect Park will do anything, they have the rights to OLTL until 2013, so I probably should never say never. My wishful thinking is that since Frank in particular and Ron are in contact with PP, or have been in the last months (they both signed on to conintue with the online/cable version, and they had to ask for PP’s permission to utilize OLTL characters on GH) that there is a sense of hope for OLTL that has infiltrated their conversations. But, again I don’t really believe in PP anymore. 3) The condition of OLTL sent a wonderful message about soap opera- it had wonderful ratings, and it was done under budget. In OLTL’s current condition, it would be an absolute HIT on cable. 4) OLTL will only not come back if the fans don’t continue to fight for their soaps; this is an uphill battle, we know this is not a question of quality or questioning the need of soap opera on TV- although networks try to talk down of soaps when they cancel them and they try to fuel the cultural stigma about soaps to justify cancellations- but this is a matter of proving that the cancellations are due to greed, networks believing they can save a quick buck if they replace soaps with cheaper, substance-less, and trite alternatives. Most importantly, this is a matter of proving that there is a demand for OLTL, there is a demand for soaps. I do believe we are making baby sized steps headway, and it’s easier to just let go of a soap than it is to believe it may or may not continue. I know, better than anyone else, that sense of of constant wonder; it’s taunting. But, like I said, if we give up, possiblities are gone. And on the subject of GH, it’s not a good idea to depend on GH FOR “OLTL” because it’s not fair to GH fans. Frankly, I would love for GH to turn into OLTL, but then I’m asking for the tables to turn and OLTL to still be on air. A little bit of “OLTL” on GH is going to have to go a long way; it’s a crossover that is doing wonders for GH’s ratings. But, GH isn’t OLTL, and if ABC has appeased OLTL fans by having a few OLTL characters on GH, well, then they’ve accomplished A LOT because they got some massive massive backlash to backdown then. I hope that’s not the case for the majority of OLTL fans, because as soon as we know whether GH is saved, we will know how to proceed; that means, either GH is saved, and then we switch gears back to saving OLTL & AMC, or GH gets the axe and we get a massive group of fans to join this fight to save all 3 soaps.

    • And the soaps are 5 days a week for one hour.  Not like the prime time shows that are 1 day for 1 hour.  I think ABC/Disney is nuts.

    • If ABC had half a brain, they’d return AMC & OLTL to original slots, keep GH in it’s slot, and they should have just put Katie in Oprah’s slot.

  • Sha_Bu

    Canceling this insulting piece of garbage cannot happen soon enough.  Keeping a show that is shedding viewers like my dog sheds hair is not what a company that wants to be successful and profitable should do.  I will continue to watch GH (as I have for the last several decades) unless & until I cannot…talk shows have zero interest for me so it is a moot point where Katie ends up.  My set will still be off until GH comes on.

  • AJ

    I will be happy to at least keep one soap, we have lost the others lets focus on what we have left.  If there is a possibility of bringing back AMC and OLTL I am all for it too.  I will be there watching them when that happens for I will always be a loyal watcher to those soaps.  I have been watching all three of these soaps since the mid 70’s and I know how many of you feel.  Please let us be at least greatful for the one we have General Hospital and those crossing over from OLTL.  I am only watching this one show on ABC and nothing else.  They will eventually get the message on the big screwup they have done when they loose all viewership.

  • tinafg


  • When are they going to realize at ABC that there are more viewers of the soap operas than is reported by the faulty Nielson ratings. ABC has even been the victim of the faulty ratings and had made note and mention of it concerning a previous news show. So why are they accepting these ratings as gospel now.
    There are more to our numbers of watching the soap operas than is being given credit for. Please realize this.
    First its been said there is no market for the soap operas, then it is said that they would be afraid to sell them for fear that someone else would have better success with them. Which is it?
    There is a market for our soap operas so please be wise and bring them back. Thank you.

    • Well said. Common sense eludes the idiots at ABC. They’re only fooling themselves if they really think they were right to cancel the soaps. Imagine if they had worked to make the soaps even better instead of trying to destroy them. ABC Daytime would be thriving. Never before has a network put so much effort into making their audience hate them.

  • ABC/Disney is seeing and hearing so keep telling them what the fans want!!!  We want GH to stay and OLTL back.  We want all our soaps back!!!!  Reality TV is going down the tubes and so are all these crappy talk shows.  We can’t give up.  These things take time.  Watch GH. Keep writing that you want OLTL back.  I think if they see numbers drop in primetime shows like Dancing with the stars we will be even more effective. I think soap fans should make it a point to plan to watch one episode that we all watch together and see if the numbers effect them.  Can you imagine if we plan to mess with the ratings what that could do???

  • ABC/D, I know you pretty much regret the
    decision that you canceled OLTL for the sinking Revolution. You have lost
    millions of devoted fans because you decided to cancel this show. Bringing back
    some of the characters from OLTL to GH is not helping either. Fans of OLTL will
    continue to boycott everything on ABC/D until the end of time. Make the right
    choice. Cancel the Revolution and bring back OLTL in its originally time slot
    and most importantly apologize to the millions and millions of fans as well as
    cast and crew of OLTL. If not, give the rights to Agnes Nixon so another
    network can bring back the shows

  • The Revolution needs to go!!! It has no audience and it’s unwatchable and unnecessary! Katie Couric thinks she’ll get a better lead in with GH than with the Revolution, and she will, but most soap fans will not watch her show.


    Keep our General Hospital going ABC. We do not need anymore talk shows.  Or Reality shows come on we need shows that are good in quality and substance. Everything just seems the same over and over. I will forever be a fan of General Hospital and hopefully ABC will keep it on the air!!!!

  • carly631

    A lot of the people that are/were watching the soaps are not in the age group (18-49) that ABC is looking for.  The Nielsen  Media Group does take into consideration the shows that are DVR’rd if watched within 3 days.  The Chew has 83% of the viewers that watched the soap it replaced.  I did and do watch the soaps, but am not in their age group.  Since the 2 soaps were replaced, I completely boycotted ABC.  I found I missed watching a few nightime shows on ABC, but not anymore and I will not go back to ABC ever.  If more people don’t COMPLETELY NOT WATCH ABC DAYTIME AND PRIME TIME, we will lose our last soap GH.  They are overloading GH with more payroll adding people from OLTL making it more expensive and expense wise more than likely that GH will be cancelled. 

    • Please don’t blame the actors from OLTL and their salaries..tired of OLTL characters being blamed for everything.  Just be happy GH may get a reprieve

    • I think it balances out because GH has lost 4 members recently, from what I hear there are more coming (leaving) The OL people are only there for a short time anyway, I think only two are staying longer. I guess by keeping them visible it gives them a chance to be around for when their show is brought back.

  • debraeel

    ABC —- the people have spoken when you guys canceled our soaps replacing them with less expensive programs….. now look what happened…. It gives me great pleasure to say…
    ABC  WE   TOLD  YOU SO!!!!!!!!!

  • My2Cents2

    So its over before it started??
    Soap Network is NOT turning the key so fast either.
    And Oprah, well Oprah is just failing.

    So many opportunites these networks had, and they blew it. Perhaps abc will be laughing all the way to the bank with the continuation of GH.

  • THe Revolution should have been cancelled the first day. Second, there are too many talk shows on anyway. Viewers don’t want this cheap programming. Bring back the soaps or at least, ABC, release the freaking rights.

    • Jean

      They won’t release them because the fans would follow they soaps

  • YEAH!! but i still wont be happy until OLTL n AMC are back where they belong!!!!

    • My2Cents2

      Then you are going to be unhappy the rest of your life.

    • I agree.  things need to get put back where they belong.. it was not broke and ABC should not of fixed it.  Bring back OLTL and Amc then lets ditch the vomit and spew=chew.

  • why do they always post percentage of women watching ?? There are also alot of men who watch cause they work nights!!!!! Being that I’m one of them I was pissed about OLTL and to replace it with a shitty show how rude!!! Who the hell wants Katie Couric, she a has been and also Rikki Lake!!! ABC is losing people to the other channels for sure.I didn’t care for All My Kids so that didn’t bother me but OLTL did. Who needs another doctor , fashionista, health guru, cooking show .There are so many out there!!!

    • dflythe

       I agree with you. I too am male and have always watched OLTL.

  • First off men and over 49 are watching but they are watching soaps.This reality and talks shows have to go.Bring back OLTL,GH and Katie at 4.

  • ABC was WRONG people do watch the soaps. And those that do don’t want talk, reality, lifestyle crap in it’s place. Keep GH were it is and give Katy the Revolution time slot. ABC claims the soaps were too expensive to produce and no on was watching (we know people watch!) A compromise would could have been AMC and OLT at 2 pm 2 days AMC and 3 days OLTL. The budget would have been cut in half and fans would still have had their shows. Now all I wish for is for ABC/Disney to do the right thing and restore the rights back to Agnes Nixon.

    • I would rather have GH at 2:00 so I do not have to wait so long, it seems better to have the afternoon end with a news program, just my opinion, like Oprah did. Or just give Katie, Oprahs spot. Though  think Orprah was syndicated and Katie national.

      Does not matter as long as they keep GH on the air and get rid of the garbage and bring back 30 minutes at least of the other two shows.

  • lodgeroad

    ABC can regain viewers by bringing back OLTL.  They can save face by saying they “have listened to their viewers and the viewers want OLTL”.  I don’t care how they spin it, play it, just bring back OLTL, quickly, before all the actors find other jobs. If ABC wants ad revenue for daytime, if they want high ratings, if they want their PRIMETIME shows to regain their audience, bring back OLTL. It’s a win win for ABC and a win win for us fans.  They could even tell the fans they have one year in which to get the ratings ski high or they’ll pull the plug forever. I think actors would take a job if there is at least a one year committment. Then, let us fans go to work, and we will to get OLTL ratings off the charts.

    • Was the ratings loss just a big fabrication. I was wondering was soapnet hurting the ratings or being counted. A lot of people that dvr”d the soaps started watching soapnet at night instead. So was that hurting the daytime ratings. I know the ratings were there, I know people were watching. Does anyone know if that caused this difference in ratings. If so people would have stopped watching soapnet and just dvr”d them in the day.

    • Guest
  • they should bring back amc and oltl and put katie on at 4pm after gh

  • they need to cancel the revoltion. In, they never should of started it. the need to bring back the Soaps and put katie at 4pm so they can have a strong day time line- up again. A good compromise would be 1/2 hr OLTL/AMC/Chew/GH that way soapers get their shows and ABC can have theirs. Katie can have the slot she wants everyone is happy! the revoltion has to go!

    • agree Make A New ABC Daytime Lineup soon 
      10:00am The Chew (drop 1 Syndicated Show on ABC Stations in the 10am Eastern Hour)
      11:00am The View
      12:00pm Local News
      1:00pm All My Children (with Brand New Actors)
      2:00pm One Life To Live (Also With Brand New Actors,Replacing Original Cast)
      3:00pm General Hospital
      4:00pm The Katie Couric Show (Replaces Oprah)
      Also Move The Revolution Exclusively on Cable To Style Network,Just Like WWE Smackdown Moved From MyNetworkTV To Syfy,do it like that okay

  • Hey, ABC, stop spitting on your viewers! I don’t watch “the Spew”, or “The Revs-confusion”, and I never will! I have watched “General Hospital” since I got out of high school, and if you cancel it, I will primarily watch CBS.

  • Just Bring Back OLTL And AMC And You’ll Get Your VEIWERS back And RATING TOO

  • keep The Revolution on move it to Cable on Style Network soon on September 10th,2012 okay

  • my2cents2, i suspect, like cathy, works for, or is paid by, abc. both are on here merely to refute anything said in support of amc, oltl, and gh.  millions don’t like, or watch, the puke, or the ratingsloser, and never will.

  • Adricsplace

    No OLTL, no ABC. I watch GH because I want the soap genre to survive. Still, I miss my family in Llanview so much. It’s great to have Starr, John, Todd & Tea though a lot of GH fans are tuning out over it. We need CORE characters like Viki, Bo and Clint! Until you return our soaps, ABC is all sponsors are boycott … as is Disney.

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

  • Joyce-Marie

    No All My Children, No ABC!  

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

  • Terri Langlois

    I will only watch GH on ABC from now on until they smarten up and bring back both our shows and get rid of both replacement shows no one wants or even needs more talk shows.  Give the viewers what they want.  Not what you want!  No one will watch any shows you put on ABC Daytime ot Primetime unless they are All My Children and One Live To Live! Period.  Enough said!

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

  • At least one smart move by ABC Disney. Now if they smarten up & wants better ratings they have to bring back OLTL & AMC. Katie has a better chance following GH. I will still watch only GH until I see my OLTL back on some network. I don’t need it to be on ABC just on TV. I’ll never understand why Disney is so unfeeling. So, congrats to GH for now. Will keep watching, only GH.

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

  • Libertyfan

    I’m enjoying GH more these days because of the infusion of talent, especially the head writer, from OLTL.  If GH is the lead-in to Couric’s show, I’ll probably give her show a try.  If not, I probably won’t bother.

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

  • jean

    The soaps are too expensive they say. So that is why they put on that junk no one wants to watch. If you own a store and only sell what no one buys you go out of business. Put back on what sells. OR go out of bussiness.

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

      • ErrolLew

        Why exactly have you posted this same message multiple times in various places? Was your account hacked or something?

        • My2Cents2

          I haven’t posted anything more than once. You seeing things I am not??

          • ErrolLew

            I had to delete a number of messages in various article threads that included the following message:

            I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

            That message is also reflected in a reply to the comment at the top by Adricsplace 

          • My2Cents2

            WOW. Not sure how that happened. I apologize. I was away. But I don’t remember posting that. Let alone as many times as you state.

  • Xmasbaby50

    I am beyond pissed. First they cancel my much much beloved AMC ( I have watched since 1971!!)and replace it with that god forsaken The Chew,(Pleaseeeee gag me) then they cancel OLTL and replace it with that inane garbage The Revolution (my heart went out to those OLTL fans big time). And NOW Abc has figured out how much they screwed up by cancelling our soaps by finally dumping Revolution?!?!? I just hope those idiots dump The Chew down the toilet where it belongs even though the damage has been unbelieveably done to our beloved soap. Abc you have so lost me. You are one worthless network.

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

    • Quackerz1138

      We soap fans were very vocal with our opinion when this whole mess was first announced and we warned ABC there would be dire consequences – they chose to ignore and dismiss us.

  • Shirley M. Broome

    Aw common ABC!  So now you are going to throw the fans a bone and move GH to 2 PM?  Who’re you kidding?  I have seen this tactic before.  You move a show from it’s original time slot and day, to a new time slot and when the fans can’t find it, they can’t watch it.  Voila, no audience, we can cancel it now.  Haven’t you learned yet?  The fans DO NOT WANT A BUNCH OF SAME OLD, SAME OLD TALK SHOWS.  What does it take to get through to you?  The Revultion was demeaning and revolting.  The Chew will be next.  Keep it up and the soaps won’t be the only ones canceled.  The entire network will go belly up. 

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

  • It’s so sad that we have lost our beloved shows, AMC and OLTL.  While I know it isn’t the fault of the replacement programs, I can’t stomach “The Chew”,  While I have never  nor will I EVER watch this disaster, one can’t help but see what it’s about since ABC shows their promo’s every other commercial. The hosts act so stupid, and childish.  Other than GENERAL HOSPITAL, I won’t watch ABC any longer.  I don’t even watch it at night.  In my opinion, the damage has been done, our soaps have ended, and we are all on pins and needles, wondering what the fate of GH is going to be.   Good by ABC!

    • I am right there with you, I don’t watch ABC 6 in Philadelphia at all except for General Hospital and that is because Disney bought out SoapNet and it has been taken off the air here, which makes me despise ABC and Disney even more. I was watching GH at 12;30am when all of a sudden the MOUSE comes on, I thought it was a mistake, I called the cable company and they said it was cancelled and replaced by Disney Jr. who has kids watching at 12;30 IN THE MORNIN?  I called Comcast the cable company in our area again and asked if SoapNet will come back…I was lied to and told yes…Today I called again and was told Disney bot out SoapNet never to appear again. I’m so fed up after watching these shows AMC, OLTL and GH for over 30 years. I am thinking of cancelling TV completely. Thanks ABC for putting on trash and taking the best you ever had off the air.

      • My2Cents2

        I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

    • My2Cents2

      I will be away for a few weeks so I won’t be checking my email daily.

    • Landview Lover

      I feel the same way. There was only one place to get that show. abc had somthing so speical a show people all ready loved. What other show in history has EVER had fans like us. They replaced that with somthing you can get anywhere. Someone needs to tell abc that there is a lot more out there than the big 3 these days. They had a show that could not be duplcated.  You can’t make a show that people have had a 40 year history with. abc just don’t seem to get that Now they have nothing but the same old shi -The only thing i watch is GH.If they are stupied enough to scrap them abc will be done. boycott abc am & pm.i

  • And to think we could have had another 7-8 months of OLTL which had better ratings than both The Revolution and General Hospital instead of this crappy show!

    • My2Cents2
    • Dsbacon

      If OLTL had more ratings than GH, how come they didn’t stay on the air instead of GH?

  • Marcella

    All these mistakes made by ABC in order to save money is possibly costing them even more money with all these Lemons they are producing, The Chew, The Revolution, what awful shows ! Honestly like some OLTL fans, I was excited when I heard  some of OLTL characters joining the GH canvas, However.. as I tried to get into the GH mix, I became confused and bothered watching my characters from OLTL on GH, it’s not a good fit, GENERAL HOSPITAL NEEDS TO BE CANCELED, and ONE LIFE TO LIVE REVIVED, it’s a damn shame GH is still on the air while OLTL lost it’s life WTF…My advice to the Mouse House bring back the winner OLTL and get rid of all your losers, the chew, revolution and yes general hospital too, looking at OLTL characters on GH only makes me yearn more for OLTL, Now that’s painful!   because of that reason I refuse to watch GH

    • My2Cents2
    • Dsbacon

      OLTL was soooo freakin fake! I can’t see how anybody could stand to watch it, it had gotten so stupid in the ending that it was time to put it out of its misery. I will never forget the episode where the little boy “Sam” caught the bad guy by spraying that can of string and the lady couldn’t get out of it. It was supposed to be like a web I guess. HOW STUPID WAS THAT! So unreal. I couldn’t believe how stupid the show had gotten.

  • sjs

    i think that abc has very poor programming ,The chew is groose.I can not even find one thing interesting about
    the revolution,it is boring.Take oLTL,Amc,Combine those two soaps together,they would have a good soap opera.

    • My2Cents2
  • Ladyamazon29


    • Neets1

      My God I have been watching General for at least 40 years.  What are they crazy??? Katie instead of General at 3:00?  Boo.

      • My2Cents2

        Be glad there is a GH!

  • Kdiebert

    The Revalution & The Chew stink!! I don’t watch them. Loved the SOAPS! Please don’t take General Hospital of the air. Watch Good Morning America & The View. The rest of the day ABC is off. Watch General Hospital. Love GH!!!

  • concerned viewer

    I am happy that GH is saved, at least for now. Still miss ONTL and AMC terribly. Very happy to see The Revolution leaving. I actually enjoy The Chew, which I thought I would not. But I do not understand why the networks seem to think the viewing audiences want to watch reality, news and talk shows. They are killing themselves. You will have the viewers all watching cable shows instead, which is what I do when I find nothing appealing on the basic 3. And look at all the actors out of jobs with all the reality shows these days, and I am not talking about the big bucks actors either, the ones that just want to feed their families!

  • Klowkicker

    I personally loved THE REVOLUTION! Although I was extremely disappointed to see it replace OLTL. The Revolution is an uplifting and positive show, all about helping people improve their health and their lives. Which, by the way, is something I believe Americans really need right now. More positive and less negative! I just can’t believe that the network would think we need yet ANOTHER news show to compete with all the others already on the air in this time slot. REALLY?!?

  • Katie

    There are enough reality and self helpTV shows to choke us all…I personally don’t watch much TV anymore since OLTL left and only watching GH at 3:00. I love the unabashed guilty pleasure and escape I get watching these shows for almost 30 years. I love GH…but if they keep messing around with all the garbage that currently is on… redundantly, I won’t have to worry anymore about any TV watching. The stupidity of reality TV is mind-boggeling that anyone watches…I don’t get it…the craziness is our world is in our face already without having to turn on TV and watch more of it. Not me…I’m not buying into the rip off of the % of viewers that by watching this junk are making so many others super rich laughing at the viewers all the way to the bank. At least the soap operas have actors that is considered a job. It’s kind of like curling up with a good fiction book when watching a soap.

  • Skye

    ABC didn’t think of the consequence of
    cancelling our soaps, the strike continues. ABC too dumb to just put OLTL back on
    and stop the madness of finding things people don’t care about after taking
    something that has been cared about for generation. General only until OLTL
    comes back. Until then CBS, NBC, FOX and cable…

  • Guest