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( — In a story we had been following since it was first reported last April that and magazines would fall under the umbrella of , publishers of such mags as Star and TV Guide, Soap Opera Network has learned that after 22 years Soap Opera Weekly (launched in November 1989) will be shuttered and its April 10, 2012 issue will be its last.

Weekly, which last fall discontinued its subscription base readership in place of a newsstand only publication, let go some of its remaining staff while retaining the remainder according to a representative. , who took over both magazines last June as Editor in Chief, after the departure of , will continue in that capacity at Digest.

In December rumors of Weekly‘s ultimate demise began with the announcement of American Media’s newest publication , which shipped its first issue in January of this year. At the time an American Media publicist confirmed that Reality Weekly had no impact on the future of Soap Opera Weekly. It is understood that despite today’s announcement of Soap Opera Weekly‘s end Reality Weekly will not replace Soap Opera Weekly on newsstands. “Reality Weekly has its own supermarket pockets and are not taking over Soap Opera Weekly‘s pockets,” confirmed the rep.

  • I am very sad that AMC and OLTL was canceled . What’s next the whole network being canceled?

  • I am very sad that AMC and OLTL was canceled . What’s next the whole network being canceled?

  • bvick1636

    I find it hard to believe after the weekly advertisements in SOW for REALITY WEEKLY, which just happens to be a tabloid-sized magazine, just like SOW was, that American Media is not axing SOW to concentrate on their “new baby.”  Also of concern – if you notice SOD is full of advertisements for PIXIE another American Media publication in DIGEST-sized format, aimed at the “tweens” generation taking the place of SOD.  Get it?  They ax SOW and SOD (a tabloid and a digest magazine both with sagging sales) and concentrate on a new TABLOID-SIZED and bit older DIGEST-SIZED magazine to be their 2 flagship magazines starting in 2012.

  • Angela916…  they can sleep at night because they don’t care!  But your so right, the snowball effect has hit it’s maximum high.  I miss AMC and OLTL so much.  Other than GH, I refuse to even watch ABC any longer.  (even nighttime, even the ABC local news).   I refuse to support their idea of replacing such beloved shows for cheap daytime reality tv.  GOOD BYE ABC!

  • Rjm

    so sad this magazine is gone. It was the ONLY soap mag. I ever bought it had the most info,
    not only on soaps but also info on other programs. It’s a shame they got rid of OLTL because I
    think that show was the best