Former ‘All My Children’ Actress Gets a Class in ‘Jersey Couture’


( — Noting the nations thirst for New Jersey based reality entertainment, in the summer of 2010, the cable network Oxygen jumped into the fray with “.” Except for being based in New Jersey, viewers will not see much similarities between this series and the eccentricities of ’s “” and ’s “.” “Jersey Couture” rather takes a page from TLC’s “.” Both programs share the same producers. This reality series follows the fun and drama surrounding the Scali family (and their customers) as they run , one of New Jersey’s premiere dress boutiques.

When the series debuts its second season, and daytime fans will be excited to see a familiar face or two walk into the New Jersey boutique. Former “” star , who played Kendall Hart on the cancelled serial from 2002 to 2011, stops by Diane & Co. looking for some red-carpet looks. Minshew brings along former co-star (who has starred on”Another World,” “Guiding Light” and “AMC”) to assist on her mission.

The following is the full synopsis of the two half-hour installments marking the season premiere of “Jersey Couture” airing on Tuesday, February 7 on Oxygen:

10:00 P.M. ET/PT (Episode Title: Say Yes to Excess): Three clients come to Diane & Co. to look for the perfect dress for their individual events. Chelsea wants to be the belle of the ball at the Marine Corps Ball, Tenin is going to her album release party and wants all eyes on her when she walks into the room and Alexandra – who hasn’t worn a dress in 20 years – needs the perfect number for her book launch party in Texas. If that wasn’t enough to keep the Scali ladies busy, Kimberly is a few weeks away from having a baby, and she’s still working in heels. She is ready for a break, but Christina doesn’t want to be stuck doing all the work. The sisters decide to try to talk Diane into letting them hire an assistant. Will Diane go for it?

10:30 P.M. ET/PT (Episode Title: All My Dresses): Diane is in for the surprise of a lifetime when one of her favorite “All My Children” actors, Alicia Minshew, comes in to the store looking for dresses for her red carpet events. Is Alicia ready for red carpet glam Jersey style? Later, a pageant princess battles with her mom over her pricey dream dress. How will the Scalis handle the dresses and the drama this season?

Watch a supertease for Season Two of “Jersey Couture”:

  • Anonymous

    ABC made a big mistake.  I have seen bits of The Chew, and it is about 4, or 5 people, depending on the day, that are each bragging about their cooking, with Stephanie Oz using vegetarian or vegan dishes to display her talents.  It is so boring, I am hoping that show fails.  While the Revolution has varied subjects, I can’t stand the entire show.  It is a combination of shows from TLC or cooking channels or American’s next top model, and what not to wear, and the soaps are a million times better.  I have refused to watch anything on ABC from 1:00 pm to 3:00, when General Hospital comes on. That’s why ABC has no viewers. I turn on the News at noon, and watch it, because starting the news at 4:00 and having it run to 7:00 PM is 3 hours of the same stories over and over. 

    Put the SOAPS back on, and the problem is that women work now during the day and they can’t watch.  They either DVR’d them or tuned into SOAP network at night or on the weekends to catch up on their soaps.  Those of us who worked and retired, loved that the SOAP channel was on, because we didn’t have to miss the soaps.  TV is so boring and ABC has only made it worse.  The soaps were our daytime favorite shows, and needed to watch these characters and their lives and mistakes.  I do have to say that AMC did make the story lines go on way past their interesing scenes, and they could have changed the story line a little sooner.  Other than that, I don’t watch ABC because of the cancellation of these 2 shoes.  I only watch ABC for Castle and Body of Proof, and nothing more.


  • Switched back to The Young and the Restless since that is the only soap that is top rated and not controlled by Disney (ABC).  I miss OLTL and soon General Hospital will be on the chopping block  Why do they think we want to watch their lineup when I could watch Food Network or HGTV for cooking and entertaining?  Miss my soaps on ABC !! Sould have a Soap Network for these but…oh my, there is one, however Disney took it over for the wee ones!  Sorry Disney/ABC, I don’t know of any kid in the  5 year and younger who watches television at  midnight and on!