‘One Life to Live’ Ends Television Run as Daytime’s Second Most Watched in Women 18-49

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Just before we post the dailies, which will provide a clearer picture of “’s” final week on television, ABC has revealed that the 43-year old soap ended its run as daytime’s 5th most watched program in total viewers (3,120,000), while ranking a strong second in Women 18-49 viewers (784,000) for the week of January 9-13, 2012. Only 94,000 Women 18-49 viewers separated “” from tying “” in that category. In Women 18-49 rating “OLTL” had a 1.2 compared to “Y&R’s” 1.4. The canceled ABC soap beat its former network and studio sibling “” in all key categories except total viewers.

Compared to the same week last year (January 10-14, 2011) “One Life to Live” gained 439,000 total viewers (3,120,000 vs 2,681,000 viewers) and was up .2 in Women 18-49 rating (1.2 vs 1.0). In Women 18-49 viewers, the soap was up 149,000 (784,000 vs 635,000).

Check back later for a more detailed ratings breakdown from Soap Opera Network.

ABC is Daytime’s #1 Network Across All Target Women Demographics

Friday’s “The Chew” – Featuring Actress Lana Parrilla of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” – Ranks as the Show’s #1 Telecast Ever in Total Viewers, Women
18-49 and Women 25-54, and its #2 Telecast To Date in Women 18-34

“The Chew” Delivers it Most-Watched Week on Record in Women 18-49,
and its 2nd-Most-Watched Week Ever in Total Viewers

ABC Daytime

* ABC ranked as Daytime’s #1 network in Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/188,000 – tie), Women 18-49 (1.0 rating/661,000 – tie) and Women 25-54 (1.4 rating/848,000).

* This week ranked as “The Chew’s” most-watched week to date in Women 18-49 (526,000), its 2nd-most-watched week in Total Viewers (2.560 million) and 3rd-most-watched week in Women 25-54 (676,000).

* Friday’s “The Chew,” featuring actress Lana Parrilla of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” became the series’ #1 telecast to date in Total Viewers (2.774 million), Women 18-49 (617,000) and Women 25-54 (784,000), and its #2 telecast on record in Women 18-34 (232,000).

Following are the Daytime Lineup averages, plus Top 5 Programs Ranks in Women 18-49 (sorted by) and Women 25-54:

  • “The Chew” had nothing to do with ABC’s #1 showing last week. It was “OLTL” that made the difference. I’m sure next week, ABC will be behind CBS in every category. I think those “Chew” numbers are below what “AMC” would have gotten. Do they really think anyone is fooled by their press releases? I hate ABC more and more every time I see one of these! 

  • one life to live was a good show to watch in the after noon . miss the show want it back asap am hooked please put it back on …………………….

  • PUT IT BACK ON FOR ALL OF US THAT LOVED THAT SHOW ………..////////////////////////

  • The only reason The Chew got such good ratings on Friday is because people had it on while waiting for OLTL to come on! Nobody cares about it or The Revolution! They both stink!

  • Soooooo rude cancelling the show with hardly any notice to the fans! DISLIKE!!!