OLTL Alerts: Week of January 2 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “” DVR for the Week of January 2, 2012.


  • Monday: Pre-empted.
  • Tuesday – Friday: The town of Llanview is plunged into darkness and things will never be the same.

“One Life to Live” last airs on ABC Daytime on Friday, January 13, 2012.

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  • I don’t want this show to end!!!!

  • Is anyone else a little concerned the show ends on… Friday the 13th? 

  • Anonymous

    Joan Lockwood
    I truly believe they had no intention of keeping the Soaps alive.  They are a bunch of liars and only looking for a cheap show.  The shows that are replacing our SOAPS are mindless and probably cost less.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.
    I am sick sick sick over not seeing  my shows after 41 years.  What has this world become????Answer: we all know.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking at “All My Children” for over 35 yrs and “One Life To Live” for over 17 yrs for it to be replace by programs that are mindless.  Who has money to prepare elaborate meals or fashion shows were you dress in fabulous clothes,  when so many of us have lost our jobs.  Where is the sympathy here.  At least the soaps depicted real live scenerios that people could relate too (ex: infidelity, assaults, abuse or just plain love and romance). People who have money go out to eat and don’t want to cook, and most housewives are just to tired to prepare fancy dishes or dress likeand the “Cleavers”..So tell me again where is the commonality to warrant these new shows. You can pretend to be rich and create fabulous dishes, but can u pretend you don’t have a job and pretend you don’t have food to eat.  People relate to characters. Reality shows are “Unrealistic” and phoney. 

  • Anonymous

    Over 30 yrs of watching ABC soaps my gma who was my mom brought them into my life and now I have two small lil girls what am I gonna share with them? I am so mad at ABC all together, I think ABC has alot of good shows however I am not so sure that I will continue to watch any shows on this channel. If they didnt want them anymore atleast they could have sold them to another channel. All the families of generations of soaps and now gone, I never thought this would happen in my life time. Am so disappointed and sad. I will miss all the actors for all these soaps. 

  • I really can not believe that ABC is taking my favorite soaps off the air. I have been watching them for over 30 years I watched them with my mother who watched them everyday. I was very upset when I heard the news but then a glimpse of hope to know they would continue on the internet but now to know that they are just cancelling them to put on shows about food, that is so stupid,  We the fans of these long loved soaps need to stand up and let ABC know how we feel, We have had to much taken from us and now soaps that have been apart of our lives for 40 plus years. Give me a break someone come to your senses I beg someone even another Channel CBS NBC or some cable station please take these wonderful soaps and continue to let them live for the fans I would pay for the channel I just don’t want my soaps to end, Please please help all of us fans and put are soaps but to life. I miss All my children and soon One Life to Live will be gone this is a cry for someone to keep or soaps alive. 

  • Anonymous

    Can you tell me what the heck are they doing this week????  I hope and believe this is just a dream of Vicki’s.  Or are they all going to meet in heaven….come one.  Do you have to kill all our favorites off to end the show…….