OLTL Alerts: Week of December 12 Edition


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” DVR for the Week of December 12, 2011.


  • Monday: Téa is unnerved about Todd’s comments concerning Victor’s murder. John offers Natalie and Liam a place to stay. Viki encounters a familiar face at the Bon Jour.
  • Tuesday: David returns to Llanview to visit his family. Matthew and Destiny discuss their unborn baby. Stacy suffers an identity crisis.
  • Wednesday: Roxy, Shaun, and Nigel mourn the cancellation of “Fraternity Row.” John and Natalie have a talk. David welcomes Matthew home.
  • Thursday: Roxy believes David is the key to saving her favorite soap. Todd reveals that Jack tried to torch The Sun. David promotes his latest film on Blanca’s talk show.
  • Friday: Jessica and Natalie decorate the Llanfair Christmas tree. Téa leans on John in a moment of distress. Roxy receives more bad news.

  • My2Cents2

    Haven’t been here in awhile since there has been no articles of the recent ‘shake up at GH’.
    Now I am hearing PP is once again talking and wants to resume OLTL/AMC.Really?? Is it because of the storyline now on OLTL about there favorite soap being cancelled? And someone takes over and they move to ON LINE?? Only in real life, that didn’t happen, did it??

    Genious with the writing and the description of how people feel about their soap. Curious how it ends. I am only going to ‘imagine’ that it ends with someone leasing or buying the rights to the show, and it going on line. When OLTL closed down, that is what the intent was going to be. Until the rug got pulled not only under us, but under the actors we have come to love on this show. PP backed out because they couldn’t reach an agreement with the union. It wasn’t that the union wasn’t trying. They were. Now we hear that the PP wants to resume the show. Bring in a ‘3rd’party from another country to help negotiate. Not sure how much of this is true. But I will say, if asking our actors or any of us to work under laws that aren’t ”kosher’ is a shame. I would never support PP if that were the case. That is what Americans are now fighting about. Their jobs, loosing their jobs and fighting for what they deserve. I believe in ‘Unions’ and good work ethics, so NO, for me I could care less about PP if this is what they have planned now.