Susan Lucci Issue’s Statement on Prospect Park and ‘All My Children’ 2.0

Thomas A. Montalto/

( — In a new Facebook posting that went up just a short time ago, actress has taken to the social networking service to clear the air regarding the status of “” and its move to the internet and plans for her inclusion in the online version of the long running ABC soap.

“I want my fans to know the truth. There has been miscommunications as a result of statements in the press that I am one of the reasons that All My Children is not moving forward. This is simply untrue and not the case. We have been in discussions since first expressed interest in moving the series online, and in correspondence dated September 8th, I made it clear that I would be ecstatic to be a part of ‘All My Children’ in a prominent way if they committed to producing the series for another year. I have not heard back from since then, in fact, I learned of their decision not to proceed with ‘All My Children’ at the same time you did, through the media,” said Lucci in her posting.

“It’s been a privilege and honor to be involved with the ‘All My Children’ family for so many years, from working closely with Agnes Nixon to getting to know millions of devoted and wonderful fans.”

Previously it had been reported that Lucci turned down Prospect Park’s financial offer, which doesn’t appear to be the case per Lucci’s statement.

  • It’s really a bloody shame what Frons and ABC Disney has done to Agnes Nixon and her soaps!  I will never forgive them.   I am now going to support OLTL even more and support Prospect Park too.  I’m thinking that PP could just not financially support both soaps.  They are very expensive propositions after all.   

    But Susan Lucci is a class act, and I really kiss her feet for giving us this bold statement.  No matter what, we will always love Susan and be grateful for all the wonderful years on AMC.  We will also forever cherish AMC the show, the entire cast and crew and keep all of them in our hearts and prayers.  

  • And unfortunately, 1 Susan Lucci contract is good for like 3-4 of some of the younger actor set. But clearly it didn’t seem like things were going all that well with any contract negotiations along with getting financing to put things forward for All My Children. I’m hoping based on the location of these fictional cities they could find a way to incorporate both shows casts into 1 show. I’d love the crossover appeal. We’ll see what happens. 

  • Anonymous

    So all this hoopla and PP chokes…Ummm Okay  They supposedly had deep pockets I guess they weren’t so deep afterall.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed her comment – ” if they committed to producing the series for another year.” I wonder if she told PP at the time that she wanted a guaranteed one-year contract.  She might not be willing to come back if she thinks there’s a chance they’ll put on the show and cancel it three months later..  

    Of course,this is all speculation, andthe comment may very well mean absolutely nothing.

  • I always change the channel when the Chew comes on. Daytime programming offers nothing to me.