Smith Laments on Prospect Park’s ‘Noble Attempt’ to Save ‘One Life to Live’

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — (Nora) opens up to about the decision by not to proceed with previous plans to relaunch “” online after it ends its ABC Daytime run on January 13, 2012, and what the future would have held for her alter ego.

“It was a noble attempt and I believe they really wanted to do this,” the actress tells EW, and admits that she believed the production company was “biting off a lot” by planning continue “OLTL” and sister soap “” on the Internet. “I’m just sad for the fans. I think this was a very ambitious project for a company with no history of the technology. I do wish there had been more communication between the company and those who’d signed on. We were finding out a lot in the press.”

Smith also revealed that she had previously reached a tentative deal with Prospect Park to continue with the show, alongside 13 of her “One Life” co-stars, during the soap’s transition and that she and onscreen husband (Bo) filmed different ending for their characters. “I can’t say [if it’ll be satisfying enough if there’s no continuation]. I don’t know exactly the whole ending. I want to be able to watch it myself. I know that they shot a couple of different endings for Bo and I. I have an idea which they’ll use. But I don’t know the ending for the show,” she adds.

As for the last seven weeks of “One Life’s” television run, Smith encourages fans to keep watching until the last episode airs. “We’re still here through January. I want them to enjoy this journey. It’s really going to be fun through the end. It’d be nice if a knight in shining armor came riding up to save us but even if that doesn’t happen, it will be a fun ride to the end.”

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    I’m very sad and still VERY ANGRY at ABC.

    • My2Cents2

      Your not alone.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on Disney!!!!  They are Greedy ______!!!! They jacked up the ticket prices so now alot of people can’t afford to go and they take off our Soaps all for MONEY!  Why don’t they take some paycuts on the CEO’s instead! With all the commercials they put on Our Soaps you would think they had enough money.
    I’m sooooo MAD that OLTL is gone. Isn’t there some millionaire out there that can keep it going??
    Daytime TV will never be the same!!

  • If they do take OLTL off I will never watch ABC again. I am really mad that they are getting rid of the show after so long and when it still has so many fans and replacing it with yet another food/advice show. I mean come on The Chew belongs on The Food Network and OLTL belongs on ABC! Give us our show back or watch your views plummit ABC!!!! I have been reading hundreds of posts and many of them say they are going to stop watching ABC and like one person said you are cutting your own throats by axing OLTL. It is the best soap on TV and to take it off is television suicide.

  • I am very pissed off at abc rate now they not only took off All My Children Off daytime but they also took one life to live off the air. Why!!!!!!!!!!  You could have taken General Hospital and the View off the air instead cause as far as I am concerned  those shows are going no where fast.It’s not fair for the fans to suffer because of the executives of A B C they should have asked the fans for their opinion to see how many people actually watched one life to live  and all my Children because you would probably be surprised the response you would have gotten if you gave us fans a chance to save our soaps.