OLTL Recap: Monday, November 7, 2011

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Todd presses Louie to turn over the gun. Tomas arrives to discuss Victor’s murder with Todd. Tomas pumps Todd for his thoughts on Victor’s murder. At EOD Todd is in possession of the gun and believes he’s in the clear.

Téa discovers the results of her pregnancy test just as she receives a visit from Blair and Sam. Blair and Téa discuss Tomas’s inquiry into Victor’s murder. Blair is horrified when Sam lucks upon the pregnancy test. Téa reveal the results of her pregnancy test to Blair.

Bo requires John’s help to crack the Victor Lord murder; without a break, Bo will get the axe from Mayor Finn. John stuns Bo with news about his future. Together they decide that Todd remains their most likely suspect and determine that if they can locate Louie, they’ll locate the gun, which give them their killer.

Natalie makes an effort to rebuild her relationship with her sister by requesting Jessica’s presence at the wedding. Jessica can’t answer Natalie’s question until she first delivers some important information. Natalie accuses Jessica of trying to sabotage her relationship with Brody.

Jack spirits Neela away before Vimal and Rama pounce.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Blair finds Tomas at Todd’s office.
  • Jack plots his revenge against Todd.
  • Viki asks Téa to help Clint.

  • My2Cents2

    YES!! We having a baby!!!

    Glad Jessie did the right thing by going to Gnat, however, walk away now Jess. You put the ‘seed’ in Gnats so called brain, that is all you can do. In her mind all she can do is turn it around and find ways to blame you. She isn’t worth your time anylonger……..

  • My2Cents2

    Sam is so adorable. He calls Tea his Second Mom =) Ewww….Sam finds the
    pregnancy test stick and is playing with it. I hope it was clean…LOL! Never
    understood these soap women walking around with used pregnancy tests. I find
    that weird….maybe it’s just me.

    Aww…Todd says Sam is the closest
    thing he has to a friend. The little one is making Manning feel guilty for
    killing Victor. I know he really didn’t kill Vic. I refuse to believe

    John gives Bo his 2 weeks notice. He says he wants to live closer to
    Michael and Marcie. Especially now that she is pregnant again. Bo knows it is
    all about Natalie. He allows John to leave the job immediately. Oh
    no! (Oh YES) John doesn’t leave.

    Prospect Park, I am BEGGING you to
    get TSJ back. Please! Please! Please!

    Oh Hell No!! They have started the
    Revolution ads. Time for them to try and shove another show down our throats.
    ABC…you suck!