( — “” Episode Recap – Friday, November 18, 2011.


Baker and Todd enact their plan. Meanwhile Tomas admits to Téa that he’s slept with Blair, and promises her he’s still following leads on Victor’s killer. She reveals to him that she’s pregnant and he’s happy for her. At EOD Tomas walks into a darkened warehouse expecting Calmar, but is shocked to find someone else.

Rex and Aubrey fly to Rio. Rex shares his mixed feelings about what he’s doing, seeing his dead wife, or her double, and following her to Brazil. He thinks he’s been crazy ever since Gigi died, and if Aubrey had any sense, she’d walk away.

But she tells him she wants to help. He finally admits he’s glad she’s there; he has no idea what to do or where to look once he gets to Rio. They arrive at a doctor’s office and wonder who Dr. Fascinella is. Cutter recognizes Dr. Fascinella’s patient.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • John and Natalie are held at gunpoint by Brody.
  • Todd takes drastic measures to get what he wants.
  • Rex and Aubrey just miss Cutter and Stacy at Dr. Fascinella’s office.
  • My2Cents2

    Todd sets up Tomas. I must admit that I am not liking this story right now. I’m
    tired of focusing on those Federal Agents gone rogue.

    Brody’s sister,
    Nadine sneaks up on him and Liam. He decided to use his childhood home as his
    hideout for now. John is on to him. He sends the local police over to the home,
    but Brody and Liam hide. I was keeping my fingers crossed that little Liam would
    cry. I guess it can’t end that easily. Brody decides to take off somewhere else
    with Liam. He opens the door and there is John and Natalie!

    Cutter calls
    out Alex as his mother in the Brazilian office. With a guilty-as-sin face, Alex
    denies that she is that person at first. Then she owns up to it. Aubrey mention.
    Gigi face is confused since she doesn’t know Kimmy is the real Aubrey.. Wasn’t
    Aubrey your lover? Alex freaks because she thinks she left a trail of incest
    behind…LOL! OMG! Too funny! In typical Alex fashion, she puts the blame on
    Cutter for being a difficult child. She said he lived up to his name because he
    would get scissors and cut up her minks…lol. Cutter flips and begins to choke
    the life out of mommy dearest.

    So if Kim is Alex’s daughter, then she and
    Clint were once step-siblings…LOL. Only on soaps 😉

    I’m so sad that
    today is the last day of taping for OLTL. I really really really hate Frons and
    those jerks at ABC!