OLTL: Buddy OUT! Hughes IN!

Donna Svennevik/ABC / GSARTS.NET

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” is forced to recast the character of Cole Thornhart, who is serving a prison sentence for murdering Eli Clarke () with Broadway star only one day after returned to the role.

According to reports, Buddy became unable to continue with the show after taping only one episode, leaving the show’s producers in limbo as they scrambled to find a replacement, claiming it was too late to rewrite the scenes, since the show wraps production on its ABC run next Friday.

“OLTL” is said to have re-shot all of Buddy’s scenes with Van Hughes, who first taped with , who plays Cole’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Starr Manning, on Tuesday of this week. No word on the number of episodes the actor will appear in.

This is not Van Hughes’ first time in Llanview. In September 2010, he briefly appeared as preppy art student Simon Ulrich in scenes with Gigi Morasco () and Cristian Vega (). He also had a recurring role on “As the World Turns” as Gil Penn from 2006-07. His first airdate is unknown.

  • WHy is this a new article?  I read this 10 days ago.

  • My2Cents2

    Still want to know why Brandon left…….

  • I don’t care how bad Buddy was at times, the guy was Marlon Brando compared to the likes of David A. Gregory, Nic Robuck and Josh Kelly.

    • My2Cents2

      I happen to like Brandon, David Gregory & Josh Kelly. Apparently I am not the only one as I have been reading he is getting lots of primetime.

      • Apprently when Brandon was in TX he got into some trouble and from what im hearing got  a DUI and cursed some old lady out and his court date was around the time he was to film at OLTL so thats why he couldnt do the last 2 weeks of the show….

        • My2Cents2

          Thanks Bruce. That story I believe!!
          My question is why did he accept the gig when he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish? Something tells me he is in a little more trouble than he is letting on to!

  • Haters keep hating.  David and Josh are great people and don’t deserve the slams that I see on these sites.  So YOU don’t like someone and have a computer screen in front of you, it doesn’t mean everyone wants to know your opinion, especially if it is just spewing HATE everywhere.

  • Oh sorry, I also saw you dissing Nic…do you act, did you audition?  Are you jealous?  Or is it like the old saying, opinions are like assholes everybody has one?  I respect anyone doing daytime, or primetime.  They made a career for themselves.  HATERS GONNA HATE…have fun with that kind of life.

    • Just like you are here to too there horn because you obviously are one of those female fans that look at their bodies and not their acting abilities doesn’t mean we have to be quiet.   All of the Fords have been an absolute waste on OLTL.  Tired of Nate acting like he is an MMA fighter or something and wanting to fight and get in all these peoples faces.  Nate you are in “high school”!  Ford the good guy and in love with Jessica/Tess in 5 minutes was laughable and James is just a bore.  Only popular with the young female viewers.   Cya!    

  • Both David and Nic are great actors both of them will make it far in their acting careers .As for Brandon Buddy that is the end for him on OLTL I think he doesn’t take acting 
    seriously.   I heard that he showed up to work more then ones late and  high as a kite and I think he is in some kind of trouble in Texas with a DUI and I think he hurt someone too.

    • My2Cents2

      You just stated what I had a feeling about for awhile. Yes there was a car accident, and he was hurt, however, it appears that he has a ‘chip’ on his shoulder, and thus causes problems around him. jmo