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(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” DVR for the Week of November 28, 2011.


  • Monday: Natalie and John plan to discuss their relationship. One Llanview family will never be the same. The Evans family Thanksgiving dinner hits a snag.
  • Tuesday: Todd cozies up to Blair. Rick’s blackmail attempts result in consequences for a member of Starr’s family. Todd tells Viki that Tomas may have killed Victor.
  • Wednesday: Viki asks Todd how he feels about their brother’s murder. Viki and Clint share a tender moment. Roxy lets the cat out of the bag.
  • Thursday: Todd makes a discovery about Jack. Aubrey and Rex kiss, as does another unexpected couple. Shane meets Neela.
  • Friday: Someone realizes that something is not as it seems to be. Is Jack’s attitude toward Todd finally starting to soften? Neela is shocked by what she learns.

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  • My2Cents2

    One Landview family changes forever. Anyone want to guess?
    I say Mathew dies.