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Jonathan Jackson Ends His Second ‘General Hospital’ Stint

Craig Sjodin/ABC

On Monday afternoon, TV Guide Magazine revealed news that “” actor has decided to exit the role of Lucky Spencer on the ABC daytime drama. Sources indicate to the magazine that Jackson was denied a lighter schedule following two years of non-stop drama for his beleaguered character and that ultimately played into his decision to get out of Port Charles. Jackson was also apparently disappointed that his character never got the opportunity to properly reunite with his former love interest Elizabeth Webber played by . The four-time Daytime Emmy Award winner will last tape on November 17.

Jackson debuted on “GH” as the first-born child of daytime’s most famous couple, Luke and Laura played by and , on October 29, 1993 at the tender age of eleven. In 1999, while still filming “GH,” Jackson landed a starring role opposite in the film “.” Jackson excited his role on the popular ABC daytime drama later that year. Other notable film endeavors for the talented actor included starring roles on “Tuck Everlasting” and “.” Jackson returned to “GH” in October 2009, controversially replacing who played the role from 2003 to 2009. When not acting, the 29-year old actor performs with the band . Their music has been featured on the television series “.”

Jackson’s last scenes on “GH” will likely air before the close of 2011. reports that the actor has already taped his last scenes with his on-screen father. Jackson may see this move as not postponing the inevitable. ABC affiliates are currently lining up new programming to take over the 48-year old soap operas long-standing 3 o’clock time slot across the country for the 2012-2013 season.

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  • My2Cents2

    Not sure why this is coming as a surprise to most. It has been reported since this summer, he wanted to be gone by Christmas.
    Though not my favorite (anymore) on the show, isn’t it time everyone moved on when their contracts come up for renewal??
    There is a 98% chance this show is over as early as June 2012, as late as Sept 2012.
    This once CLASSIC soap has hit rock bottom.
    Expect more actors to leave before long. JMO

  • Anonymous

    Its good to hear Jonathan acknowledge the disservice that was done to Becky Herbst and their fans who patiently awaited  (10 yrs) to hope for their adult love story with him in the role only to witness the abomination of their story.  JJ has his music career and I’ll be watching out for Enation.

  • Man, was hoping he would put those TEARS into overdrive when the show ends in 9 months.  This sucks.  Who will be Port Charles’ top crying baby now?

    • My2Cents2

      Me. I cry everytime I watch that show and see what has become of it.

    • Pretty sure I’d be crying too if I’d dealt with the constant blows Lucky was scripted to have, those tears helped when him another Emmy.

  • I’m really disappointed that the writers felt the need to destroy such rich history for a once considered super couple. Their popularity grew again when JJ returned, and Jon and Becky were just as phenom as before if not more so. Jonathan is incredibly talented, and I have been a huge fan of his band Enation for years-I wish him the absolute best although I must admit to hoping that JJ and those in charge can come to a compromise otherwise not only did longtime LL2 fans get flubbed AGAIN, but the  Spencers too. I know there is this neverending debate between JaSam and Liason fans, but LL2 got it way worse. IMO. Jon and Becky have an incredible romantic chemistry that is hard to come by, and I can’t imagine why the writers didn’t use the classic soap staple story of redemption and rebuild this couple. Instead, we’re watching stories like Franco maybe raping Sam. BLEH I say.

  • I absolutely adore Jonathon Jackson! He is a fabulously talented actor, and I missed him when he left GH, and was euphoric at his return. I, too prayed for the revival of the supercouple of original Lucky and Liz, and was unspeakably disappointed when GH failed to deliver. Instead, they brought in Siobahn (talented actress, horrid character), and tried to put Liz with Matt (also an amazing talent by the way–LOVE Jason Cook!), and killed Jake. Seriously? I had to stop and ask myself if TPTB were smoking crack, because apparently their brains were fried if they thought loyal fans would buy that crap! They should have done justice to Liz and Lucky’s beautiful history and time sustaining love and loyalty, and put this couple back together! I am also a “Liason” fan, but would have Liz and Lucky together a thousand times over. “JaSam” is a waste of my time since GH has started shoving it down my throat, instead of equally splitting airtime with other couples. I love and adore Steve Burton, and I like Kelly Monaco, but I want to see other characters too! What the writers have done to Jonathon Jackson, and Lucky is a travesty; it makes me sadder than the ending of a great Shakespearean tragedy. It is not fair by any means, and the idiots that are in control at GH and ABC are losing a phenomenal talent. I thought things would get better with Garin Wolfe, but I was SO wrong; at this moment I would take Bob Guza back. ABC has made some very bad decisions this year, and if the rumor holds that GH is following OLTL and AMC to the chopping block, my only hope for salvation of this iconic show is once again, Prospect Park. I know they have shelved AMC, but they are feverishly doing everything they can to make OLTL a success with a smooth online transition. Hopefully, when the time comes, they can do the same for GH. In the mean time though, I am so angry at what they have done to Jonathon Jackson, and I can’t stand it. I honestly haven’t watched GH in a while because of how poor the writing became. I should be disappointed, but with the track record at ABC this year, I’m not. I wish Jonathon Jackson all of the luck and success in the world, and nothing but the best with his band, and all of his future endeavors. God bless.