Find Out What Daytime Has Scheduled for Viewers to Feast on This Thanksgiving


( — Americans across the United States celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November each and every year – and then shop until they drop on the day after, Black Friday. Thanksgiving is the one holiday on the calender that can cause us to replicate a scene right out of a soap opera due to the potential conflict that is stored up in large family gatherings. Daytime viewers also know to expect some changes in the daytime schedule on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Soap Opera Network has gathered all the information fans of the five remaining dramas need to know about how their programs will be affected on Thanksgiving, November 24, and the day after, November 25, of 2011.

On Thursday, November 24, ABC Daytime, as usual, will show encore presentations of “” and “.” The latter will re-air a rather feel good occasion, while the former went for drama. As always, ABC’s repeat airings are said to help define important moments in each soaps current storylines.

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One Life to Live (Episode # 11,006; OAD: 9/2/11)
In this episode Viki tells Todd that Victor is dead and that the police are looking for him but Todd already knows. John tells Brody that Todd is not the only suspect in Victor’s murder. Natalie confronts Rex about having Gigi’s grave dug up but Rex assures her he knows that Gigi is really dead. In Kentucky, Kim tells the mystery person about Rex digging up Gigi’s grave. Jessica tells Clint that Natalie can’t try to keep Kim away from him anymore. Jessica insists nothing is going on between her and Ford but does say Ford kissed her. Cutter tells Aubrey that he has a legit job at the Minute Man Motel so he can prove to her that he can change. Cutter and Aubrey make love. Kim appears on Cutter’s doorstep. Rama tries to play matchmaker for Cristian and suggests that he and Jessica could get back together. Cristian arrives to see Jessica at Llanfair.

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General Hospital (Episode # TBD; OAD: 9/22/11)
Jason and Sam go on a motorcycle ride and decide rather spontaneously to marry at a Chinese restaurant. They are pronounced husband and wife. Meanwhile, Franco sets malicious plans in motion. Unaware of the developments, Maxie and Spinelli troubleshoot wedding preparations. Dante proposes to Lulu.

ABC will not air “OLTL” and “GH” on Friday, November 25. Like in years past, college football will air in its place. This is a scheduled pre-emption, therefore viewers will not miss a single original airing of their favorite daytime drama. “OLTL” and”GH” will pick up from their Wednesday, November 23 episodes on Monday, November 28.

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If you’re in need of a ABC Daytime drama fix by this time, check out SOAPnet at 7:00 PM EST for the “Lucky Friday” marathon that centers around “GH’s” Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) on Friday, November 25. In the five encore presentations chosen, we’ll watch a very young Lucky flee Port Charles after his parents are sent a lethal message (OAD: 11/1/93), discover Nikolas is his brother (OAD: 7/17/96), be held hostage by his father in the wake of a shocking revelation (OAD: 11/11/98), share a special moment with his mother, and later his entire family (4/15/99), and reveal to Elizabeth that their son is dead (3/21/11).

NBC will not air “Days of Our Lives” on Thursday, November 24 or Friday, November 25. Traditionally, “The National Dog Show” will air in its place on Thursday, November 24. “DAYS” has typically aired an original episode on the day following Thanksgiving, but that will no longer be the case. NBC recently inked a ten year deal (2011-2021) with the National Hockey League (NHL) in which the network has agreed to air a hockey game on the last Friday of each November. This year we’ll see the Boston Bruins take on the Detrot Red Wings in place of “DAYS” on Friday, November 25. These are scheduled pre-emptions, therefore viewers will not miss a single original airing of their favorite daytime drama. “DAYS” will pick up from its Wednesday, November 23 episode on Monday, November 28.

According to a CBS spokesperson, on both Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25, most markets will show encore presentations of “.” On Thursday, November 24, “Y&R” will re-air a New Year’s episode focusing on Billy (Billy Miller) from December 31, 2009. The West Coast – or rather those living in the Pacific Time Zone – will be treated to an NFL game featuring the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Miami Dolphins instead of this encore presentation. On Friday, November 25, “Y&R” will re-air the December 23, 2010 Christmas episode which features Victor (Eric Braeden). This episode is expected to air nation wide but will air a littler later than usual at 3 PM in the Pacific states due to NCAA Football. “” will reportedly not air on both days. These are scheduled pre-emptions, therefore viewers will not miss a single original airing of their favorite daytime drama. “Y&R” and”B&B” will pick up from their Wednesday, November 23 episodes on Monday, November 28.

  • Technically, Thanksgiving is observed on the fourth Thursday of the month of November, not the last Thursday.  It can fall anywhere between Nov. 22 – 28.  This was set into practice by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.  I am a Presidential Historian and my mom’s birthday was Nov. 30, and Thanksgiving never fell on her birthday.

  • So the repeats they show are from a couple of months ago??? God forbid they show some from a few years ago, like the special ones they used to show. Lame.